Sunday, August 13, 2017

Good friends don't let you do 
stupid things........alone.😅😊
Good morning dear friends! In my part of the world we are celebrating the rain, how exciting it is! Good wishes to our farmers that the rains do well for their crops. I have just been out the front yard and discovered that the weeds have exploded all over the place.

This week I have been very busy getting many orders made for my customers so I will share them with you....💟
10 cute doll berets

 crocheted in any colour I chose. That was fun for me because I could use up some small bits of yarn I had left over and also because it was a fun project.
The best order of all is this cute, cute crocheted giraffe! A lucky little baby will have much fun with this soft toy. The finished height is 41cm, so it's a good size.

 How I feel today!! 💐

   This project I didn't enjoy or like so much but I do what I'm asked to do. This is a Cleopatra knitted wig. I had to add lots of length to the pattern and trying to follow the instructions was a nightmare. I decided to do my own instructions and then it worked.
I don't like this wig so much that I made my garden statue parade it for you....I wasn't going to!! lol
 So now I talk of happy latest purchase from my darling Anne and Harry. These are succulents but I have forgotten what they are called. I know I haven't seen these plants before and they are sweet. I will plant these in pots.
 My overseas and Italian friend bloggers will think I'm crazy now but....I'm being a show off about the rain. I opened my front door to have the clouds and gentle wind greeting me.

 Making my own fun and exploring more crochet stitches. I'm getting very confident at this crocheting now. I might even enter something in the show this year.
 Here is our darling Milo who thinks he's the king. I'm sure he's sunning himself here as the sun quickly peaked out of the clouds.

Of course, my week would not be complete without a bit of teasing. I don't really mind who I tease, it feels good to me. Let me introduce my pack of crazy work mates. Some you will have seen before, but the latest edition to the gang are our beautiful young Italian girls.
Welcome Chiara and Ottavia!
What we are all up to in this photo is mischief. When Elisa was here in Australia we got her to try Vegemite. She did not relish the renamed it as 'petrol'. I promised I do not like it either (my fingers were crossed of course). 
So we decided to send this photo to Elisa...for fun.

I hope you all have had a beautiful, fun week, I know I have. I am off now to perhaps have some breakfast, another cup of tea and to check out what my husband is up to. He has had a peaceful morning from me.....that will never do! lol
A beautiful Sunday to you.
Ciao, Anita. 🌈

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

                             Image result for clip art flowers
Good morning beautiful friends! I am one week into my long service leave and I'm having way too much fun. I could very easily get used to staying at home. I have to say that catching up with friends has been high on the agenda, I seem to have been doing a lot of this lately and it is such fun. There is a thread that strings all my friends together, no matter how different they each are in their own unique way. The similarity is that they all have beautiful souls and isn't that a tremendous thing to have. My friends even like me after I've yarn bombed their house. lol xx🙂🙂

  Partners in Crime....Fiona, Anita and Heather 
(this is not Heather the feather)
 Feeling rather my halo 
My camera has made a put wrinkles near my eyes and on my face. It also made my hair look grey. What's with that? The crazy camera. 😅😅

 Now down to the serious stuff because I haven't only been up to a heap of mischief but I have also worked very hard with my craft work. I crocheted up many aboriginal beanies and items for NAIDOC week and decided also to sew some bags, hat ties and baby booties. They were all well received and purchased.
 Six cute little crocheted dolls caps for a special girl. I have now been commissioned to make poncho's and berets for the same doll. Super excited now.
 These are two of the bags I had fun sewing up. They've now been sold.

 Yesterday morning Heather the feather and I were setting up our stall for the markets and we looked up into the sky......
 Our town held the Avon Descent which is a world wide white water boat/canoe race. We have many people from all over enter this race and with that brings many people to the town and to the markets. We had a lovely day chatting to people and exchanging stories.
 Lol....a very rare photo of Heather the feather being a good girl. It was hard for her to stay good for so long. lol...She is such a wonderful friend to me, love her like crazy cakes. xxx
 Well my friends it is time for me to go and challenge the world. As a matter of fact my husband has just staggered out of bed and this leads me to believe I now have a potential victim to pick on. lol. Today we are going to purchase a dog kennel for Milo and this means a drive to the suburbs and my husband is trapped in the car with me. What a beautiful day.
Ciao, Anita. 
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

 Laugh and the world laughs with you
A beautiful morning to you all! I think my mind is still on holidays for I missed you last weekend. I have been up to some naughty tricks lately....which does not seem my normal self!!! lol 
I purchased this Lego head over the internet and I have been having the funniest time with it ever since. My boys asked me why I bought it and I told them it was to add to the lego collection they had. I still haven't packed it away yet. I think I like him and he's very similar to my husband. lol Can you see the resemblance? 

In all the mischief I have been up to I have also managed to create some wonderful projects as well. I found a super crochet pattern, sent to me from a friend. Do you love this cute turtle? As I am newish to crochet I also had the help of a tutorial and I am so happy with the end result. He comes out a good size too.

 This sweet little set was made from left over yarn and seem to go well mixing the two colours together. I am most happy with the outcome and can't wait to see it on a little one. My friends....we have babies popping out again. Just magical!

 I have also made some clothes for a young girls doll. Little cardigans, scarf and hat was on the order list. I have since given them to her and she is over the moon about them. lol She's happy, I'm happy.

 A friend of mine asked for a special order...and she is special lol....fingerless mitts but one done in one colour and the other differently. These represent two of her favourite sport teams.
  I had to show off Heather the feathers creation as well here. A little kangaroo hat!! How cute. I just had to show you all that Heather doesn't only tease everyone that comes near her, she is also very clever at knitting.  lol. xxxxx
 At this stage of my post you may all want to go and refill your cups because I have much explaining to do. I get a little naughty sometimes.
Friends of mine have been away on a big holiday and as a Welcome Home surprise, I.....we thought we would yarn bomb their back 'door'. It was such fun doing it that we got a little out of control. lol Yarn, doilies, fabric, streamers, balloons and every thing we could lay our hands on went up on display. lol

 Hey mate! What are you looking at? Don't tell!
 I had help too! Hey Fiona? Well doesn't she look happy lol

 Welcome Home Neville and Chris. Surprise!!!!!
Lol....this photo reminds me of 2 naughty puppies that made a mess with the toilet paper. Oh and by the way...Fiona did do the toilet over too!!!!! lol Oops! 
 Oh no....she's licking my head!!!!!! I'm scared!!!!
Well now that you've seen the naughty side of me, I must be off now to create another week of happiness and spread it to the world. I hope your week is full of laughter, happiness and good health.
Ciao, Anita.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Friendship is not about people who act true to your face.
It’s about people who remain true behind your back.
Hello dear friends! Well you can imagine that I am a happy girl as I have now started my holidays. I have been having way too much fun and it's even been a struggle to blog. How naughty am I? lol The weather has been cold but that is part of the fun....staying near the warm fire, not having to rush off to work, wearing casual clothing, drinking cups of tea and coffee.

Several projects I have been working on are going to be show entries and as you may have realised by now, this is the time of year I'm a bit 'private' about showing you a whole finished project. lol  I will show a couple of those first, in the crochet section......

 After much success at our last market day, Heather and I are now knitting madly to complete orders of handmade goods. As we sold many beanies we are now restocking. This one crocheted in tones of mixed white and purple will have accompanying crocheted flowers to go with it.

 And...oops!..this is another one of those 'secret' projects for the show. I have used dusky and natural tones mostly for this project but the embellishment I plan to add will bring all the colours together nicely.
 I have been commissioned to knit some doll clothes for a boy and girl doll, so here I have the boy doll jumper. It is about a 9 inch chest doll, so it is a good size. Now you will notice there is a tail in the picture....I can promise you it is not mine. lol
 Oh there he is.....the Prince of Darkness. lol Milo has now added another naughty habit of jumping in the wheelbarrow when I am trying to fill the bucket with wood. He is also prone to sneaking off with pieces of wood from the wheelbarrow and chewing them up.
 His shy face....but he is not shy. One of my sons did the fatal mistake of having a pocket full of pistachio's in his cardigan and going outside. He was just standing there and felt something strange like a grinding noise and looked down to see Milo chewing on his pocket!!!!! Just picture that!!!

 Two friends in the huge aviary of ours. They are sunning themselves.
 More little violets popping up in the pot.
 I'm so happy with this finish. I have made matching roll necked cardigans for little twin boys. I knitted these garments in 8ply and they have turned out so nice. They will keep the little boys very warm.

Well my friends, I am thinking hard about having a cup of coffee and perhaps a little crocheting. I have one more week of holidays so I will still be trying to plough through some show entries. While I do some crocheting I will be also planning to pay back those naughty lads at gym. They recently stuck my windscreen wipers up and shoved a banana peel in my door handle. lol....that my friends deserves payback. A beautiful weekend to you.
Ciao, Anita.


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