Sunday, October 29, 2017

Knowledge speaks
But wisdom listens.
Good Sunday to you all!
What a funny week I’ve had, lots of laughter, madness and giggling. I had one of the best weeks at work as we had a Scary Fairy theme for the staff. We all rolled up in dress ups and when the kids asked why we were dressed like that we all played dumb. I told the kids I always dress like this and what were they talking about? Lol  There were a lot  of fairies walking around that day……

Such fun

Surrounded by a great bunch of people

,,,,,,Those glasses!!!.....

The week at work was pretty much on the same vibe; enjoyment and happiness flowed on. At home the craftwork was flowing too. I made a cute little Miss Kitty bag that has now been sold. I only have a little piece of that fabric left so I will have to make something cute out of it. It measured 20cm x 21cm, with a side pocket, lace trim and a button to lock the top.

I have now started adding the white border to my round crochet blocks. They have gone from being round to being square. Do you like them?

Well I hope you’ve got yourself a nice hot cup of tea or coffee because I would love you to come and walk through my garden with me. I only went out the front yesterday to put a new geranium in a pot and I was stunned at all the burst of colour that was happening. Even though we were having gusty winds, the camera took amazing photos. So come with me……..

My new geranium
 I have to thank Heather the feather for this beautiful soft pink geranium,  shhh…..she’s awesome.

Well my lovelies…I hope I have given you some inspiration and happy thoughts while you’ve visited my blog today. I am about to make myself very happy and collect a very heavy garden bench that I have purchased. It is preloved and will also be loved by me. I will show it next post.
A beautiful day to you all.
Ciao, Anita.


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