Sunday, April 7, 2013

I'm late for FNwF's!!!

To a child,
Love is spelled

Hello, I know I am late with FNwF’s but I’ve had some problems loading the photo’s from my camera, so I’ve swiped hubby’s camera. On Friday night I made myself all comfy and did a long stint of knitting. I am making a baby shawl to raffle off and I'm really enjoying the pattern but it's not one you can drag around with you.

Very dainty
The pattern is from one of my favourite books, it's Heather's book actually and she has kindly let me use it. It is an oldie but goodie.
I have used 3 ply for this most dainty pattern and it is so lovely a yarn to knit with.
My boys are back from South Australia and I'm happy to say all safe and sound. Out of a field of 25 kart racers, Cory came in 9th and is very happy with himself and he should be. A great experience for Cory and for my hubby Pixie, and much special time spent together. We have all been hanging around closely to each other since they have returned, we're a bit like a gang really.

We are now getting the final touches done for our trip to Italy and all is falling into place nicely. I'm off now to visit other FNwF's to see what they got up to on Friday night. Enjoy this most glorious Sunday, we are having such gorgeous weather.
Cheers, Anita.


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