Sunday, January 14, 2018

Healing doesn't mean damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls our lives

Well good morning precious ones! I am surprised I am still here to be able to blog.....I haven't melted away! Our weather has been, as you expect through the Australian summer, extremely hot but it doesn't mean I have to like it or that I won't melt away. This morning the wind has started up and I believe this could have something to do with a predicted cyclone forming up in the north. (I am sitting here in the bedroom on the computer and my husband has just started snoring's a pity I didn't record that and share the 'noise' with you all...😅😅😅.!).   

I promised myself I would be good today so I better change my behaviour right now. lol

I had a fabulous week of making little crocheted sets for little ones. I am pretty happy with the tones I have matched in both of these little outfits and I'm in love with the little caps. The little additions of flowers to both vest and hat really does it for me.

Making little vests and hats for the boys too.

Knitted and crocheted booties for NAIDOC week for our aboriginal folk. I'm really pleased with how these are turning out and I'm happy that my collection of items is growing. 💜💚💛

I have realized this week that Heather the feather (one of my besties) and I are funny creatures (her more so than me). Without knowing, we often buy the exact same gift for each other. This is one of those times. We both bought each other a mini lamp. I laughed when I saw it because as I was purchasing this lamp for Heather, I thought how useful it was going to be for her as she stitched at night. When I opened my gift, I had to laugh to see the same gift from Heather. This might mean we are twins. (I'm the good twin😇 ).

Have to share a beautiful piece of fabric I purchased.

Here are two friends of mine...Luke and Jade. You would perhaps recognize Jade from my gym photo I posted a while back. These beautiful people are travelling around Australia and have been in our town for many months and will soon be leaving us. 

As Jade and I were talking one day she told me that she would love, love to see a particular house in town. Funny enough I happened to know the lady that owns the house so I said to Jade I would see what I could do about that. After a lot of detective work and phone calls the arrangements were made. I was happy to be able to give her that wish.

The style of the house is a 'Queenslander' style home and this one is huge!!! I'm sorry I did not take a photo of it but to fit the house in a photo I would have to stop back on the highway to take the shot. Here they are on the top balcony, a balcony that surrounds the whole house!!! Inside the house is amazing and as the lady who owns the house is a fanatical quilter!!! (lol) all the accessories, cushions, bed quilts, framed stitcheries etc are made from her hands. Thank you Kaye for letting us come through your house. xx

Made by Kaye...this beautiful quilt. Love the colours!!

Taking it all in......

The wine rack that Jade now wants Luke to make. lol.

The final look around....
To be honest, it's a wonderful feeling to help make some one's dream come true even if it is a small gesture. 

On that lovely note....I am off to look around the garden to see if the wind has done any more damage. Two big branches came off my bottle brush tree through the strong wind we had the other night. This caused four trips out to the dump (land fill) and an afternoon in the sun to clean it all up. Some of my garden was damaged too.

A glorious week to you all, stay happy and strong.
Ciao, Anita.


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