Friday, January 8, 2010

She's finished

Contentment is 
the greatest wealth.
- English proverb

I've done it! She's here, she's finished. My lovely cloth doll is now waiting to go to her new home. I love making this particular cloth doll, she's just a pleasure to make. I don't know how many times I've made her now, but I keep going back to my favourite pattern.

I would say, considering she's going to be living on a farm, the colours where of the right choice. In particular, I love the stitching done down the side of her plantaloons.

 Another favourite part of making the doll, is when you have finished her, you just 'rip' a piece of material, and tie it on her head! I know, there's got to be something strange about loving that bit.

 I found the pattern for this girl in an Australian Homespun magazine (Volume 1, No. 1) and the designer is Wendy Brigg. I imagine there would certainly be a site on the internet to track Wendy down. Maybe I will make that one of my projects.

The last few days have been very busy and well had. One of my long time friends, Dianne, came to visit me on Wednesday, with her two darling boys. Dianne lives about 5 hours away from me, so when we get the chance to see each other the tea flows and our tongues wag so much, we have smoke coming off our tongues. So on Wednesday everything else was out.

On Thursday Pixie, Cory and I went for a quick trip into the city as I had a voucher I needed to spend before it was no longer valid. The voucher was to this great kitchen warehouse, boy what fun. I kind of had in mind what I wanted.....oops....needed, but would you know it, we couldn't find it. I was after an enamel measuring cup, that was there on our last visit. Must have sold out.  Of course taking my husband with me is always handy because he will find gadgets that I probably wouldn't buy. These funny little things are to drink out of. You attached them to drinking bottles and drink from them. These are the sorts of things Pixie finds....all the time.

 What I found was a great tray to cook things like chips or wedges on, a great muffin tray with a lid to transport them in, and also a food cover. I have to say, all the things, especially the um.. gadgets my husband found..will all come in handy. I am glad my boy does come into those sorts of shops with me and take an interest in the things I like, he's my buddy.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of bootees that my Mum had made for one of her grandchildren. I hold them dear to me and was so excited to find them. I don't have many things of my Mum, so this was a terrific find. I just run my fingers over the stitches and know that Mum had been there. I'm so lucky. I did get my love of knitting from my Mum, and have not put my knitting needles down since.
 This afternoon is going to be very busy, shifting cupboards around. Not really looking forward to it, but with a few weeks of holidays left, I had better take the opportunity to do it. Cory would like his room painted and to look more like a teenagers room. So we will be going full steam ahead.

Off I go to do a bit of housework and visit a friend, before all my hard work. Wishing everyone a really great day. Kind regards, Anita.


Cath Ü said...

My hubby finds weird and wonderful things too... I see you got your doll finished.. well done.. she looks great... I love it when we have a pattern that we just love to make... mine is Gracie a freebie doll pattern I have on my blog.. she is a little darling and so easy to make....
Cath Ü

Elizabeth Newton said...

Hi Anita,
Wow, Vol 1 No 1! She looks as fresh as today. Would you like to share her with our readers in the mailbag pages? If so, please contact me at
Elizabeth Newton
Deputy Editor, Homespun


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