Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Country drive

Mutual confidence is
the pillar of friendship.
- Chinese proverb.

After I picked up Cory from a sleep over, we decided to go for a drive to a sweet little town called Toodyay. It is a town just dripping with history and intrigue. This is also the town that has just had that big bush fire run through and damage a lot of the town site. Toodyay has such a united front with its folk that they are all banding together to recover. Someone had put me onto a wool shop that was supposed to be wonderful - and it was! It was a bit tricky to find, as I was expecting a shop front or something along that line but....this is it.
When we went inside we got such a shock, there was giggling and laughing, a bit of soft music, kettle on, and a gentle clanging  of tea cups. Inside was set up much like a house....a wool room, display room, kitchen and out the back was a lovely gathering of very happy, giggly women. Cory and I made straight for the wool room, and suddenly Cory had a sore leg so he sat on the floor and waited while I looked. I had a field day cruising the room and looking at all the different choices of wool.
 Some of the items on display in this sweet little shop. I love the mantle piece.
 There were so many lovely gifts to choose from, but I wasn't meant to be buying any more wool anyway!! So I kept my hands to myself and Cory by my side to keep me strong.
I enjoyed myself and purchased some lovely baby wool and a few balls of other wool. Silly me I didn't take a photo of them for you, but will try to remember to show you at my next posting. Once finished at the shop, I thought I would ask Cory if he wanted to visit Ye Ole Lolly Shoppe as well. That went down well so off we charged. The Lolly shoppe is located in the Visitors Centre, which is a more modern building, so I didn't take a photo of the outside, but I did take some photo's of the inside. This is what greets you at the door - scales.
Here is my little petal Cory, just licking his lips and thinking of all those lollies.
The shop is so nicely set out and the assortment is incredible too. All the old style lollies like humbugs, all sorts of boiled lollies, chocolates, golden rough. In keeping with the theme of the town, alot of the shops have many antiques throughout their displays. Do you love the old poker machine?
I love the old boxes as well. There was so much around the shop, that if you didn't particularly like lollies, you would be entertained with all the antique things in the store. Another old beauty below,  I hope I look that good when I'm that old age.

After handing over the cash and a big lolly stash, we left the shop with Cory feeling very happy with himself. When you stand at the front of the shop, you have a choice. To the left of the shop is this building, called Connor's Cottage...
Or if you look to the right of the lolly shop you will find Connors Mill...
I took a few photo's to show you different parts of the mill.
The stone work and brick work are unreal. There are so many buildings in this town that are so old, you have to love it.
I would've liked to stay longer, but with visitors due at home, sadly I had to get a wriggle on. Driving out of Toodyay, I just had to stop and take one last shot of this quaint shop. This is still in the main street and I was amazed at all the people in the streets. It was full of tourists sitting having cups of tea, looking around and people getting on with everyday things.
I hope you enjoyed the few photo's I have shared with you, because I enjoyed myself on the day. One of my special boys by my side, bag of wool, stash of lollies, what more could a girl want? Brandon was also happy to see the lolly stash as well. Now I have to get busy with the wool and find a nice pattern to knit up. I will try real hard to take photo's of the wool I purchased and share my delights with you. Off to have a hot cuppa with my hubby who has come home from work and see what he's been up to. Pixie has to work tomorrow and then will be on holidays for a couple of weeks. Hope the weekend is bringing you all the relaxation you deserve. Kind regards, Anita.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

More work hours

The heart that loves
is always young.
- Greek proverb

It was back to work for me this week and after having all the school holidays off with the boys and also hubby, I was happy at home and I'm also happy to be back at work. Such a nice work place, the people are terrific. This year I have been given extra hours at work and I'm very happy about that. The funny thing is since having children I have not wanted to work any more than part time, but this new work place is fabulous and I actually want to be there. I have proved to myself that a change can be a good thing.

I have still found the time for some stitching though, like my little chooky below. He is going to be part of a quilt that Bev and I are making.
At the night time I have been alternating between knitting and stitching, it depends how I feel as to what I decide to do. When I do my knitting I get all charged up about the annual town show and how I would love to get a first place win. I have managed 2nd and 3rd, but it's always good to strive ahead.
I love going to the show and checking out all the creative items people have made. Sometimes seeing things can inspire you to have a go at a certain craft yourself, even when at first you might think you wouldn't do it. That happened to me with chicken scratch. I thought 'oh yeah, nice...'. Now I just love it and have purchased a couple of pattern books along the way.

I also wanted to share some photo's with you, of something that lives in my garden. 
This is actually an old school desk that was spotted many times by me out on a farm that we used to visit. At first we would drive around looking through farmers dumps (we refer to them as cockies dumps), finding old tea pots, cutlery and all sorts of other things you would find out there. One day we came across this old school desk. That was it! I wanted it but as you can see it is made of iron. I was about 8 months pregnant with Brandon and I really wanted someone to lug this on to the back of the 4 wheel drive. No one else was enthusiastic like I was and of course I would not even attempt to lift it myself.

A few years went by and every time we went out to the dump, everyone tried to make me forget about that desk...never did. Along comes my 40th birthday and Lee and John came up for the day. Well they presented me with this desk. I melted and I even felt like having a little cry. I was so happy.
The top part of the desk had to be replaced as being out in the weather for so long, the top had passed away. But the original wood can be seen in the section below. It is just lovely.....I wonder what the chairs looked like? John & Lee's children, Michael and Jade were very young then, and because they saw what I was like near a cockies dump, they thought I was like that with all dumps. While dropping off stuff at the city dump, the kids got excited one time and said "Aunty Anita would love to be here with us". Wrong sort of dump kids!!

I have found a new home for bits and pieces of stray wool laying around the house...
And as for my bits of material, well I have made some small square runners to put on the tables, and the sides of the lounge chairs.
With all of my spare time, not, I have found some interesting reading as well. It's been very hot over the holidays, so these books made my mouth water.
Of course, because it was too hot to do much garden work, you can still drool over pictures in these books and the book below is Debbie Mumm, so that means double drooling.
This isn't a new Debbie Mumm book, but it will do me just fine. My hubby has just come home from work and we're off down the street. I will catch up in a couple of days. Take care. Kind regards, Anita.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And the award winners are......

May you have warm words on a cold
evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a
smooth road all the way to your door.
- Irish toast

Hello to you all! I have been missing for a few days, but I'm back. I was so excited to see I'd won A Beautiful Blogger Award. I was nominated by Bev and thank you very much Bev, I'm honoured.

There are a few things I have to do now.
1. Thank Bev, so many thanks Bev, I'm stoked.
2. I have to past the award onto my blog. 
3. I have to link the person who nominated me. Make sure you check out Bev's blog.
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself. I have listed them below, have a giggle and a laugh.
5. Nominate 7 blogs. They are also listed below
6. Post links to the 7 blogs.

Seven interesting things about myself, here goes!
1. Strive to be happy, live a simple life and share time with my three darlings & the people who love me.

2. I love lasagna!!!!
3. One of my greatest achievements was to have children after having to wait for years.
4. When I see people with button noses (turned up noses) I want to press them, have to keep my hands to myself.
5. I seem to spot dirty toenails a mile away!! I know I'm weird.
6. Favourite colour is crimson/burgundy
7. I love it when someone has a great outcome in whatever it is they chose to do.

I've scared some of you off now. But I have been honest with you all. 

And the nominations for the Beautiful Bloggers Awards are:


I enjoy blog surfing, as I have had lots of inspiration from many of your blogs. I have tried other ideas picked up from many of you and I love hearing what everyone gets up to. It's really interesting. Just before Christmas I showed you photo's of heaps of yoyo's that I made out of scraps of left over Christmas material.

This is what it turned into......

A lovely Christmas cushion. 
I even managed to part with some of my buttons, and I know Heather will be happy about that, now she has more buttons than me. It's an on going saga between her and I. I have now packed the cushion cover away for next Christmas. I have also been busily knitting away, determined to use up my stash of wool. This is something I have promised myself to do this year. There is so much of a stash that I really need to be doing something with it and as there are so many charities and/or places like hospitals, that would love a helping hand, I need to start knitting. This is one of my latest pieces of knitting. It will probably go to someone that is going to have a baby that I happen to meet soon! Or to the hospital if they want it.....

I also wanted to show you the lovely bag Heather had made me as a gift in recent times. I just look in awe of her stitching, sewing, neatness....absolutely stunning.

 Heather is really clever. The stitching is just so neat and perfect and I have said before that even if she has to use contact lenses, magnifying glasses and other aids, she does very well. lol.
We have fun teasing each other and Heather usually gets the better of me. It's that time of the day when the washing needs to be taken off the line and folded, and tend to the other chores heading toward the night time that need doing. I have been listening to a great CD called the Essential Simon & Garfunkel. Gee they're great to listen to. It's funny to think the two of them make such lovely music together, however they had a hard time getting along. I wish I could sing like them. On that note..ha ha.. I bid you farewell for another day. Kind regards, Anita.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love is....

Remember the day's blessings,
forget the day's troubles.
- Early American proverb

Love is...having the best sister-in-law. We went for a trip to the city yesterday to do some wonderful shopping and decided to drop in on Lee, my sister-in-law. After some discussion it was decided that Lee and I would go to a material shop! and I could select my birthday present. And look what I came home with.....

Now I'm just showing off. I have spread out all the lovely material to share with you. There are so many pretty patterns on these quarters. I love them all.

After being spoiled rotten in that shop we went over to Spotlight and sadly Lee had to go to a prior engagement, so we bid our farewells and I was left all alone in Spotlight. It broke my heart to have to be in a material shop alone. I wasn't there too long though before Pixie and Cory tracked me down. It's always a worry when the boys are with me, because they will find something to buy as well...drats. But I did find some more material.....

The floral material will become a skirt and the dark material is almost a dress already. They will be lovely and cool for when I go back to work.

How do you like these lovely tins? When we first got to Lee's house she said I have something for you and out popped these little treasures.

I just love them and I am looking around the kitchen for just the right spot to put them. My little kitchen is filling up, so I am always making sure that things don't get too cluttered.

As I was saying that my boys find things to buy in Spotlight, Pixie spotted some beer glasses that he had to get for his friend Paul & himself to share, and he also found me a kettle. How bright is that kettle! I always know where the kettle is, but I won't lose this one.

Today Cory and I went out for a drive to see my niece Lisa, who is a sweetie pie and her two boys. Her boys are so funny, one loving safari animals and has a fantastic collection, and the other is Thomas the tank engine mad. It's hysterical to watch them play with their toys, all while watching Toy story. The first round of tea was enjoyed sitting out the front on a lovely new outdoor setting. The seating is so comfortable with a beautiful breeze coming through. Then off inside for cup of tea number 2 and a lovely time with the boys.

Now I am going to have to attack the washing that hasn't managed to disappear on it's own. Funny that. Never mind if I get that done now, I can keep sewing my dress and skirt. Kind regards, Anita. 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pressed tin

Good friends, good books, and
a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.
- Mark Twain

While doing some serious blog surfing I came across a couple of blogs that have inspired me to show some photo's of our ceilings! I know, strange but true. Firstly, I visited Lisa's blog and her recent posting of small kitchens and then I was checking out Em's blog and giggling about her son wanting his bedroom painted. I was thinking that Cory is wanting his own bedroom painted as well, 3 walls bright blue and a feature wall in dark blue, and while looking around I thought how lovely some of my ceilings were. My little home is an old worker's cottage and we still have pressed tin ceilings in some of the rooms.

The same pattern is throughout the house. I love the ceilings, and in the kitchen, the pressed tin really stands out against the Hog bristle paint I've used on the walls.

I just love this pattern.

This is Cory's room below. Don't you just love the colour of the walls? I have been trying to convince him to let me paint his room for years. But he kept saying that is part of his childhood memories of the room.....I didn't push the matter. It was only when Cousin Lisa showed Cory this great funky looking teenagers room in an Ikea catalogue that changed his mind...after all this time.

I'm not sure what happened to this photo, but his wall isn't patchy like that. Could be my photography skills. Three rooms in the house that still have the pressed tin ceilings, are part of the passage, Cory's room and the kitchen. I love old houses!

I have decided that I need to be using my stash of wool and that's that. I was having a cup of tea with Bev the other day and she showed me some beautiful cotton she picked up from the second hand shop. It was lovely, and I want some for me! I have to use what I have first before I get any more...unless I go to Spotlight and lay eyes on wool for a cardigan for the coming winter.

I love knitting or stitching of a night time, it is really relaxing and I can still talk, listen and look at whoever I'm talking to while I knit.That's typical when you're a women, you can do more than one thing at a time. lol. I have been busy making another dolly as well. I'm hooked on this girl. clothes!


She'll have some clothes soon enough. I intend to put her near this lovely old box given to me by Lee's husband John. It is an old box from a farm. Just look at the stunning piece of work and imagine people just used to throw them away.

This lovely box lives up the passage and I just think it's the best. I often think how it must've been nice for John living on a farm as a child, surrounded with all the old stuff of that time, lots of land, and the slow pace time ticked away at. Lee and John live in the city now, but no-one has been able to take the 'country' out of those two.

Now see this photo below....

I am going to hide that game off Cory. In all our challenges together, he just wins all the time. I know I'm the adult here, but I feel like chucking a three year old tantrum and hiding the game. Ha Ha.'s all good fun, but I don't know how he throws and gets the numbers he needs all the time. Thank goodness the loser doesn't have to make the cups of tea, I'd be up the creek without a paddle. Come to think of it, years ago we had this game and I recall Brandon was pretty good at it as well.....hummm..why did I get this game again?

I had a nice visit with Heather today, clucked over the new edition of Australian Homespun, and Heather took off with it, as I have her copy of Handmade. Lots of hot tea was had today, lots of giggling, and shared thoughts. Simply a great day. Tomorrow we're off to Perth (our capital city) to do a bit of spending. Pixie has finished building his go kart trailer and wants to buy bits to make it pretty, Cory is over the moon about going shopping, he's just  stoked about scamming money off his parents. If my boys bat their eye lashes at me, that's me done, I melt.

Hope everyone has had a terrific day and chat with you soon. Kind regards, Anita.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let me share with you

Peace is 
always beautiful
- Walt Whitman.

After my birthday on Sunday, friends have been visiting me and dropping off gifts. I am very pleased with my stash of gifts and thought I could share them with you. First my lovely chocolate cake and here it is with the first 2 slabs gone. We had cake and some yummy double choc ice cream to go with it.

You just won't believe some of my gifts. I was so surprised. Just have a look!

Fancy me getting material! and anything to do with sewing! how odd. Ha Ha. My friends know me real well. The chicken wall hanging was made by Heather one of my darling friends of many years. The fat quarter material has a lovely button on it and under that is money from my three darlings. Now the money is magic because it is going to turn into material. How good is that? Real special money. Lovely Cath has sent me this gorgeous pattern of Tom and Kitty and in fact, some of those fat quarters are going to end up on Tom and Kitty.

Heather's stitching is just so neat I always admire it. Even though Heather has her contact lenses, glasses and a big magnifying glass to help her (LOL) she really gets the job done. Good on you Heather. I love the material in the background of this project, wonder where that came from, it is lovely. I also had phone calls from my wonderful sister-in-law lee and an old friend of many years Dianne. Those phone calls are presents in themselves. Dianne had some great news that I can't share but I was certainly pleased for her.

As it is such a hot day today, (46 C) all my jobs, like the ironing, mopping floors, folding etc were done very early. Cath, you will be pleased to know that I woke up real early today!! and didn't have a sleep in. I went to the bakery and got in first for the lovely multi grain buns, then I went for a trip to the library. Collected some great books I had ordered in, and one I found just sitting there waiting for me.

Have no idea what Columbines for Harold is about, but a quick flick through the back cover revealed it is local history of a family who lived in Perth, our capital city in Western Australia. These books should keep me out of trouble for a spell.

I'm about to trot off and have a swim now, I'm all tired out. I have been running back and forth to the chook house, my girls keep clucking madly. when I first checked on them, there were two eggs, a little while later...cluck cluck...another 2 eggs, and now they have laid 8 eggs already and one of the bantam hens has just jumped in a laying box. Looks like we will get 9 eggs today. Might make egg and bacon pie for tea. Have a really great day everyone, stay cool if you're some where hot, or stay warm if you're somewhere cool! Kind regards, Anita.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.

Dreams and ambitions take
hold more quickly when you share
them with someone you love.

It's my birthday today and what a lovely day. Slept in until 9am, Pixie made me a lovely strong cup of tea, Cory prepared breakfast for me and Brandon....well he was still asleep. Had a visitor very soon after that, checked out blogland, replied to emails sent to me. Thank you to everyone out there who sent me birthday greetings. Thankyou to Cath for sending me a lovely gift. I'm going to make it and put it on one of my postings. I really enjoyed that. I've turned 48 years young but only feel 18, until I have to run or try to do butterfly stroke in the swimming pool.. Ha Ha.

I have made some special little girls. They are filled with a bit of toy stuffing and some pot-pourri. They will be given as gifts some where along the track.

I am still finishing them off, some are wingless at the moment. But not for long. The girls don't take much time to make and once again they are made out of scraps.

Awww and in my travels I came across a cushion cover that my Mum made. This has been tucked away for ages and what a great day to rediscover it again. I am so glad to have found it. It wasn't lost, just mislaid.

 Mum's stitching was out of this world. I love the yellow ribbon work and the flowers as well. The cushion cover doesn't really go with anything, but it goes with me. So it belongs. While I had a few spare moments, I did join all these little squares up and make a cushion cover. I do have a fascination and a need for lots of cushion covers, bit like women and their shoes.

I went for a stroll down the road today and took some shots of this grand home I thought you would all love to see. It is called Brackson House and in the olden days I believe it was a hostel of some sorts. I remember being invited into it one day, when a girl from high school I met moved in with her family. The girls bedroom was huge!

Now it is a bed & breakfast place and wouldn't you just love to be staying here. When we go for bike rides, I often have my head pointing in the direction of this home.

The bird bath is super big, an eagle could land in there for a drink and a bath.

I just love the arch way here and the super duper big pots. This is the entrance to the place for the lucky people staying there.

I would love to sit on those sweet chairs and have myself a nice cup of tea.

I get to look at this beautiful place every day. I just love it. The people who have Brackson House now spent alot of money renovating it and they are very stylish people so you can imagine inside!!

Just to top the day off I am going to challenge Cory to a game of Yahtzee. the little minx always canes me at this game. He just thinks he's too cool. So off I go to try to out do him. Thanks for sharing my day with me and that chocolate cake I can smell cooking?  Kind regards, Anita.


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