Sunday, March 19, 2017

God sends many blessings and the
nicest ones are friends!

Good Sunday to you all! How glorious to have these cooler days and it is less of a struggle to get things done in the heat our summer months bestowed upon us. Our nights have cooled down, the morning has a tinge of cold breeze and the days, though still warm, are bareable. All round……good knitting weather.

Do you all remember the popular yarn called "Feathers"?

 It was very fashionable a few years back, but lost it's popularity very quickly. I don't know if it was due to the fact basically,  all that seemed to be made from it were scarves, beanies and the occasional child's sweater ; or that it needed to be accompanied using another yarn with it ; or that it was a pain in the neck if you dropped a stitch? The good points about the yarn was that it was soft to the skin....and that's about it. lol
People gave me so much of it that I decided I needed to find a way to incorporate it into my products to sell. I cannot just throw things like this away, so I have to become creative in my thinking. Well I decided that if I use several different textures and knit them up perhaps something wonderful would be created. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results.

This week I concentrated on lots of knitting as lately I had drifted on to crochet, though I did squeeze in some crochet. Even some sewing managed to get done too. Below is a cute little cushion I made using a strip of flannel material in bunny prints. It measures about 16in x 16in, just the right size for a small child.

 I knitted two beanies and finished off another that I had already started on. The grey beanie is going to have crocheted flowers and embellishments added to it yet, so I'm still going to work on it.

 As I was just minding my own business cruising through google, I came across heaps of pictures of poncho designs and realised that I haven't made one of these in years, so out came the crochet hook again and then off I went. There is no pattern to this one because just looking at a picture of another was easy enough to design one of my own. I made 16 granny squares and joined them together. Crochet a long cord to thread through the top of the work and you're done.
 This one is big enough for a 2 year child.

 And look here!!!! Another great idea.....a scarf and hat all in one. There's probably a name these are called but I do not know what that is, I just liked the idea.

 How do I use up a left over ball of yarn? I knit up a baby cardigan and a matching woolly hat, that's how I use it up. lol An addition to my market items.

Creating is beautiful
 This little character is being a calm dog at the moment, so we're wondering what's going on? lol Perhaps Milo is lulling us into a false sense of security and will dig up the garden.....later on today? lol He was in trouble yesterday for trying to jump up on Heather the feather. (I feel like jumping up on Heather the feather sometimes....but I don't lol).


Now I leave you all to go and tackle a few chores and then enjoy my Sunday. It has been lovely to have some cool weather and as I sit here typing, I am enjoying the warmth of my pyjama's. I welcome our autumn weather as I know some of you gals are welcoming in the Spring. Enjoy! It is a lovely time of year.
Ciao, Anita.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Smile, its the key that fits the lock on everyones hearts.
Ladies, I am so happy. I have met two lovely Italian girls who will be stationed at our school until the end of the term. I have asked them a thousand questions and still they are happy to quench my curiosity with information about Italy. They are patient, funny, caring and I could keep going on about them.  Welcome to Australia girls, may you both have a wonderful time here.
  From I'm standing....I'm pretty happy right about now.
Per sempre tua
Forever yours
I have been commissioned to make a sensory pack for a young girl. The idea for children with issues for being able to keep still is to get them to carry some weight either in a back pack or as a neck warmer. I thought I would make something fun in bright cheery colours. Ironically I made a 'snake' one this time. 

 For some pleasure I am knitting a beanie or woolly hat, from a fantastic pattern I found on the internet. I feel in love with the honey comb look and fisherman's rib stitch.

  And I thought I had finished with my crochet blanket last week but I kept looking at it thinking perhaps a border could finish it off well....with a little picot edge too. Now I'm done. lol

 This week we have struggled through some terribly hot weather with no relief at night. The last few nights we have had to sleep through 24C heat and it really does make you feel a bit 'edgy'.
I'm thinking that one of the only plants in the garden to be truly happy are the succulents. This one is thriving. 
 Now I have left this story until last.....ironically I make a 'snake' sensory toy, and...... unlucky for us we have found another snake. Milo was hopping around the garden the other night and I thought he found a frog. It was when he started growling that I realised oh no it might be a snake. Yes, a snake. We thought it was one foot long....
 but last night we found the other half. 
I have often shared with you all some of the lol....crazy, funny people I have as friends and this snake episode brought out the best in their mental thought process. Lovely Chris suggested that perhaps the snake could be added as an ingredient in my 'cauldron'. Her off sider Neville couldn't have agreed more. Oh boy!!! Where do I find these people? lol
To my Italian friends, if you ever come to Australia you are certainly more than welcome to join me in some Sminuzzate la zuppa di serpente = chopped up snake soup.
Now that I have made you all feel unwell....makes me will go and enjoy this lovely long weekend we are having. I will be making a gratis project for school today, but then back to the paying projects. Wherever you all may be in the world, I hope your hearts are filled with happiness and good health.
Ciao, Anita. xx
Beautiful Venice.💗💕

Sunday, February 26, 2017

In a world where you can be anything..... be kind!

A good morning to all! In Australia we celebrated our last Saturday for the this does not mean there will no longer be hot days. Our summer is coming to an end and Autumn will be  upon us as far as the calendar is concerned, Mother Nature will decide how much hot weather she deals out to us though.
Image result for i love italy images
To me it doesn't matter what weather I have, I will always enjoy my craftwork and this week I show you more of what I have been up to. I have finally finished a baby set using some yarn I had wanted to use for ages. It is an 8ply yarn with a tiny hint of gold thread running through it. Usually I steer away from yarn that has the gold or silver threads as it tends to be a bit stiff. But this particular yarn knits up very soft. I was extremely happy with the result.
 Just to shock myself, I did a whole heap of sewing too!!!! I proved to myself that I can actually leave my knitting needles for a short time and survive it. lol. 

I needed a new ruffle bag as mine was really past its use by date. I love the black and white printed fabric, so I went for it. I loved it so much that I made 2 bags in the black and white fabric and will sell the second one.
 The next two bags are for the markets and have a completely different look. We have the goth and punk look here. The first bag has studs lined up the strap and a thick row of shiny stones around the top section of the bag....and skulls on the ruffles. lol

 The second bag is a plainer pattern style that highlights mainly the print on the fabric, finished off with a big button.
 I knitted up a little beanie through the week, and this came about because I could not cope with putting a tiny ball of yarn back in my stash.
 My project of the week though is this cute crocheted baby blanket. This also came about because of all the yarn laying around the house. Oddly enough....there is also tones of blue laying around the house as well. I don't like to say that too loud as my dear husband might remind me that he built a shed so I could get all  my fabric and yarn out of the house. lol....oops!
This might look just like a plate of salad to most but to me it is a reminder that I am thankful to my oldest son for installing a better lifestyle for myself.
Years ago my oldest son started going to the gym, and then slowly changed his eating habits. I noticed this, and I was very proud of him for the care he was taking of himself. His way eventually rubbed off on me and he then suggested that I go to the gym as well. It is years later and now I without a doubt, would be the healthiest I have ever been.

I now sign off as I have a busy day ahead of me. As always, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead. Sending good wishes to my Italian friends and hoping Carnivale celebrations are going well.
Ciao, Anita. xx

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kind words can be easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.
-Mother Teresa.

happy happy happy
Hello lovely ladies, I have truly had one of the best weeks on record. I seem to have met some really genuine and happy people, had nice things happen all week and managed to get stuck into some serious craft work. I have my health, wonderful friends and the people I am surrounded by are the nicest kinds. I send out a Birthday wish to my friend Chris. I know you will have a lovely day, you are surrounded by so many lovely family members. You are much loved xx.

We managed to avoid being flooded out last week end but then it was a game of catch up this week…..but that went smoothly, so I’m so happy! Why don't you come with me and see what I've been doing ........ My aim, as I am using my balls of yarn is to use it all up withough having to put away a tiny length of leftover bits. So I had some of this yarn leftover and it made a cute pair of booties.

As you all may know I am more of a knitter than a crocheter but I am learning and I have clicked on to crocheting very well. On the net there are many good simple patterns to help the learner along, and I have found this one. I have been able to make several baby jackets and they all have their own look just by using different colours of yarn.

They are so pretty
I have even become confident enough to change the stitch design and not adding sleeves. It is such a great pattern and if you would like to try here.
Can you remember the 'Feathers' yarn that made a quick appearance several years ago and then lost its popularity almost immediately? Well I was given heaps of it, and you well know.....I can't just get rid of things. lol. I decided that perhaps you could add several different yarns with it and get a different look altogether. My first result.....a beautiful scarf and it has a nice looking finish to it. I was very pleased with it.

Now to a fun make and a pattern that I found somewhere on the net. This is a Fat bellied bag and I love it! It is crocheted, with fabric lining. For the underneath of the bag you crochet 9 squares, stitch them together and then crochet a few laps around all of those squares.

You attach a couple of rows of lace and then gather it all up. Adding flowers, straps and a fabric lining.... Oh will recognise this fabric lol.

Again, another way to use up those small precious bits of yarn.
I am so glad for the internet, I think of all those wonderful people in blogland that I would never have happened upon if not for the internet. The ideas and inspiration that I may have missed out on. Today I will be sewing handbags....from ideas and patterns Ihave found on the internet.

I am off to help my husband with some outside work now. Have a beautiful week ahead and thank you for your friendship ladies. 
Ciao bella, Anita.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Friends are one of the nicest things to have and one of the nicest things to be.
Hello everyone, how lovely that you have joined me today. I hope I have found you in good health and that you have had a wonderful week. I’ve had a fantastic week, full of excitement at going back to work, wishing my darling friend John a Happy Birthday and incredibly fun creations in the hand making area. My week was topped off with a visit from my third son, whom I love to pieces. It was so good to see you Corey. xx
We Australians are pretty casual so please excuse the hairy one with no shirt on.
Hanging around the kitchen, the room full of laughs, love and fun.
I have been busy crocheting more beanies for my collection and with each of these I have made a pair of booties to match. They are all made from a basic beanie pattern, using different colours.
As I finish any project I try to use up any leftover bits of yarns. I am glad to have found this little crocheted flower pattern because I certainly have put the leftover yarns to good use.
Usually I am busy stirring up Heather the feather any chance I get, and rightly so. But today I will share with you some of the marvellous things she makes. This little darling of a lady makes these lovely baby clutch balls, and they sell like hot cakes!
How about these felt aliens? Aren't they cute! Heather has added all sorts of bits to them and they look really fun.
In Australia right now, on my side of the country....we are having heavy rains and flooding. Over the east side, they are having incredible hot hot weather. After non stop rain for days and days...this is the bridge close to our home. Most of the time, especially through our warm months, there is no water at all in river. The picture below shows you how close Taylor Street bridge is to breaking the banks.
Our Mortlock river is flowing so fast, that even hearing the roar of the flowing water at the night time was rather strange. I was but a small girl the last time I remember a flooding of this size, so it has been a rather long time since flooding on this scale.

Old River Mortlock...
You have been with me all my life. As a child you gave me a place to play; to extend my imagination; spend time with friends and a place to sort my thoughts out. In recent years I have ignored you; told you that you smell; been disappointed in you and just driven straight passed you without a glance.

Today I want to thank you.....for holding your sides strong enough to keep the water from flooding us and keeping us safe. I now have been reminded to appreciate you; to remember all those fantastic things you gave me as a child and to be thankful in general.
Our home is situated close to two bridges, with the same Mortlock river winding its way under them both. This is the Mortlock bridge....a bit too close for comfort don't you think? lol
A good Sunday to you all and during the week I am going to try to play catch up with all that has fallen by the way side since Mother Nature unleashed her weather on us. Stay safe everyone and enjoy the beautiful week ahead.
Ciao, Anita. xx


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