Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let me share with you

Peace is 
always beautiful
- Walt Whitman.

After my birthday on Sunday, friends have been visiting me and dropping off gifts. I am very pleased with my stash of gifts and thought I could share them with you. First my lovely chocolate cake and here it is with the first 2 slabs gone. We had cake and some yummy double choc ice cream to go with it.

You just won't believe some of my gifts. I was so surprised. Just have a look!

Fancy me getting material! and anything to do with sewing! how odd. Ha Ha. My friends know me real well. The chicken wall hanging was made by Heather one of my darling friends of many years. The fat quarter material has a lovely button on it and under that is money from my three darlings. Now the money is magic because it is going to turn into material. How good is that? Real special money. Lovely Cath has sent me this gorgeous pattern of Tom and Kitty and in fact, some of those fat quarters are going to end up on Tom and Kitty.

Heather's stitching is just so neat I always admire it. Even though Heather has her contact lenses, glasses and a big magnifying glass to help her (LOL) she really gets the job done. Good on you Heather. I love the material in the background of this project, wonder where that came from, it is lovely. I also had phone calls from my wonderful sister-in-law lee and an old friend of many years Dianne. Those phone calls are presents in themselves. Dianne had some great news that I can't share but I was certainly pleased for her.

As it is such a hot day today, (46 C) all my jobs, like the ironing, mopping floors, folding etc were done very early. Cath, you will be pleased to know that I woke up real early today!! and didn't have a sleep in. I went to the bakery and got in first for the lovely multi grain buns, then I went for a trip to the library. Collected some great books I had ordered in, and one I found just sitting there waiting for me.

Have no idea what Columbines for Harold is about, but a quick flick through the back cover revealed it is local history of a family who lived in Perth, our capital city in Western Australia. These books should keep me out of trouble for a spell.

I'm about to trot off and have a swim now, I'm all tired out. I have been running back and forth to the chook house, my girls keep clucking madly. when I first checked on them, there were two eggs, a little while later...cluck cluck...another 2 eggs, and now they have laid 8 eggs already and one of the bantam hens has just jumped in a laying box. Looks like we will get 9 eggs today. Might make egg and bacon pie for tea. Have a really great day everyone, stay cool if you're some where hot, or stay warm if you're somewhere cool! Kind regards, Anita.



retdairyqueen said...

lovely presents Lovely cake You must be very loved
We here in Southern Victoria
are having a bit of a cold spell after last weeks 40 degree heat

Drizzling rain at present and I know some people have lit their heaters
I so far have refused to do so
After all it is the middle of summer

Cath Ü said...

Good to see you received some lovely gifts.. you deserve it... Hey got up early... good... makes you feel better... I can hear hubby taking his leg brace off... so I will be off here very shortly...
Cath Ü

our shabby cottage said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a great time...and the money looks great! i know what you mean about it turning into fabric!!! LOL!

Micki said...

Happy Birthday and so glad that you received such lovely gifts.

em's scrapbag said...

Wonderful gifts. Gotta love the chickens.

Lulu said...

Goodness, how do you cope with 46C heat?


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