Sunday, September 17, 2017

One kind word can warm
three cold months of winter.
Good morning dear friends! Most mornings I wake up feeling pretty happy with the world and today……the same. I’ve had a little sleep in, enjoying my cup of coffee and basically feeling blessed that my night turned into the morning. This last week has been a busy one and today I share some precious spare time with you.
I’ve been thinking about the hilarious time spent with my friends at the show and the mischief we got up to over that weekend. I met up with a man I used to go to primary school with and I enjoyed catching up with him. How many times do we get that opportunity? Can you remember ever getting that chance? It was great to catch up with you Darryl and I wish you a good life and good health. Here is a photo of the girls I share my time with and all have the mental age of about 12 years….and I love people like that xx.
             There is much to be thankful for in our lives...

           Friendship….. Angus threw me in the  haystack but I paid him back.

I can’t wait to be a Grandma…..I have to be patient and I can enjoy the company of small children while I wait. I’m here with young Piper, we’re making necklaces and bracelets.

Friendship, contentment and happiness are precious things…and so is enjoying craftwork. I will share with you some things in craftwork that have made me happy this week.

New yarn....I couldn't leave this yarn on the shelves. Look at that texture and it is very soft too.

 The smooth feel and lovely sheen of this yarn made it impossible to pass by as well. When I was checking out the yarns I kept glancing back to this yarn and I see why I had the connection to it.
 Just look where it's made. xx
 I have made a start on my next order and that being a baby blanket. This beautiful blanket will be going over to Ireland when it is completed. So far it has been one of those projects that is a joy to make and giving me much satisfaction to make.
 The stitch is called eyelet mock cable ribbing stitch and the edge of the blanket will have a lace work stitch knitted around it. I will show it when I have finished, so stay tuned.
I had to show you a good photo of the baby booties I entered in the show. The pair on your right won 1st place in the knitted bootie section at the show, whereas the pretty booties on your left did not win a placement at all.
 The judges loved these booties and said the only fault was that babies toes could get stuck in the lacework. When entering in show events you must take all criticism as being constructive comments and learn from them. I am still very happy with them.
 Well my friends it is time for me to at least change out of my nightwear and into day time clothing. lol It is almost 10am so I really must get moving. I wish you all a glorious day and hope you are all well.
Ciao, Anita. xx


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