Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finding those UFO's

Hopeful eyes perceive the light
where other eyes see only night.

I have been madly re-arranging bedrooms, cupboards, culling out things I need to but don't want to and I have found some UFO's that I had completely forgotten about. That's a good thing in one way because now I can finish them off and they will be out of my cupboards. While cleaning I have found these lovely children's cushion covers that I will make cushions for and send to the Kindy in town.

Some of the other bits and pieces I found will become cushion covers because I always seem to run out of them very quickly.

A friend had stitched these lovely blue pieces together and then gave them to me. Down below is a little angel unfinished, she's been like that for a while.

This for sure will become a cushion cover for the front verandah and so will his mate below him.

There's enough there to keep me out of strife for ages. It will be good for me.

When we were young, we walked out of town to an old homestead. The homestead had 2 old silos not far from it. By the time I was old enough to go with the 'big' kids, this magnificent two storey  homestead only had part of the second floor remaining, but the bottom was complete - without the floor boards! We would take some bread to eat and some water for lunch, and we used to dig up the ground in the house looking for old coins. And old coins we found! There were also hat pins, brooches, medals and even a trap door going beneath the house. There we found love letters, and being so small that is all I remember about the love letters.

Sadly, the homestead is long gone, but joy oh rapture the 2 silos still remain. I was very frightened of the silo's because when we went to explore them, and went to step inside of them, my brother told me not to go in there I would sink.

It's amazing that the silo's are still in this condition and are still standing.

It's funny how we get set in our ways, as I'm not impressed with the water tank at the left of the screen, because it wasn't part of the sceenery when I was a kid. Ha Ha.
  How about the great big tree standing there looking very proud of itself!

When you walked through the gateway and up the path, just to the left of the tree with the drum around it was the stable for the horse, and then if you walked off to the right, that is where this magnificent homestead was.

Soon it will be my birthday and I will turn 48 years young, and I still could not bring myself to walk into those silo's. Even when I took the photo's of them, I thought, no I still would not feel right to step in there. I thank my brother John so much, the stinker!! Ha Ha.

As I am sitting here having the best time blogging, I have noticed a couple of visitors at the door - two hungry boys! Could it be lunch time, must be. Brandon has come out of his room, the little petal, and Cory my stalker, is also here. If Pixie wasn't at work today, well, there might have been three of them at the door! Hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday and doing lots of stitching. Kind regards, Anita.


Vickie said...

lovely ufo's you have unhidden I'm sure they will make up beautifully-so nice to read your story on the silos..funny how some things we are told in younger years stick hey...oh well my Sunday has turned to crap, I think maybe i should not of turned the puter on this mornin,aw well such is life
Cheers Vickie

Bev C said...

Anita you have unearthed some treasures in those cushions etc,that angel must have an identity please get stitching on her. Those photos of the silos etc were lovely,blue skies etc. You know you probably walked past a few snakes there as kids. I hope Corey is pleased with his cupboards etc. Have a lovely week.

em's scrapbag said...

You've uncovered some lovely treasures.


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