Sunday, June 10, 2018

Never look down on anyone
unless you're helping them up.
Buon giorno my friends! I am armed with a hot coffee, music by Andrea Bocelli, humour(that is out of control), and some photos to share with you. At this time of year I get secretive about some of my projects I work on because of the annual show and I'm competitive you know.

The last couple of weeks have been much loved and lived in all aspects. I have only wanted to cast a spell on one person who was very rude to Heather at the markets. I had wished all the plagues of Egypt upon this woman and considered making a calico doll with a lock of her hair. I will give you the very short story. It's all about these clutch balls Heather makes.

Much time, cutting, stitching....well you can all see for yourself. The woman asked for a discount. Heather sells these for $15.00 and the woman wanted a pensioners discount!!!! She wanted to pay....$12.00!!! I have known of this woman much of my life and as the years have gone on and I occasionally run into her, I have quite liked her but I know she has a sharp edge to her.

 I said to her that if you look on Etsy the asking price was $30.00 roughly. She spat back that "this is not at Etsy". That was my mind my boxing gloves came on. Heather refused her offer of $12.00 and her next comment of "either you want the $12.00 or we leave". Heather refused, the woman told her friend "come on, we're leaving". And they did. 

So my friends....there are many positive things to take away from this encounter. We remained polite, we didn't spit at her, or headbutt her, did not make donkey noises or hiss at her, or sling shot her. I'm pretty amazed at Heather and I.👭 We've never done so well at remaining civilized. Especially Heather....I'm a good girl.😆😆😆😆😆

Now from the brimstone and fire comes the happy stuff. I knitted these tiny little finger less mittens for little people. A very simple pattern....made up from my own head. It is knitted in 8 ply yarn and will fit a small child. I had several people asking for small mitts at the last markets so I thought I better get cracking with more.
 Also made with love is this baby jacket and bootee set. This is an order for a lady so I made it straight away for her. The pattern is one that I found on the Internet and it was very simple to knit but very effective and pretty.

 Another request was for a girls cushion using any pink tones I liked. See...this is where things balance out...a mean customer...a lovely customer. 👼 I have a selection of pinks here that I'm testing against each other to see what it all looks like. I will show you when I have made it. 

More happy stuff......

 I was excited to have a win on our local Sell, swap or buy face book page. I purchased this gorgeous wrought iron stand and painted it white. My husband and I went for a short drive to a neighbouring town to collect it. I can read your husband was stuck in the car with me for a short time, but he survived.
 I was gifted a bag full of beautiful materials and with some of it I made some outdoor curtains for our sitting area on the back verandah. I made 4 big curtains and it keeps a fair bit of the wind and coldness out.

.....and winter sets in.....

We pray for the rain our farmers so desperately need, but please lightning or flooding!

I am wicked because now I show you a photo of Milo being very worried. Milo and I were walking in the park, as usual we were stopping every two seconds for him to sniff everything. Our walks are what I call going on a "Sniffari" (safari). So he was too busy sniffing everything, head down, very busy and we came across this big metal horse. Milo looked up suddenly, cowered back, completely covered his nose with his tongue, very carefully stepped forward, sniffed the horse and then.......fear over with, he cocked his leg and did a piddle on the horse. All good.

 I hope, my friends,  today I might have shown you my wicked side and I might be mistaken for being very naughty, but....look at this face........🤣🤣🤣🤣💕

I wish you all a beautiful week ahead, have fun with your friends and enjoy each day. Ciao, Anita.

Good friends don't let you do
stupid things....alone 


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