Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just a quick one

The great man is he who
does not lose his child's heart.

Thought I would just slide in a quick posting today as I'm doing a stack of things at once. Yesterday Cory and I had a wonderful visit to my lovely niece's house, which is about a 15 minute drive out of town. I was pleasantly surprised to find her wonderful husband was home as well. We don't get to see Richard often as he is a real hard worker and is usually at the shop. Cory had a long swim with young Ryan, and little Jarrod had crashed out before we got there so we missed him altogether. So after a lovely afternoon tea and a couple of hours later, we charged off home to get some work done.

Today I dropped some clothes off to a friend's house and in return she gave me some zucchini & a cucumber. Look at the size of them!

 The mug is a very large mug, equal to two cups of tea. I couldn't believe my eyes. I will be using them to make some zucchini bites.

Before we had chooks, Pixie would come back from a friend's house after shooting out on the farm, with dozens of eggs compliments the farmer's wife. Now that we have our own chooks, I decided to make a cloth doll for the farmer's wife. This is a thank you for all the eggs they kindly gave us.

This is the beginning of the cloth doll. Notice the farm material? That is what I have left from my winnings on Clare's giveaway, a while ago.

It's a pity everyone wants tea tonight because I'm in a real sewing mood. Can't wait to finish that doll! I will show and tell when I finish her. The pattern I am using is from the very first Australian Home Spun magazine published and this doll has been a favourite of mine for all time.

The doll I am making is right at the front of the magazine here.She is so cute. Today we all had a lovely refreshing swim together, my three darlings and I, we had such fun throwing remarks to one another. It was the parents against the kids, then we all had a go at each other - only friendly fire of course! So now with the pleasant stuff over for the day, it's time for work, like making tea, and moving my sewing machine out of the way boo hoo.

I might try to get dolly done tonight and then show her tomorrow. If I don't do a posting tomorrow, you will know I didn't make it. Kind regards, Anita. 

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