Sunday, November 27, 2016

“When the world says
‘Give up,’
Hope whispers,

Try it one more time.”

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Good Sunday morning to you all! I was bitten this the Christmas bug. Lol My sewing machine has been thrashing away and there is smoke coming off my knitting needles. There is a whiff of Christmas in the air and I love it.

I’m pretty well wondering why I didn’t start this Facebook selling earlier because it has been very successful in the way of sales. I have sold many of these cute little knitted Christmas puddings already this year. They fit nicely in my hand and no calories!!

 I have wrapped up a few to drop off at the Visitors Centre and I have put them in a bowl with a napkin, a coloured fork and wrapped them in cello paper.
 After our snake scare last week even more of the garden near the house has been cleared. Here in this picture I am still at the clearing and tidying up stage....
 While Milo oversees the whole project.
 Oh gosh, he’s precious!!
 My Christmas bug has seen me produce both Christmas items and Christmas gifts, so here are some of the goodies to show you...
Tooth fairy dolls
 Beanie and bootie set
Plastic bag holders
  Library bags
 And now I show you something close to my heart.
I have purchased more garden ornaments from my Italian man Vincent. Two beautiful columns made skilfully and they give exactly the charm I wanted for my garden.

 Oh my beating heart....settle down.

 We are expecting a very warm 37C today so as soon as I bid you farewell for the week I will quickly have some breakfast and get out to that sewing shed before the weather becomes unbearable. I’m hoping to make some cute little beaded dolls that sell so well at the Visitors Centre.

As always I wish you all a beautiful and creative week. I say goodbye now.....
                            and so does Milo!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Difficult roads often lead to
beautiful destinations.
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Hello dear friends. I hope you all have had a beautiful week full of fun things you love to do. Mine was super awesome! So I finally got myself on to Face book, only so I could start selling my craft work over the net. I have avoided Face book like the plague. My little space name is Anita's Crafts, but I don't know how many of those names will be listed!! lol But my little profile picture has the tea cup on a red mug rug.

I got to work very quickly with all this and decided to advertise over Facebook and  have a front verandah stall. I can tell you it's easier to set up at home than it is to cart your goods down to the markets. Thanks to all those special people who supported me, I will be doing this again.

Here is how I set up:

The stall.... helper. I will not call him any questionable names at the minute. Names such as Foreman, Leader of the Opposition, Side kick and partner could probably be used...but not the expression Coffee swiller. lol

My cute magenta Landmark

The goods

The resting place

 I did enjoy myself, sitting outside on a warm Spring? Lol morning with a lovely breeze blowing.

This new Mug bag just finished this week sold so fast it wasn’t funny. I found the pattern for it in an older edition of Homespun magazine and it’s very easy to make.

I even made baby bibs this week, they’re really groovy and easy to make. A basic pattern off the net, some gorgeous fabrics and away I went.
You lovely girls always know there will be knitting to show at this blog page! Heather the feather and I sold out of baby beanies and booties at the end of winter, so now I’m re stocking already because it seems those items are wanted all year round.

So here is this little beauty knitted up in 4 ply (Thanks Maria!!)

Booties to match...

Oh here is Mr Moon. We had a Super moon in the sky this week and many people were disappointed that it wasn’t as super as expected. I myself think I am so happy to be alive that the moon was beautiful to  me.
 These are so sweet and they were the last project off my knitting needles. We don’t have much in lemon colours as people don’t ask for it as much any more. Perhaps I can kick start their love of this colour.

 Now I will warn you all before you keep scrolling down. It is with a heavy heart that I show you the next photograph. 

After a big campaign to prepare the yard for the oncoming summer season ie clear back the undergrowth of bushes, shrubs etc ; re homing our poultry last year and removing any items left laying around the yard....we have already had 2 snakes in the last three days.

This is yesterday’s intruder. 

Brandon and his friend were laying on the lawn on their towels and of course Milo had to be in on the fun, so he was with them. Suddenly Milo sprinted off towards the pool gate and the boys spotted the back end of the snake slithering into the pool area. On that evidence, we would say that the snake came in the side gate, slithered passed our back door!!!!!, passed the dog kennel and into the pool area. Not a nice thought, is it.

I can only say thanks to the boys who took appropriate action and for our little petal.....Milo, for alerting us.  Milo actually caught the snake we had on Thursday and thrashed it but it got away. I am so frightened Milo will get bitten.

Today is going to be filled with guarded work in the back yard. We are going to cull back even more and remove our few rocks in the garden near the house and put new baits around for mice. The mice are a food source for snakes so we are going to super bait the yard but only where Milo cannot reach them. Wish us luck my friends, we need it.

A lovely Sunday to you all!
Ciao,  Anita
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Don’t wait for the 
perfect moment,

take the moment and 
make it perfect.

Well good morning my little cupcakes, I hope I have found you all healthy and in sound mind. I wish I could say the same about myself. I am at least..very healthy.  Lol 

After having worked full time the last couple of weeks, and being grateful for the extra time given to me, I was pleased to go back to my usual timetable so I did lots of sewing last Friday. I have made progress with my Christmas items and will hopefully have lots of Christmas goodies to sell.

Would you like to see some of the things I have made? Come on then my pretty girls, grab yourselves a hot cup of tea or coffee, and we’ll go for a cruise.    
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A while ago I purchased this precious fabric and as I used it on my many projects, the more I fell in love with it. I have now used up the last of it making a set of fabric Christmas coasters and a little tote bag to put them in when storing them away. 
 The bag closes up with a draw string ribbon tie with beads on the ends. 
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 Now I'm on a roll with the fabric coasters so I had some Mickey Mouse Christmas fabric. I decided to make another coaster set that has a small fabric bag filled with lavender and a small pouch to put it in. 
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 Let me just side track you all now and show you my crocheting. I'm pretty good at side tracking people....oh....and myself. I'm called Dory sometimes, but I'm happy with that nickname. lol

I have discovered that even though we have our warm weather happening here in Australia, people are still wanting knitted baby clothes to give as gifts. After the winter season at the markets, the supply of baby booties and beanies has started to dwindle. By the looks of things there were lots of girl babies born this year. Where has all my pink stuff gone?
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A short sleeve baby cardigan in a simple treble stitch has been very popular, and this photograph does not show the colour well. It is actually a beautiful peach colour. 
 Two more Cardigans but this time with long sleeves. The couple I had at market sold very quickly. 

 Now back to the Christmas mood. I just can't resist this little guy. A cute Christmas reindeer. I'm still working on him though. I need to tie a knot in each of his legs, add bells and ribbon to the knots. He or she, will also have a big ribbon done up around the neck and the antlers painted. Oh yes....and stitch on his other ear.
 I can't resist the fabric yo-yo!!

Did I manage to put you in the Christmas mood? I hope I have helped you get there. lol I am now counting down the weeks before we all go on school break over the summer and I'm getting very excited at the prospect of those glorious weeks off. 

My lovely Italian blogger friends find it interesting at the fact the Christmas season is celebrated in hot weather over here, whereas their Christmas is in cold and snow. I would so love to be there with you ladies. xx  
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Next post I will have some cute knitted baby booties to show you. I am still sewing them up and putting ribbon into them right now. Thanks Maria, the yarn is so nice to knit with.
Have an awesome Sunday girls! 
Ciao, Anita.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Look for something positive in each day,
even if some days you have to look a little  harder.
Hi my lovely friends, where did that week go? I have been working full time these last two weeks and it has reflected in the amount of crafting I have been able to do....or not do. I have just run a marathon at work cataloguing and covering hundreds of books. I am so grateful that I was given extra hours in which to do so and now I only have a couple of hundred more books to go. Lol
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This week I was able to crochet a little baby jacket in a very simple but effective pattern. It is crocheted in 8 ply yarn and in a dusky pink. I’m not certain I particularly like this dusky pink, but someone will love the colour.

Our Ag. Society wind up was last night and every year young Fiona presents certain people with little gifts and a funny yarn (story) about something they got up to during show time.....and beyond.

It was pretty hilarious as to what people received and after hearing the story behind each person’s gift, I am worried at how Fiona’s mind works.
Here is what I received....I say no more; I am innocent.
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(For my Italian blogger friends, this is what is written on the pencil case....I Fart Rainbows). 
 I keep promising to start up a Facebook page and that will be my next mission. This cute tea cosy will be one of the items for sale. It won first prize at the show, so I am happy about the quality and would love to see it make someone else happy too. 
 We finally worked out why Milo is a strange dog....we started thinking he had come from outer space but we now remember that he was actually born on Halloween!!!! 
 That really.....
 explains things!!! 
Oh yes...what’s this? Good try Milo.

More booties for sale. I'm thinking $6.00 is a fair price.

 I know you all probably escape with your lives and sanity after visiting my blog, but I have to say....that there is some culture in my life. Strange but have now scrambled your minds. lol

I found this awesome DVD at the local library and I spotted that Michelangelo was included in this collection (as you would expect it to be). So home it came with me and it was amazing to watch. 

I remember when we went to Florence and visited the Accademia Gallery to see the Statue of David, we also came across four large sculptures known as the Slaves or Prisoners. They were begun by Michelangelo for a grandiose project for the tomb of Pope Julius II della Rovere. 

Yesterday was very hot here, a staggering 39C and today is going to be very warm as well. I took the opportunity this morning to check out some of my garden. A couple of plants took a beating in the heat yesterday and most made it through....
 Country charm is always found in roses
Image result for clipart small images lady birds
 My beautiful Bottle brush tree with its stunning red brushes

 I have this one day left of the weekend so I must fit in as much backlog of housework as I can. It doesn't sound very fantastic does it? But it must be done, so I will just be thankful I am alive and all will seem better.
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What more can any of us ask for? I am grateful for many things and one of those are the family and friends who surround me and make my life so special. I surround myself with family members who make me happy and are a pleasure to be around. I am also grateful my hubby knows how to work the washing machine. Thanks for your help with that Pix. xx

What makes you happy? I bet when you sit back and have a good think....there will be many things. Have a wonderful Sunday my friends. Peace be with you all.
Ciao, Anita.


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