Thursday, January 28, 2010

More work hours

The heart that loves
is always young.
- Greek proverb

It was back to work for me this week and after having all the school holidays off with the boys and also hubby, I was happy at home and I'm also happy to be back at work. Such a nice work place, the people are terrific. This year I have been given extra hours at work and I'm very happy about that. The funny thing is since having children I have not wanted to work any more than part time, but this new work place is fabulous and I actually want to be there. I have proved to myself that a change can be a good thing.

I have still found the time for some stitching though, like my little chooky below. He is going to be part of a quilt that Bev and I are making.
At the night time I have been alternating between knitting and stitching, it depends how I feel as to what I decide to do. When I do my knitting I get all charged up about the annual town show and how I would love to get a first place win. I have managed 2nd and 3rd, but it's always good to strive ahead.
I love going to the show and checking out all the creative items people have made. Sometimes seeing things can inspire you to have a go at a certain craft yourself, even when at first you might think you wouldn't do it. That happened to me with chicken scratch. I thought 'oh yeah, nice...'. Now I just love it and have purchased a couple of pattern books along the way.

I also wanted to share some photo's with you, of something that lives in my garden. 
This is actually an old school desk that was spotted many times by me out on a farm that we used to visit. At first we would drive around looking through farmers dumps (we refer to them as cockies dumps), finding old tea pots, cutlery and all sorts of other things you would find out there. One day we came across this old school desk. That was it! I wanted it but as you can see it is made of iron. I was about 8 months pregnant with Brandon and I really wanted someone to lug this on to the back of the 4 wheel drive. No one else was enthusiastic like I was and of course I would not even attempt to lift it myself.

A few years went by and every time we went out to the dump, everyone tried to make me forget about that desk...never did. Along comes my 40th birthday and Lee and John came up for the day. Well they presented me with this desk. I melted and I even felt like having a little cry. I was so happy.
The top part of the desk had to be replaced as being out in the weather for so long, the top had passed away. But the original wood can be seen in the section below. It is just lovely.....I wonder what the chairs looked like? John & Lee's children, Michael and Jade were very young then, and because they saw what I was like near a cockies dump, they thought I was like that with all dumps. While dropping off stuff at the city dump, the kids got excited one time and said "Aunty Anita would love to be here with us". Wrong sort of dump kids!!

I have found a new home for bits and pieces of stray wool laying around the house...
And as for my bits of material, well I have made some small square runners to put on the tables, and the sides of the lounge chairs.
With all of my spare time, not, I have found some interesting reading as well. It's been very hot over the holidays, so these books made my mouth water.
Of course, because it was too hot to do much garden work, you can still drool over pictures in these books and the book below is Debbie Mumm, so that means double drooling.
This isn't a new Debbie Mumm book, but it will do me just fine. My hubby has just come home from work and we're off down the street. I will catch up in a couple of days. Take care. Kind regards, Anita.


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Vickie said...

smarty bum smarty bum smarty bum,yep I'm full of repetitiveness at the moment got a dang migrane-good to see you have been your seat/desk,cheers Vickie

Cath Ü said...

Love the old desk..... hey you have a lot to show us in this post... I am off to organize my blog award now.. thank you my dear friend....
Cath Ü


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