Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My boys have hollow legs!

The greatest good
is wisdom.
- St. Augustine

I spent Sunday having a nice little cook fest. When I hear the sound of 'there's nothing to eat', I decide perhaps it is time to do some more baking. Knowing full well that the way to Brandon's heart is pumpkin scones, and my little minx Cory will pretty much devour anything, so choc chip cup cakes are a favourite.

Here is the beginning of the cup cakes. And below are the yummy cooked cakes.

As soon as Brandon came out of his room, he made a bee line straight for the pumpkin scones.

The pumpkin scones did taste lovely and Pixie even got home in time to grab a couple for himself. After all my hard work, they were almost swallowed down whole and took all of a few minutes to be eaten. My boys have hollow legs!

While I went for a drive to take the photo's of the old silo's I also decided to take some photo's of a couple of other places around town. Below is the grand and beautiful Sir Mitchell House. It was built in 1905 for Sir James Mitchell, who was a member of parliament from 1905 -1933.

This is the grand entrance, and there is another lovely entrance to the left hand side of this home. It is just stunning. I was lucky enough to have a guided tour through the home when a friend of mine lived there for a short time. My boys eyed off the staircase but I caught them before they could slide down the sides.

Fancy having to collect the mail from the front of this home hey? I love the lace work at the top of the second floor and there is also a white spiral staircase that you can only just see on the right hand side of the house.

This is the other grand entrance I was talking about, that looks stunning too. I'm not sure which entrance I like better. This one isn't used as the main entrance, but you would want to 'accidentally' knock on this door to greet the home owner. I noticed the french doors on the top balcony, I just love them.

When I was young I remember this brick fence surrounding the whole yard. But as you can see from the first couple of photo's, that there is a large section now missing. These old homestead's and houses sure do give you the warm and romantic feel don't they. There is a certain charm in these old homes, that I don't quite get with new homes. New homes do look lovely!!! I sure love old things and talking about old things, skip over to Rae Ann's blog and have a look at what her Aunt Edith sent her. Just beautiful.

I have had time to do some more craft work, but I haven't taken any photo's to show you. I will get some snaps and post them next time. It's that time of day to buzz off and get some tea ready, having beef something tonight. Happy stitching to everyone, see you all soon. Kind regards, Anita.


Micki said...

The pics of the house were incredible! It looks like a beaut!

retdairyqueen said...

I love old houses too
The baking made my mouth water Now Im hungry


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