Sunday, August 19, 2018

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

Hello dear friends, I am back from my short break. At this time of year I am getting prepared for the Annual Show and making things for the various classes that I enter my work in. I do not have much to show in my time of absence because most of what I have been making will be kept in secrecy until after the show. lol 

In my absence I have continued to get into mischief though and look what I have found here!!! a very big but cute, lizard. This is Izzy the lizard and she had come to the school to talk to students about road safety.

 We went for a drive around our countryside yesterday and look at the view! The canola is growing well and lets pray for the farmer's that we get more sunshine now. We can feel the weather changing over towards the
springtime .

I have to share this with you and also explain the photo a little. In every town all over the world, there are 'those' neighbourhoods. I feel to pieces with laughter when I saw this at the front of some one's home. It says 'Welcome to the Bronx'. If you could see the rest of the house in the photo, it is a fitting statement and very true. Come girls all know I'm a little crazy with my sense of humour. I can be honest enough to say that we didn't stop the car or stay very long to take the photo.

Now down to the craft stuff. I have finished and given this pretty set to the lady who ordered it. I was asked to make a baby sleep sack and matching teddy bear hat. It turned out so well and so soft too. I thought I would show you that I am capable of sewing the buttons on finally.🌹🌹

 ...and I have sold these three little caps for a premature baby. These are very small hats and to think a tiny precious head will fit into them. Amazing.πŸ’›πŸ’œ

While I have had my blog break one of my favourite things was to look around Pinterest for some inspiration. I'm looking at the knitting designs coming out of Russia and I'm very impressed! The patterns are fabulous and have very interesting designs but I cannot understand their charts. If you had time to study them you could master it I think. 

In Australia we celebrated NAIDOC Week and so accordingly, I make a library display. I love it when I set all the books relating to it on display and they get taken out. I love that! It makes me feel as if I've done a good job at making people interested to learn something.

 We noticed there were some strange bird noises coming from the trees a couple of days ago. We went outside to investigate what sort of birds they were. Oh yes...we've seen those birds before, they are black cockatoos. We realized that they were feeding their young and we'd never heard that before. What a noise! 🐦🐦

That precious face!

Well this post was really to let you all know I'm back, I have not much in the way of crafts to show you but after the 7th September you will be bombarded with my stuff. Now I am going to do some weeding today because we are going to have 23C, so I'm taking advantage of that beautiful sunshine. 

We have had a lot of rain lately on our side of Australia and the weeds have sprung up everywhere. I'm hoping to get as much weeding done as I can because once the hot weather hits....I don't want to be out in any long grass when the snakes start coming.
A beautiful day to you all and stay happy!

Ciao, Anita.


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