Sunday, November 25, 2018

Happiness often sneaks in a door you didn't think was open

Good morning to you all! Can anyone hear that ticking?'s Christmas approaching! It is amazing how it manages to sneak up on us but a beautiful gift. This week was an awesome one, spending time with lots of my favourite people and doing cool stuff together. 

Yesterday I went for a drive with lovely Emma (my son's girlfriend) and we enjoyed a visit to the Christmas shop. We spotted this Christmas chair and you know.........😊😊

 ....and here at work with some of the crazy people I hang out with. We were celebrating "Movember". For my Italian friends, in Australia we celebrate the month of November to the awareness of men's health. People grow a moustache for the month and then have people sponsor money and they shave it off at the end of the month. At work we had a morning tea and donated money.
 Next weekend is our last market day for the year and also our Christmas stall. I have been flat out making new stock for our table and here I have made some little girl aprons in different styles. I am hoping these will sell as they were suggested to me by a friend.
My purchases from the Christmas shop

Some tea towels with the crocheted tops.

Another jug cover to add to the collection

These are my pride and joy at the moment!!! I am very pleased with the result of the three bags here. I had such fun making them!!

Homemade crumbed chicken balls and very tasty. Fridays are special days for my oldest son Brandon and I. When he finishes work we make crumbed chicken together. Brandon suggested that instead of having the big strips of chicken why not cut them up into bite sizes and try it that way. It was a great idea.🥘🥘
 Now I have to show off a bit. I spent a big bit of time at work sewing my cupboard curtains and here they are. It took a long time to make them as I had to stop and start between classes coming in for library change. It is nice to have all my mess covered up!😅😅
 Well dear friends, it is once again time to leave this page and get on with all the duties that await me. The day will be a hot one so there is nothing worse than ironing in the heat.

I bid you all a fond farewell and wish you all a good Sunday. 💝💕

Ciao, Anita.


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