Sunday, October 8, 2017

Dear Past, thank you for all the lessons.
Dear Future, I’m ready now.

Good morning everyone! 
Today I have managed to make a nice hot cuppa and get an early start on my blogging. I have had a challenging week that has tested my strengths and weaknesses and I have survived.

This week I held the hand of “strength” to help me with the passing of my oldest sister Rosa. Her years of pain and suffering finally over, and in what only can really be called a relief. 
I have many wonderful friends. 
Many thanks to you Neville.

On the flip side of sadness is happiness. Finding happiness and beauty is always a wonderful thing, something I always strive for. This week I looked for everything that would make me happy and I found that in completing a crochet blanket I had been working on for a while. 

Granny squares are just so fun to work with and using different shades of blues, bordered in white sure do make a beautiful blanket. I’m pretty happy with the end result.

  A cute little crochet edging sets the whole piece off.

I made this gorgeous woolly hat as a show entry and I don’t think I really had a good photo of it before to show you, so here it is in better lighting. The rim of the beanie has been knitted in a cable stitch and the body is in stocking stitch. I was glad to be given some homespun wool to make this project and had been waiting for the right pattern to use it.

I love how the colours  come together as you knit.

A fun ‘yarn bombing’ project also made as a show entry…
I had a little tin bucket on hand so I imagined how it might look with pretty colours, decorated with crocheted flowers. So pretty.

It doesn’t take much for me to be happy…..I’m so loving this cup of coffee right now. Lol It will help me keep calm as the next couple of photos are of Milo!!! Lol He is such a little rascal, getting up to so much mischief at all times.

Milo doing…

Have you ever tried to clean out the wheelbarrow in peace and a pesky pet jumps in and won’t move?.....hmmmm. lol

It’s a bit like child psychology trying to convince him to move and then you get ‘sad face’ looks.

Only the suspicion that a cat might be in the yard can even get the slightest indication Milo might get out of the wheel barrow.

Beyond this wrought iron framework is my little slice of Heaven slowly coming together.

I had wanted a frame built so my two bougainvillea plants can grow over it. I also wanted chicken wire placed on the frame to help catch falling leaves to help keep the area clean. My wonderful husband has finished the framework and I must thank him very much for building it for me.

Now my frends….my coffee has run out!! 
 I can’t cope!!!! Lol. Perhaps this is my weakness!? I am going to enjoy today, my last day of holiday. I go back to work tomorrow after having months off work. I know my cheeky husband and my friends are having a good laugh about it but I share this with you……I’m kind of looking forward to seeing the kids at school and my work mates.
A good Sunday to you all.
Ciao, Anita.


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