Saturday, January 28, 2012

Too hot around here!

Friends are kind to each other’s hopes,

They cherish each other’s dreams.

-      Henry David Thoreau

Today it’s just too hot to do anything. The temperature under our patio is 45 C. All I have done today is visit the library, do a quick bit of shopping with hubby, hose down the chooks and dog. We also have another cyclone brewing up the north of Western Australia. Fingers crossed it won’t do too much damage anywhere.

This week I found a tutorial to make a thread catcher, I found it over at Val’s blog.Just look on the right hand side of her blog and you will see the tutorial of it. Thanks Val. I thought it would be great for me to have one of these handy things because I have always got threads all over the floor. Easy to make and I’m already using mine!

This is will come in handy

Since the stork will be visiting around our way soon (friends not me!!), I have been making and tucking away little bits of clothing. I made the same bootee’s in the baby 8ply and had enough left over to make a beanie as well.

The stork will be coming soon

Out of one of my favourite knitting books I decided to make a baby vest. I am rather a traditional girl myself and would’ve made this in cream, but the young people love the bright colours these days, so I ran with that. I haven’t put the buttons on yet so the bottom doesn’t sit right just yet.
How sweet is this?

A favourite knitting book of mine
I’m going back to do some sewing now as it’s too hot to do anything else. How sad? Lol. If I don’t melt away I’ll return another day to show you what I have made this weekend.

Cheers, Anita.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Miss Mousey

Hope gives wings to
the wishes of the soul.

This is the second time I have done this new posting. The first time round I managed to get rid of it! I will try again. I think I have come to the end of the toy making fetish and moved on to other things for the time being. Miss Mousey has been on my mind for a while now, so yesterday, I decided to do it.

How lovely you are Miss Mousey!

She will make a lovely addition to some library shelves and no doubt will be carted around the library too. I hope the kids have fun. I have now turned my attention to some cushion and cushion cover making, thanks to watching some decorating shows on Foxtel. The first two cushions have also been made for a library and the material was kindly given to me by a kindly friend. Being fair, I made a boy cushion and a girl cushion.

His and hers

I am a ‘red’ girl and had a few pieces of material hanging around, well they’ve turned into cushion covers. The left over bits of material that I had used to stuff Paul the scarecrow with, have gone into stuffing for the cushions. You need tough stuff when it comes to kids.
When will I ever get the hang of this photography bit?

This morning the weather was nasty looking so I took a couple of photo’s to show you. January is a hot month here in Australia, but it is also cyclone weather.

As some of you may remember last year Australia had some of its worst cyclone, floods and storms. Well it is only 1 week or so, this time last year when that all happened. Fingers crossed xxxx!!!

In my quest last night to find a nice newborn baby pattern for a jacket, I came across something very interesting. Years ago I used to wish that baby patterns were knitted in 8ply, instead of the traditional 3 & 4 ply. Well, almost every pattern I came across (the newest designs) were.....all in 8 ply! If you visit Ravelry you will find lots of terrific patterns, mostly free downloads. If you knit or crochet, it's worth joining up with them, it's free!

Had a fossick through my sewing shed today, I found a couple of bags of beads that I’d forgotten about. What can I make with them?
Seriously folks, it’s time I went and did something. Pixie will be home from work soon, and what have I done today? Not much! Ha Ha.

Regards, Anita.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scarecrow Paul

Happiness seems made

To be shared.

-Jean Racine

I have good intentions to be productive today. I am happy to say Paul the Scarecrow is made and it wasn’t as easy to make a scarecrow as I had expected. I suppose because he will live in the library, I had to make sure everything was just right, safety wise.
Scarecrow Paul
As a guide, I checked the Internet for different scarecrow faces, because I was after a friendly faced scarecrow. While I was making ‘Paul’ I have to admit, every time I walked into the lounge room I kept thinking someone was there. The clothes are Pixie’s old clothes, so at first I thought it was him. I knew it wasn’t my hubby because there was no head on the body...yet!! Even Brandon and Cory kept getting a fright. My hubby kept getting a fright too, but I love it when he gets a fright, keeps him in his place around here. Lol.

This is some of the stuff that went into making Paul. Lots of cut up bits of nothings that weren’t really good for anything.

Have a look at this sweet little guy. Notice the banana’s sitting next to him? This cutie is a Banana’s in Pyjama’s fan so he wanted needed a banana toy. I’m sure he will get many hours of fun out of him. I really want to press his nose.


Isn’t he the sweetest little guy you ever did see!

Now that my big project has been completed, I have managed to knit a couple of sets of bootees. I purchased some 8 ply baby wool recently and set about finding the special pattern I had for knitting with 8 ply for babies. I have two friends who have babies coming in around May this year, so I’ll have to get cracking with the needles.

Baby bootees are so cute
While I have been on holidays I have watched a bit of home designs and decorating on Foxtel. Have seen some wonderful makeovers and some new ideas have crossed my thoughts. I haven’t told hubby yet, his teeth will start to chatter and his knees will knock, not out of excitement either. giggle giggle.

Well guys, time to start my productive day. Remember to enjoy each and everyday you have. If today doesn’t turn out too flash, then there’s always tomorrow.

Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Raymond the rooster

Remember the day’s blessings,
Forget the day’s troubles.
-   Early American proverb

I’d like to introduce to you Raymond the Rooster. A sweet pattern I found whilst investigating my next possible project. Raymond is stunning with all his lovely colours and his height is about 38cm, so he is pretty tall. I was really surprised at how big he ended up being.
I went to my neighbours house with my pieces of wood, intending on asking him if he had any ideas to make the legs of the scarecrow. Next thing you know he was searching for different lengths of wood, nails, hammer, and in a few minutes he whipped up this frame for me. I was stunned!! It would’ve taken me ages to construct that, and he did it in minutes. I left my pieces of wood there for him and wondered off home with my ready-to-go scarecrow frame. I have decided to name the scarecrow after my kindly neighbour Paul. Many thanks for your help Paul. I thought a scarecrow would be fun to use in my book displays. So Raymond the rooster will be with  him.
Just on the subject of our neighbours, it is Magpie season over our way. This is the view we have of Paul’s house with the flock (not sure of the correct collective noun) of magpies waiting to be fed. Every year Paul and Lorraine feed these magpies...and kookaburra’s. They have made a feeding tray for the birds, but if they don’t get the food outside in time, the maggie’s peck on the kitchen window. ‘Where is our food!’ It is funny to see.

I’m getting very excited about my passion fruit that is starting to look very healthy.
 It is only a young plant and hopefully next year there may be some fruit. I have even seen one flower on it!!! I remember when I was young, we used to love picking the passion fruit flowers off a neighbour’s vine and sucking the honey from it. Yum, it was so sweet,  however the neighbour used to get very angry at us. I know why now!!!

I’m off now to get any last minute jobs done. I have listened to the radio and we’re going to have a scorcher today. The Internet says 36 C, the radio is saying 46 C, however at 10am it was already 38 C. Have to wait and see what happens. I’m searching for things to stuff the scarecrow with and I’ve just found a bag full of small bits of material. I’m in luck.

Find happiness and joy in what ever you are doing today.

Kind regards, Anita.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Meet B1 & B2

Good friends, good books, and
a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.
-Mark Twain.

I’d like you to meet B1 and B2, the Banana’s in Pyjamas. These two guys are going to a couple of cute little kiddies that I have recently met. I’m sure B1 & B2 will provide many hours of fun for both children. The pattern is from a favourite book of mine by Robyn Earl-Peacock called The book of knitted toys.
I have another project on the go, a big fat rooster. I spotted this pattern in a magazine of Heather’s and he is a stunning boy. He is going to be quite big when he is finished and I will show him off to you.
While I have been on holidays I have come across a home design and decorating program called Sarah’s summer house. Sarah does some fantastic things in the way of redesigning a home and also fresh tips in using colours. I love the way some people put colours together, that I wouldn’t have the courage to, and the outcome looks a million bucks. I will keep watching the program to give myself some tips and ideas for my house. I have gone to the local library already and come across these interesting magazines.
Today I am going to visit my niece and her children for afternoon tea. I’m hoping our weather isn’t too hot as I don’t like driving in tricky conditions. At the top of Western Australia we have Cyclone Heidi buzzing around and making her presence felt. I’m hoping our friends living in that area stay safe and there’s not too much damage. Have a cheerful day.

Regards, Anita.

Monday, January 9, 2012

What a hoot!

Fine weather and some glorious time allowed me to get lots of projects completed this weekend. Heather and I went out to a cafe to celebrate her birthday. We indulged in some yummy cheesecake and tea, and enjoyed teasing people (we knew) as they walked by. We had fun. Hope you had a lovely birthday Heather.
I managed to paint the front verandah, a project that was long overdue, some rearranging in the garden, trimming back of bushes and making these sweet little owls. I image googled 'handmade toy blogspots' and oodles of things were available. I came across this blog and was smittened by owls.

The body comes to about 4 inches and when you join the legs on, it is quite a good size. Incredibly easy to make and fun for kids. I wanted to show you the zebra I have been knitting as well.

What I liked the most about this pattern was the simple pieces. Toy patterns, both sewn and knitted, used to be very detailed ie darts, decreasing, increasing etc. But with patterns that are coming out in the magazines these days, more than not, the patterns are simple. I like that and it makes you want to give  new patterns a try. At this very moment I have Banana’s in Pyjamas on my knitting needles. I want to make two for two sweet little kiddies.

Today is washing day at my place, no doubt it will be ironing day as well. I suppose I can’t have it all my own way, I’ve had a good run on my holidays. Have to admit though, I am starting to miss work and all the madcap friends I have there. Not long to go, only 2 and a half weeks. Enjoy this lovely day we have been given and craft to your heart’s content.

Regards, Anita.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here chick chick chick

Hopeful eyes perceive the light
Where other eyes see only night.

I’m going to immediately defend myself by saying....yes I will make ‘grown up’ stuff, but not just yet. Again, with the help of my fine feathered friend Heather, I have had to make these deliciously gorgeous chicks.
Heather has lent me some of her magazines to use in my obsession desire to make toys. In the Australian Country Threads (Vol 9, No 10), there are a heap of other animals to make....horses, pigs etc. In another magazine, Handmade (Vol.20, No.2) there is a sheep pattern and I used this to make some cows.
I still need to put some fluff or wool on the top of their heads. One is coming to live at my library and I’m going to name her Julie.....for affectionate reasons. As I didn’t have any cord to make the legs, I have just used the cow material and sewn 4 legs with knots at the ends for hooves.

I went to the shops yesterday and found some baby wool that I simply had to have. I will be knitting for babies coming in April/May so I really needed to have some boy and girl colours on hand. I found a ball of 8ply baby wool, which is very soft to knit with.

With warmth and laughter I share this photo of one of my bantam hens. You would not believe me unless you saw a photo. I have put 2 go kart tyres in the chook yard and not long after I started to find eggs inside them. Not believing that the chooks could fit or would lay eggs in the tyres, I sprung them one day. I laughed.
How's it going sneaky eye?

On our way back from a trip to the city yesterday, we noticed the weather change very suddenly, it became very windy. In a matter of 20 minutes we had a sudden hail storm and down pour of rain. The wind is starting up again just now and I’m wondering what we have in store for us. I might take this opportunity to sign off and check it out.

Kind regards, Anita.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In comes the New Year

As the New Year comes rolling in, I have made a start on one of my New Year’s maintain my flow of craft Work. That resolution clearly works for me!! I have started off With this colourful dolphin, pattern found in Homespun No. 79 Vol 10.12). The finished size is 42cm, simple as to make and Whips up in no time.

I rather like the sweet face and the cute little head piece. The dolphin’s name is Dee Dee.

From the knitting book I received from Heather, titled Cute creatures to knit and crochet, I have knitted Antoinette the little hen. I have changed her slightly, only because I couldn’t cope with no wings on her. I cast on 8 stitches and knitted a few rows, now she has wings.

A while back, someone gave me an older pattern called Shelf sitting dolly. This pattern has been around for some time but I never got my hands on the pattern. I have now though, so here she is. It says to stuff her feet with soya beans and rice, but I went for good old toy stuffing and marbles. I wanted to be able to wash her, so that was what I could find at the time.

Some lovely handmade biscuits.....just wish I could honestly say they were homemade by me, but I can’t lie. They taste yummy.
The start to our New Year saw the weather go a bit sad and over the days we have had clouds, the threat of rain and storm, and wind, the horrid wind.

This year I also plan to get back to making ‘grown up’ stuff. I have wondered off the path a bit, getting totally wrapped up in toy making. See how my plan goes hey?

Regards, Anita.


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