Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Country drive

Mutual confidence is
the pillar of friendship.
- Chinese proverb.

After I picked up Cory from a sleep over, we decided to go for a drive to a sweet little town called Toodyay. It is a town just dripping with history and intrigue. This is also the town that has just had that big bush fire run through and damage a lot of the town site. Toodyay has such a united front with its folk that they are all banding together to recover. Someone had put me onto a wool shop that was supposed to be wonderful - and it was! It was a bit tricky to find, as I was expecting a shop front or something along that line but....this is it.
When we went inside we got such a shock, there was giggling and laughing, a bit of soft music, kettle on, and a gentle clanging  of tea cups. Inside was set up much like a house....a wool room, display room, kitchen and out the back was a lovely gathering of very happy, giggly women. Cory and I made straight for the wool room, and suddenly Cory had a sore leg so he sat on the floor and waited while I looked. I had a field day cruising the room and looking at all the different choices of wool.
 Some of the items on display in this sweet little shop. I love the mantle piece.
 There were so many lovely gifts to choose from, but I wasn't meant to be buying any more wool anyway!! So I kept my hands to myself and Cory by my side to keep me strong.
I enjoyed myself and purchased some lovely baby wool and a few balls of other wool. Silly me I didn't take a photo of them for you, but will try to remember to show you at my next posting. Once finished at the shop, I thought I would ask Cory if he wanted to visit Ye Ole Lolly Shoppe as well. That went down well so off we charged. The Lolly shoppe is located in the Visitors Centre, which is a more modern building, so I didn't take a photo of the outside, but I did take some photo's of the inside. This is what greets you at the door - scales.
Here is my little petal Cory, just licking his lips and thinking of all those lollies.
The shop is so nicely set out and the assortment is incredible too. All the old style lollies like humbugs, all sorts of boiled lollies, chocolates, golden rough. In keeping with the theme of the town, alot of the shops have many antiques throughout their displays. Do you love the old poker machine?
I love the old boxes as well. There was so much around the shop, that if you didn't particularly like lollies, you would be entertained with all the antique things in the store. Another old beauty below,  I hope I look that good when I'm that old age.

After handing over the cash and a big lolly stash, we left the shop with Cory feeling very happy with himself. When you stand at the front of the shop, you have a choice. To the left of the shop is this building, called Connor's Cottage...
Or if you look to the right of the lolly shop you will find Connors Mill...
I took a few photo's to show you different parts of the mill.
The stone work and brick work are unreal. There are so many buildings in this town that are so old, you have to love it.
I would've liked to stay longer, but with visitors due at home, sadly I had to get a wriggle on. Driving out of Toodyay, I just had to stop and take one last shot of this quaint shop. This is still in the main street and I was amazed at all the people in the streets. It was full of tourists sitting having cups of tea, looking around and people getting on with everyday things.
I hope you enjoyed the few photo's I have shared with you, because I enjoyed myself on the day. One of my special boys by my side, bag of wool, stash of lollies, what more could a girl want? Brandon was also happy to see the lolly stash as well. Now I have to get busy with the wool and find a nice pattern to knit up. I will try real hard to take photo's of the wool I purchased and share my delights with you. Off to have a hot cuppa with my hubby who has come home from work and see what he's been up to. Pixie has to work tomorrow and then will be on holidays for a couple of weeks. Hope the weekend is bringing you all the relaxation you deserve. Kind regards, Anita.


Sue-Anne said...

Hi Anita Looks like you and your son had a lovely day. Beautiful old buildings like an old gold mining town near us called Beechworth. Lucky they weren't damaged by the bushfire.

em's scrapbag said...

Thanks for sharing this fun old town. The shop was delighful.

Cath Ü said...

I love looking at the pics of the old buildings... especially the one with all the good things inside...

Cath Ü


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