Sunday, October 23, 2016

Friendship isn’t a big thing...
It’s a million little things.

Good morning to you all! In my part of the world we are in for a scorcher of a day, expecting 36C....a very warm Spring day don’t you think? I will be in a hurry to get my ironing done before it gets too hot.

During the week as I was photocopying at work, one of my work mates casually mentioned that Christmas was only so many days away!!!!! Oh heck!!!! Didn’t that put me into a spin. Lol. I had been fluffing through my Christmas fabrics to start getting prepared to make things, but when someone actually says how many days to go, it kind of puts it into another perspective - Panic!!!!

I got cracking this week making some reindeer....
They’re made from calico for the body, yo-yo’s for the side decoration and rope for the legs. It is an easy project and it’s from an old edition of Homespun magazine.
Image result for clip art christmas

Well there’s a start to Christmas, but I have still been ploughing through the strips of leftover fabrics from the cream, black and crimson colours. From them, I made a small table mat to go with the cushion and the bigger table runner. I am now happy that I have used it all up.

Image result for clip art flowers
Image result for clip art flowers
I still have some knitting to show you but I will have to wait for the next time I blog. Why do I have to wait you ask? Well let me ask you something.......who of you out there has a teenager at home? What goes into their bedrooms...such as a almost lost in the dark abyss and who dare enter the dark abyss when it is only 7am? Not I!!! If you wake the sleeping teenager, they might grow claws and fangs. Lol
Image result for clip art fangs and claws

What will you be doing with your wonderful Sunday? Some knitting, sewing, gardening or perhaps just relaxing? Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourself, thank God for this wonderful glorious day, breath in that fresh air and be ever so happy for each new day.
Ciao, Anita.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

May your troubles be less and blessings be more,

And nothing but happiness walk through your door. 
Image result for clipart happiness
 A beautiful good morning to you ladies!! I love Sunday mornings, they seem to come around very quickly. There is no need to rush today, I’ve had a wonderful sleep in, a cup of tea at my side, and I can share some time with you this morning.

I’ve had another week of wonderful creations that I’ve made and I would love to share them with you. I'm on a bit of a campaign to use up bits of yarn to empty out my stash and Yes! ....I have been saying that for a long time. I am slowly getting there. I've stuck with it though, and it is making a difference to the stash and it is very satisfying to watch another bag being emptied out.

 I have this rule now also for my fabric stash. Do you love it when someone gives you a bag of material with all sorts of good bits in it? I do! Someone had given me a bag with strips of fabric in it and it challenged me as to what I could make with it. The strips were about 3 inches wide and very long. I had the thought that I could make...

 a table runner.......

I did a little bit of stitching too this!!...the world is my oyster! I made this cute little mug carrier and all I have to add is the drawstring and it’s finished.
 I really love the round bottom..too cute!!
 As you all realise...there would be some knitting on the go around here. Lol. I cannot resist the Feather and Fan stitch. I found an old knitting book buried deep within my collection and this pattern popped out at me. The singlet is a set and has a sweet pair of pants to go with it.

 I had a flick through the most wonderful magazine in the entire world...The Homespun. Awesome projects inside this issue.

 My Grandfather and Grandmother
Image result for clipart small hearts
 Alessio  Palla
I never got to meet you but I’m sure I would have loved you.
Here is the only photograph of my Grandfather and Grandmother I have. My Grandmother died giving birth to my mother, so my Mother could not tell me stories about her, but I bet she was lovely too.

My Mother had to hold herself together when speaking of my Grandfather...he was a happy and funny man who was always full of mischief. That sounds familiar of my own mother....and perhaps...of me. lol
 Today I will be spending some time with my Ag. Society friends and we're off to the trots. We are holding a Paddy's Market at the trots, so really it is a work and play day. Will any of them behave themselves? I doubt it.

Wherever you are may you have a wonderful day and I think I'll just be happy today.
Ciao, Anita.Image result for clipart happiness

Sunday, October 9, 2016

 Image result for clip art happy face

Life is too short to be serious all the time,
So if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me...

I’ll laugh at you!!

Hello my dear friends, I woke up today thinking that I’m going to be teasing everyone that I come in contact with...sad for them hey? Lol I think I might blame Heather the feather for my mood.....she came around for afternoon tea yesterday and teamed up with my oldest son Brandon. They both ‘rattled’ my cage = teased me.

 Today is my last day of holidays so I’m going to kick back today and have a super duper time. My craft projects are all up to date now so I will be making a few things that will be Christmas things. It is amazing how close Christmas is getting. didn’t want me to say that?

                                                      Image result for clip art laughing dog
I have had an awesome week and I would love to share it with you. If you want to join me, you will need a nice hot cup of tea or coffee ; a big happy smile ; and a sense of humour.
Let’s go!!!
I wanted to make my niece, Shae, a banner for her bedroom, so I made a start and then thought....did I make a good choice putting these two colours together? 
Then after adding button hole stitch around the edge......pop!

There we go, look at that. 

A look at the fabric I used for the backing. I’m happy because it all turned out lovely and best of all....Shae loved it!!!

This week I went to a Ram sale, it was heaps fun and I didn't even mind the smell. lol  One of these guys can sell fetch up to $900.00 each, some of them more. I didn't know that! They are stud rams and the price can even be as high as $7000.00! Gosh! how much yarn and fabric could I buy with that sort of money!!

I’m shy!
(These two rams look like a couple of the guys from the Ag. Society....oops! Same ears.)

All the very best to Louise, our gym instructor, who is waiting for the stork to arrive. My gang at the gym got together and made up this baby box full of goodies. You have all seen that bunny somewhere before.
Sitting in front of the television last night with my darling husband, I also knitted this cute little baby headband. I love the sparkling thread in the yarn. It’s so cute and I had to add a gorgeous little flower to jazz it up.

Oh no!! The worst thing has just happened......I’ve finished my cup of tea!!!! I’m off to make another one and some breakfast. Lol Have a great day my lovely ones. Each day is a beautiful day.

Ciao, Anita.
Image result for positano streets

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The sincere friends of this world
are as ship lights in the stormiest of nights.
-Giotto di Bondone

Image result for clipart coloured  rows of flowers
Good morning my friends, how wonderful to be with you. Did you have a lovely week? I have the air in my lungs, my health and some pretty amazing people around week was awesome. I have my wondering traveler back with me, yes, Heather the feather has returned from her holiday in Queensland. (’s safe for you

I have been busy also this week, getting myself out there to sell my goods over the Internet, so I set my cushions up.....
Our market day was pretty horrible yesterday. Our town had a nasty wind storm with several attributes to it come through. We had wind, rain, sunshine, wind, rain, that order. It was crazy. Many of the stall holders just sat there in their vehicles, not knowing whether to set up or take off. The weather was really that weird. Most of them left, but for some of us, we stayed. 

Most of the morning Heather and I just held down the legs of the tent!!! We did have the back of the tent tied down to the car and pegs hammered into all of the legs. The wind was so strong ‘when’ it blew. We had another friend with us in our stall, and Bruce held down the other leg! lol
Image result for clipart tent and wind
Lol...this is what I call “Laying down on the job!” When I 
returned home from the markets, this is what I saw over the road at a neighbours house. I have to tell you my friends, that cactus is a huge fellow and it’s down from the strength of the wind.

You have to take the good with the bad and another good 
thing is that I found a lovely Italian man here in town that made two gorgeous statues for me. I am over the moon, they are lovely. I show you just one, as she is in the better place of the garden. My space in the yard is really beginning to get the feel I want.

 While I’m in the moment of the garden, here is my plant   
cascading from a pot on a pedestal. This is in the front
yard and I’ve been waiting with anticipation for the plant 
to grow and hang over. Perhaps my front yard will 
turn Italian too? What sort of style do you like in the garden?
 Not all was bad at the markets yesterday, for while the wind stopped for a few minutes I did manage to go to the stall next door and find this absolutely yummy tablecloth. I cannot believe someone gave it up! I’m so glad they I have it now. How pretty hey?

 Here is my little scarecrow girl that I made for the show. This sweetheart came !st! I was very happy. 
 The judge thought her face was too cute.

Oh...and here is a gift from the lovely Italian man Vince who made the statues. A free gift he gave me.
Thank you Vince x

Un caloroso grazie a voi il mio amico,
si sono così gentili.

Well my friends, I have much to do today. I don’t want to jinx anything, but the weather looks better than yesterday, so I am hoping to get into the sewing shed and get some things done.

I have friends in mind this morning. I send out love and
 well wishes to my darling Neville who is now very ill in hospital. I hope you get well soon my friend, I cherish our friendship xx. Lovely Chris, I send you love and strength. I will keep checking on you. xx
Image result for clipart love
The world is full of surprises and I'm thinking after all the noise I've heard outside this morning.....Milo has some 
surprises for me too. Have an awesome day my friends.
Ciao, Anita.


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