Sunday, August 28, 2011

Annual Show

What lies behind us and
what lies before us
are tiny matters
compared to what lies
within us.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The excitement of our Annual Agricultural Show is stirring wildly inside me. I love all the work, gathering, thought process and the time to finish all the projects I wish to enter in the show. The whole atmosphere is tingling, I'm odd I guess. Seeing the kids reaction when they enter the show grounds and I imagine to myself how big everything looks through children's eyes. I had this weekend to myself and managed to finish some things, get half way through some things and start new ones as well.

A cute knitted shoulder bag and matching glass case below. I have lined it with soft white material and top stitched the material to the knitted bag.
I have decided to make a couple of those special dolls without the wings. The first edition of Homespun has this pattern in it and it is a favourite of mine. It was designed by Wendy Brigg and I'm sure glad Wendy came up with this great design. I had made another doll using the same material but I've added a big blue button to this one.

I am waiting for the paint to dry on her feet and I still need to add her bandanna. The doll below needs the same gear and this photo came out a bit dark. These two girls will be prizes at our Quiz Night we are holding for the school. That is just around the corner.

Well I'm off now to spend some special time with my tribe. Pixie and Cory had a good stretch of go karting this weekend, so they're mellowing out. Will probably catch up with you guys next weekend.
Kind regards, Anita.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunny Sunday

To accomplish great things,
we must not only act, but
also dream, not only plan,
but also believe.
-Anatole France

Feeling a little overwhelmed this week with all the events happening, but charging ahead
all the same. Children's Book Week, a big celebration in libraries everywhere is being
held this week. In the past few weeks I have been slowly making and gathering items for
my display for the school. In my next posting I hope to have some pictures to share with

I have been busy getting my show entries ready too. I had made one Mr. Bunny and now I
have finished the family. It is one of the one child families, not the typical bunny family of
50+ bunnies.
 It was such fun making the whole family. Someone had given me a pattern recently
and I couldn't resist. The whole family is knitted in an 8 ply wool and size 11 needles.
I kept the needles small so you don't see the stuffing show through. It is a beautiful sunny
day here today, about 25 C and starting to warm up for our long awaited spring season.
I have done a fair bit of gardening this weekend and the bush below was planted last year
and is now taller than me.

I'm a big lover of nasturtiums and my plants have busted out all over the yard. My chooks are
checking them out too. They love to eat them.
 I have kept up with some knitting during the week, even though I have still been very
busy with the quiz night we have coming up soon. I managed to get a bit of a head
cold too and didn't pick up my knitting one night. My darling Pixie didn't cope very
well with the sight of no knitting going on. He knew I wasn't feeling flash. I'm back on
track now though.The little red and pink number below is the start of a shoulder bag. It is
done in blocks of knitted and purled stitches across the row. I am making a glass carrier to
go with it. 
I am off to check of Heather the feather today. I have some nice mud cake to take with me,
that will cheer her will certainly cheer anybody up. Love mud cake!!!!! Well I'm out of here.
There is just too much gorgeous sunshine outside to stay still. Enjoy this lovely Sunday. Regards, Anita.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting ready

It's a slow turning wheel
but it does turn.

Slowly but surely, I have been making and gathering items to enter in our Annual Agricultural Show. On top of the bedroom cupboard is a collection of handmade dolls, toys and bags just waiting to pop out and be looked at. Even though there has been a flow of babies around here, and I've been knitting like mad, I still managed to keep going with my own pieces of work. This morning I finished Mr. Bunny and have loaded my knitting needles with stitches just waiting to be Mrs. Bunny.

There is also a baby bunny to make and I will just have to be patient to finish them all. I noticed at last year's show, there wasn't much in the way of toys and dolls, so that is my plan for this year. Below is a knitted child's bag, with cute lazy daisy stitching around the holes. I knitted this in 8 ply and it can be filled with a satin cushion stuffed with pot pourri. The handles are just chain crocheted.

Once again my photography skills have let me down, but this cute little bib is a free download from the net. The picture on the bib is a cow and though you can't see it in this photo, you can see it on the real thing!!!
 On my return to work a few weeks ago, I also gave Hannah her finished scarf. I just needed to make some chain stitched flowers and sew them on with buttons. Hannah also helped make this scarf and when I gave it to her, she just loved it.

I can see rain clouds outside my window and the wind is blowing like mad. I was a little annoyed to have woken up so early this morning (4.30am), I have a few things on my mind but in some ways it was good. My ironing is done, Mr Bunny was completed and I only have two small loads of washing to go. The way the wind is today, I may have this washing all dried and folded too. Enjoy this lazy old Sunday, and may you get lots of stitching done. Kind regards, Anita. P.S. They still haven't returned Mr. Octopus yet!! lol.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mr. Swagman

Life is not
measured by the number
of breaths we take, but
by the numbers of moments
that take our breath away.
-George Carlin.

Unable to believe how fast another week has gone by, I can't believe it has been some time since my last posting. I've been head down tail up with organising a quiz night, and also consumed with excitement over Mr. Swagman. I have been given a knitted toy book to look at and when I spotted the swagman, I knew I had to knit him up.

One of my workmates bought some wool for me and return for knitting her some tea cosies. The colours looked suspiciously like Fremantle Dockers colours, and as she looks the Dockers I decided to knit the swagman in Dockers colours. I'm hoping to knit him up again in more traditional colours and enter him in the show.

Still found the time to knit some baby gear. There are baby girls popping up everywhere right now, must be something in the water.

I had a lovely surprise from Sue, a parcel with goodies......treasure actually!! Lovely buttons. Thanks a heap Sue, I just adore buttons, more than Heather does. Heather is a great friend of mine, but I have more buttons.
 We have a lovely spring-like day outside today, yesterday was much the same. Last night it rained and it's a crack up when it rains at night and is sunshine during the day. It's almost every one's dream. I'm on the prowl today near the chook house. One of my chooks has started eating her eggs and any one elses. I have just put a big bowl of shell grit in the pen, apparently they are not getting enough calcium so they start eating their eggs. Don't want this to happen on a regular basis.

My three darlings have all gone for a drive to get petrol for Brandon's car. He's still wagging his tail about his new car. He's a pretty good driver, now Cory can't wait to drive. Gulp!! Have a great weekend one and all. Kind regards, Anita.


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