Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.

Dreams and ambitions take
hold more quickly when you share
them with someone you love.

It's my birthday today and what a lovely day. Slept in until 9am, Pixie made me a lovely strong cup of tea, Cory prepared breakfast for me and Brandon....well he was still asleep. Had a visitor very soon after that, checked out blogland, replied to emails sent to me. Thank you to everyone out there who sent me birthday greetings. Thankyou to Cath for sending me a lovely gift. I'm going to make it and put it on one of my postings. I really enjoyed that. I've turned 48 years young but only feel 18, until I have to run or try to do butterfly stroke in the swimming pool.. Ha Ha.

I have made some special little girls. They are filled with a bit of toy stuffing and some pot-pourri. They will be given as gifts some where along the track.

I am still finishing them off, some are wingless at the moment. But not for long. The girls don't take much time to make and once again they are made out of scraps.

Awww and in my travels I came across a cushion cover that my Mum made. This has been tucked away for ages and what a great day to rediscover it again. I am so glad to have found it. It wasn't lost, just mislaid.

 Mum's stitching was out of this world. I love the yellow ribbon work and the flowers as well. The cushion cover doesn't really go with anything, but it goes with me. So it belongs. While I had a few spare moments, I did join all these little squares up and make a cushion cover. I do have a fascination and a need for lots of cushion covers, bit like women and their shoes.

I went for a stroll down the road today and took some shots of this grand home I thought you would all love to see. It is called Brackson House and in the olden days I believe it was a hostel of some sorts. I remember being invited into it one day, when a girl from high school I met moved in with her family. The girls bedroom was huge!

Now it is a bed & breakfast place and wouldn't you just love to be staying here. When we go for bike rides, I often have my head pointing in the direction of this home.

The bird bath is super big, an eagle could land in there for a drink and a bath.

I just love the arch way here and the super duper big pots. This is the entrance to the place for the lucky people staying there.

I would love to sit on those sweet chairs and have myself a nice cup of tea.

I get to look at this beautiful place every day. I just love it. The people who have Brackson House now spent alot of money renovating it and they are very stylish people so you can imagine inside!!

Just to top the day off I am going to challenge Cory to a game of Yahtzee. the little minx always canes me at this game. He just thinks he's too cool. So off I go to try to out do him. Thanks for sharing my day with me and that chocolate cake I can smell cooking?  Kind regards, Anita.


Micki said...

Happy Birthday Anita...You are having a wonderful day, I see. Bracson House is just lovely, and it looks a bit Southwestern in style.
Have a great day!

Vickie said...

well girl I sure hope it is chocolate cake you can smell cooking...great to hear you had a good day..thanks for going for a stroll and taking pics to share with us, it's wonderful to do cyber travel hehehe,cheers Vickie

retdairyqueen said...

Maybe if you are a good girl you will get to stay in that lovely house sometime
How was the cake?
Hope you didn't eat to much

Cath Ü said...

hey if you get to stay at the B & B make sure you take us too... and you are welcome re your birthday gift... send me a pic when you ave made her....
Love your new babies the wee angels and love the old doiley of your Mum's too
Cath Ü


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