Saturday, February 10, 2018

Knowledge is knowing what to say.
Wisdom is knowing whether or not to say it.
Hello my lovely friends! I missed you all last weekend, I hope you were behaving in my absence? Heather the feather and I were at the markets last weekend, so the time good and well slipped us by. 

It was a sorry affair at the markets as the small crowds came with very little money in their pockets. At this time of year the parents have spent their money on school books, clothing and fees, so understandably cash is short. Many of the stall holders did not sell much and even our fruit man ended up giving much of his stock away. He is always sold out by 11am so you can understand the situation of the day.

Never mind, I can always see funny photos of  Milo and all is good again.

To tell you about my beautiful week with my craft work. I have managed to build up a little collection of yarn know those little pieces I can never throw away. It was time to make a start on another colourful cushion and here are a few squares. They are just in the granny square pattern but I love them.

These little baby booties are just so cute and if you are like me, a beginner with the crochet, this is a simple pattern.
  I had some fun in the last couple of weeks also making doll ponchos and matching woolly hats. This doll is an 18 inch doll, so there are many free patterns floating around on the internet to choose from.
 A basic woolly hat with an added flower on the side. How bad were the markets? A little girl wanted her mother to buy her this set for her doll and the Mother told the little girl.....Ponchos are too hot for your doll to wear right now.
Image result for emoji faces

So anyway.....

I decided to have a bit of fun crocheting with cotton yarn and made this little short sleeved top and booties. Very easy to make, though I think if I make it again I will try to attach a button rather than ties. If you want the pattern for the top, click here.

I don't know how long messy bun hats have been around but I think they are only starting to come into fashion around my parts. I've decided to make some to see how they look. I love them!!! I don't have the right for these but someone will love them. I have made a heap of them now but I have them packed away. This is the only one I have for show.

If you want an easy pattern and would like to make one...this is the pattern I used. Click here.

I love to show these pink flowers in the pot every now and then in case Elisa or Federica happen by my blog. They bought this as a farewell gift for me last year when they were here from Italy. I have managed to keep it alive. I think of them both all the time.

Our big hero, fearless lion, brave one....asleep on the job.

New cushions made for all my outdoor seats! I had some beautiful bright fabric just sitting in my material stash...forever! I made the decision to make something out of it. I went to the op shop hoping to find some round cushions (something I never have any luck finding) and was lucky enough to find two of them. So I made the cushion covers with zips and then a long cushion for the bigger seat. I am pretty happy with the outcome and so glad they were still attached to the seats the next morning. I was worried Milo would like them too. lol

Two more cushions made for the markets......

More woolly hat and bootie sets too.

Well my friends it is time for me to head off. I decided to write this post and publish it on Saturday night as Sunday I have a full work load of house work. It has been nice sitting here writing at a leisurely pace but I now want to stalk find my husband and annoy him...just because it's the fun thing to do.

Ciao everyone!


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