Sunday, May 31, 2015

Faith grows as I do
the simple things I know

how to do.

Well, a glorious Good morning and Buongiorno to you all! I have woken up to a sunny autumn’s day, with heaps of birds chirping, hardly any sound of traffic and the fire still burning. What more could one ask for? Lol
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I have been busy with some secret projects this week and can’t share them with you just yet, so it’s a bit light on with show and tell. Next week I will show and tell them. I was busy this week filling orders for headbands and while I was at it a fantastic idea came to me.

I happened to be looking out the library door at work when our aboriginal aide Lizzy walked by with one of the students who had a headband on that I had knitted for her. It suddenly came to me that I should knit some headbands in the aboriginal colours. I asked Lizzy about them and she was over the moon.......she ordered three of them straight away. How excited was I!!!

 National Sorry Day

On Tuesday 26th May, Australians across the country acknowledged National Sorry Day. It is a day to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of the country's indigenous population.
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A couple of my new headband additions.
A glorious walk through the garden : the marvellous shade of pinks and such a beautiful smell. Sometimes it is nice to just slow down, and really take in the wonder of mother nature.

 How pretty is this? Gorgeous I say.
 A trip to the local library was a winner for me. I’m flicking through these pages like a wild woman.
Brandon and I had just finished looking out across the incredible view in front of us, we were both overwhelmed. The Colosseum, in Italy.....a place where so many perished. I am also Sorry for all those souls taken.

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We are having a long weekend here in Western Australia to celebrate Western Australia Day, so tomorrow I am going to enjoy my extra day.

Well sweeties......I’m buzzing off now. Enjoy this wonderful day and I hope you spend your time doing the things you love to do.
Cheers, Anita.
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Being thankful.

It is good to
embrace a hope.
Will it rain or won’t it? We have clouds rolling in, a bit of sunshine and it’s not as cold this morning......a good sign of rain. I love those mornings when it is raining and you stay inside near the toasty roaring fire, with a cup of piping hot tea and some knitting. Sounds pretty groovy to me.

I had a roller coaster of a week, all sorts of creative, funny, crazy and scary things happening.....

Creative comes first
Now I’m going to make a confession to you and I may scare you guys to death!!!! some of you might even think I’ve been nibbling on  some magic mushies or something, but here goes........

Had heaps of fun making a selection of cool little baby sets consisting of beanies and bootees.
Love the little knot on the top of beanie?

Lone bootees and one nose. caught Milo trying to steal a bootee already!!!!

 Hmmm.....notice someone's paws in the photo?

 Crocheted flowers........
A cute little tea cosy pattern for Miss Maria.

Click here for pattern


Ever heard the song ‘Do you remember?’ by Jarryd James? It’s my favourite song right now, I love it!!! makes me want to run and run and run. I feel like I could run forever, makes me feel like I’ve got a super woman cape tucked under my clothes!!! Lol. Check out Youtube.

There you lot.....I’ve confessed. Anyone have a song that does stuff to them? Some songs do that to ya. I’d love to stumble across a song that would make me wanna do housework!!

I know Milo makes me cross when he....digs up the garden ; eats my thongs ; steals my bras ; runs off with stuff from the sewing shed ; howls at the back door ; jumps up.....etc....but we had a scare this week.

Way up high on a shelf, hidden behind big pot plants was the snail bait and Milo managed to get it. I had noticed a yellow lid on the lawn on Monday but the backyard is such a trash heap from Milo’s destruction that we clean it on Friday’s. Brandon discovered a pile of snail pellets and called out to me. What a fright we got. It was a crazy sight to see me vacuuming the back lawn to get every pellet cleaned away. We then discovered green dog poo. How fast did I run to the vets, just over the road thank god!

Just to make the story short, Milo had not ingested the pellets, the green poo was from the green packet he had completely eaten, and the vet told me considering the time frame of when Milo had probably gotten to the packet, he obviously didn’t ingest any as he would’ve been dead by now. Even if he had a nibble of the pellets that day, there would’ve been signs that he had taken some in. I thanked the man upstairs that day. I'm so thankful all is good.
Image result for clipart crazy dogs
A gorgeous plant to add to the garden to calm my nerves.

Remembering back to my lovely trip to Rome. A walk through the Forum in Italy.

I’m off now to have some breakky, a cup of tea and to check out.......Milo. May peace be with you until the next time we chat. Find all the good things in life and run with it. I plan to terrorize as many people as I can this week. Sounds cool to me.

Cheers, Anita.
Viva Italia

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Aunty day.

Flowers are love’s
truest language.
-Park Benjamin
Friday was Aunty/Niece/Nephew catch up day and what a laugh I had. It is always a pleasure to have a sit down conversation with kids, as it’s easy in our grown up adult world to forget the basic view of life that really exists. One year old Jack is just flat out cute and very busy on his feet. Three+ year old Shae, a little girly girl and Miss Negotiator, is already full of wisdom and is happy to share that wisdom with the world. lol

A day with shae

This is Shae’s house and she made it all herself. Her Mum had told me that her coasters are always going missing because Shae includes them when she plays with her house. I found out they are used as part of the water slide at the front of this house.

Image result for clip art kids stick figures
I asked what all the pieces were and when I asked about the big rock....what was that for? Miss Shae had a look on her face that was priceless. A look of ‘Ah oh ; I’m sprung : How do I tell her ; with a smurk’......all rolled into one. Then she told me ‘That’s where the man does wee wee’. You can imagine....that was the end of me. Gotta love them.[

I decided that I could make a few little rectangles in cute colours and Mum could have her coasters back. So when I got home I hit the sewing shed.
Shae loves pink
It seems that this week pink was in on many levels. Found this scrummy shade that I had to have from Spotlight.
A little baby beanie knitted in double rib and stocking stitch.
Even my flowers are popping up in the same sort of shade .
Had fun this week making headbands. Notice one of the flowers has been crocheted from that first ball of yarn I showed you?
Oh’s pink! lol
I’ve made a start on a cardigan for myself. I have tried desperately to make at least one thing for myself this year. It is a lacy pattern I found on the net and so easy is it to make. I decided a 5ply would be just what I need instead of 8 ply right now.
You can’t see it very well but the edging is ruffled. Can’t wait to get this finished.
Thought I’d share this pic of our neighbours tree. I love the colours hanging from the tree. Beautiful.
You guys know I can’t help it.....gorgeous pic as we walked through the Vatican museum. The ceiling goes on like this for miles!! Breathtakingly beautiful.

Now that I’ve sparked myself off with that last pic I’m going to make a cup of Milo and look through my Italian holiday photo’s again.

Ciao for now, Anita.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Image result for clip art mother's day
I hope everyone is enjoying their Mother’s Day, but we all know every day is special anyway!!  I’ve had a cuppa made for me and a lovely cooked breakfast this morning....I’m pretty happy with that. I anticipate a relaxing day of roaming around the house, a bit of sewing, heaps of knitting, the sun is shining so maybe a wonder through the garden. I’ve text my chick friends to wish them all the best for the day too.
I’ve had stacks of fun this week knitting up a storm with cowls and headbands. I’ve found some groovy patterns on the net. Let me share them with you.......

This yarn is super soft and lovely to knit with. Casting on felt weird and I wondered if I was going to enjoy the project. But alas, I did.
 This cute little headband was just made up out of my head and inspiration. I saw something similar on Pinterest and slapped some stitched on my needles and went for it.
 Image result for clip art small with love
 Two of the same pattern, different colours. Loved knitting these. Click here for pattern.
 This pattern is heaps fun as well. I’ll be selling them at the markets and I know they will be popular. They are a bit wider but can be used as a neck warmer as well. Click here for pattern.
 Image result for clip art row of flowers
 Hey what’s this? Frozen material? Have to wait to see what happens with this. lol
 No Ma, it wasn’t me that stole your toy stuffing from the sewing was another dog!!!
I’m off now to enjoy the rest of my day and plod around. I’m sure I’ll be seeing Heather the feather today and she’ll cause some sort of chaos. Can’t wait.
Catch ya!!
Cheers, Anita.
Viva Italia. xx

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The winter feel.

Those who plan good find Loyalty and faithfulness.
-Proverbs 14:22
Well hello to you all! I have been chasing my tail a bit these last couple of weeks, where did the time go? lol The change in weather seems to have made me want to snuggle up at night time and go to sleep, not want to get out of bed in the mornings because it is just too darn snuggly and knit cowls and scarves!  Take a look........

Heather the feather gave me some you beaut yarn and wow I fell in love with it mighty quickly. After drooling and patting it, I read the wonder........Made in Italy!!!

Lovely shades of colour
Mrs Farmer Chris gave me a bag of yarn a little while back and I’m still scratching through it finding lovely treasures. This yarn didn’t have a label on it but there was just enough to make a cowl.  It is fairy floss soft and a blue and red fleck of colour through it. I added another yarn with it, a 5 ply black for volume. 

This ones for me!!
A cowl with mixed colours on it’s way to the market. I had no pattern for this one, I just made it up as I went. I loved the colours and stitched this one to make a more solid finish.
                                                          Image result for clip art flowers row

Also ball of netted yarn to knit up a curly scarf. Have any of you guys made one of these scarves before? I hadn’t and there were no instructions with it. Best idea was to get on to Youtube and check it out. This is how it turned out and I love it. Have to be honest though.....I didn’t really enjoy making it, but it does look lovely!!!

Keeping in the theme of winter items......I did make these bed slippers to take to market. I have shown this style of bed slipper in previous blogs but I just love them. If you would like to knit them yourself, click here.
                                 Image result for clip art flowers row

Hey have you gals seen this edition of Homespun? Yum yum!!!

                                                                         Image result for clip art question mark
Believe it or not!!!!
Last weekend I was roughing it having a cuppa with Heather the feather. Lol....oops (was I mean about Heather?) At 3.30 in the afternoon I cast on 132 sts to start this baby blanket. I was telling Heather I would really like to get this blanket made. Of course she had all those wicked jibes to expel on me and on we went. I was so determined to get this made for a new nephew of mine that...........I finished this blanket on the Monday morning at 8.30am. The measurements are 34in x 26in.
Believe it or not!!! I am a maniac knitter.
                                                                     Image result for clip art small pretty

Made with love for my nephew Charlie xx
I also found a very nice head band pattern made using cotton. I had a ball of cream coloured cotton, so I thought I’d give it a go.
Click here for the pattern.

Well I’d best be off to start some housework and then have a great afternoon relaxing. Happy stitching, sewing, knitting, crocheting etc.
Cheers, Anita.
Viva Italia


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