Sunday, December 10, 2017

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where others see nothing.
Camille Pissaro

Buongiorno and Good morning beautiful people! Beside the lovely smell of summer, I can smell the whiff of Christmas getting closer....I'm so happy. This time of year makes me excited for many reasons and that one of them is I am almost on holidays again. lol I will have extra time to bother my friends (they love it!!).

I will also have extra time to make some more of these little cuties. This week has taken me into a path of colour by making more of the cute little hair ties. My small pieces of yarn getting tangled in my craft bag was beginning to drive me crazy so I thought I'd better do something with them. This plate of colour have all been sold already.

Merry Christmas!


I have also made some double flower hair ties..

And especially for our Aboriginal people, hair ties in their colours.

I had mentioned a while back that for a few years I had kind of lost interest in the garden but had found the path again. I have been spending many months now tending, lovingly, to my garden. Slowly but surely I have watched my Italian garden grow to life as I watered, weeded and admired it's progress. I wanted to replicate a vision I had seen when visiting Italy, especially in Positano where I noticed the bougainvillea were growing up one single trunk instead of a massive clump. Here is mine so far and in another couple of inches the flowers will be on the top of the framework and it can then spread out into a mass of colour.   Merry Christmas!

Growing wildly is also my sweet climber. How fast it has grown!

Oh no....What's this? Can you see him too? Look closely.

Look at all those geranium flattened. You know who's been here.


Do you love Milo's trendy hairdo with his ear?......I'm laughing at Milo...not with him.

Decorations going up....very happy.

Off on another direction here....I found one of those interesting crochet patterns on the Internet the other day. It is a pattern for one of those fabulous bolero's everyone is in to. Even I have had success with this easy to follow pattern.
I'm still working on this and will show you the end results.
If you would like to try this free pattern, click here.

Yesterday I spent a very long time in the garden and unfortunately one of my small trees had died so hubby kindly got out the chainsaw and removed it. Another bush had grown very close to it and things look a little strange here right now, but with a bit of time it should change shape.

 It is always interesting what you find in the garden...I believe we may have found a couple of hornet's nests. How amazing are they?

Well my precious ones...I'm heading off now to enjoy the great day ahead. I'm going to hopefully get some sewing done today, relax a while and just be grateful for being here.
A good Sunday to you all.
Ciao, Anita.


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