Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pressed tin

Good friends, good books, and
a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.
- Mark Twain

While doing some serious blog surfing I came across a couple of blogs that have inspired me to show some photo's of our ceilings! I know, strange but true. Firstly, I visited Lisa's blog and her recent posting of small kitchens and then I was checking out Em's blog and giggling about her son wanting his bedroom painted. I was thinking that Cory is wanting his own bedroom painted as well, 3 walls bright blue and a feature wall in dark blue, and while looking around I thought how lovely some of my ceilings were. My little home is an old worker's cottage and we still have pressed tin ceilings in some of the rooms.

The same pattern is throughout the house. I love the ceilings, and in the kitchen, the pressed tin really stands out against the Hog bristle paint I've used on the walls.

I just love this pattern.

This is Cory's room below. Don't you just love the colour of the walls? I have been trying to convince him to let me paint his room for years. But he kept saying that is part of his childhood memories of the room.....I didn't push the matter. It was only when Cousin Lisa showed Cory this great funky looking teenagers room in an Ikea catalogue that changed his mind...after all this time.

I'm not sure what happened to this photo, but his wall isn't patchy like that. Could be my photography skills. Three rooms in the house that still have the pressed tin ceilings, are part of the passage, Cory's room and the kitchen. I love old houses!

I have decided that I need to be using my stash of wool and that's that. I was having a cup of tea with Bev the other day and she showed me some beautiful cotton she picked up from the second hand shop. It was lovely, and I want some for me! I have to use what I have first before I get any more...unless I go to Spotlight and lay eyes on wool for a cardigan for the coming winter.

I love knitting or stitching of a night time, it is really relaxing and I can still talk, listen and look at whoever I'm talking to while I knit.That's typical when you're a women, you can do more than one thing at a time. lol. I have been busy making another dolly as well. I'm hooked on this girl. clothes!


She'll have some clothes soon enough. I intend to put her near this lovely old box given to me by Lee's husband John. It is an old box from a farm. Just look at the stunning piece of work and imagine people just used to throw them away.

This lovely box lives up the passage and I just think it's the best. I often think how it must've been nice for John living on a farm as a child, surrounded with all the old stuff of that time, lots of land, and the slow pace time ticked away at. Lee and John live in the city now, but no-one has been able to take the 'country' out of those two.

Now see this photo below....

I am going to hide that game off Cory. In all our challenges together, he just wins all the time. I know I'm the adult here, but I feel like chucking a three year old tantrum and hiding the game. Ha Ha.'s all good fun, but I don't know how he throws and gets the numbers he needs all the time. Thank goodness the loser doesn't have to make the cups of tea, I'd be up the creek without a paddle. Come to think of it, years ago we had this game and I recall Brandon was pretty good at it as well.....hummm..why did I get this game again?

I had a nice visit with Heather today, clucked over the new edition of Australian Homespun, and Heather took off with it, as I have her copy of Handmade. Lots of hot tea was had today, lots of giggling, and shared thoughts. Simply a great day. Tomorrow we're off to Perth (our capital city) to do a bit of spending. Pixie has finished building his go kart trailer and wants to buy bits to make it pretty, Cory is over the moon about going shopping, he's just  stoked about scamming money off his parents. If my boys bat their eye lashes at me, that's me done, I melt.

Hope everyone has had a terrific day and chat with you soon. Kind regards, Anita.


Sue-Anne said...

My son Nic has 3 walls painted bright blue and a feature wall in navy!!! If and when he moves out of home, I don't know how I am ever going to cover the dark feature wall??? Having said that though, the colours look great for a boy's room. Love your ceilings. They add so much character.

Cath Ü said...

First off if I batter my eyelashes at you will it work..?? LOL

Secondly I love your ceilings... if you come home one day and they are gone.. it wasn't me...OK....

Knitting in this weather... are you crazy...LOL

Hey hang in there with the Yahtzee you are bound to win sooner or later....
Have a nice day..
Cath Ü

em's scrapbag said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. Love your pressed tin ceilings and that old wood box is fabulous!


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