Saturday, September 24, 2016

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest,

It’s about who came and never left your side.

Hello dear friends, I am happy to say that I am once again on holidays thanks to it being school break. My aim for these holidays are to clean out my wardrobe, get some sewing done and try to get ahead with some of the market items.

I am also happy to be on the mend after two weeks of being very unwell, and when I returned to the gym last Friday it warmed me to be welcomed back by all of those ratbags I work out with. All the nonsense and mischief promptly started the minute I walked in the door. Thank you my gym friends, for the friendship and kindness we share. 
Continuing the happy note here, Hubby gave me some money to buy myself something. Well, I have been eyeing this cast iron chair off for ages and finally it has come home with me. 
Milo is modelling the chair for all to see. Well.....he just wouldn't get off it. lol 

 Just the ideal place to chew his toy!!!

 This week I wanted to use up left over bits of yarn and made this beautiful cushion cover. I love bright things and edging the squares with the deep pink was a great idea. 
 To keep the brightness going, I decided the back would be bright too. Yes, I buttons stitched on yet. 
 I'll get there. I love the little scalloped edge too. 
 Truly excited here now....I found a cute little project on Ravelry. This is a bunny security blanket. It is a fun project and something different to make for baby. This one is going to be gifted to another little baby being delivered via the Stork. If you want to make this creation click here. I have to tell you....I am a knitted more than a crocheter and I managed to make this, so you can too. Enjoy!! 

I am not trying to strangle with cute little bunny, just show you how the baby may hold him. lol's all good....the rabbit is still smiling.
I had fun at the craft shop today...most of this yarn will be making more of these little bunny blankets. I'm on a roll. 
 The next few photographs are some of the show items I made but didn't show you. My cute cushion that came in second to a rather spectacular stitched cushion. 

 My gorgeous scarf that came in third place to Heather the feather's two scarves!!!!!!! I have to think of something for next year to try to get ahead of Heather in the placings!!!! Just a plain scarf hey Heather? lol. 

 Hubby and I had a snooze this afternoon, so it's about 11.45 at night and I'm still haunting the lounge room, hubby has gone to bed. I'm thinking that perhaps I can put the kettle on and make a nice hot cup of tea and do a bit more crocheting. I have another little bunny blanket on the go, this time in pink.

Thank you for dropping by, I love getting your comments and the friendships I have made with many of you are just awesome. I love my new group of Italian blogger girls, they share news of Italy with me and I enjoy that very much.
Night, night. 
Buona notte. xx

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Never let your friends feel lonely.....
disturb them all the time.

Hello dear friends, I warmly invite you to listen to my kind words to Neville......
 ....thanks a heap for wiping out 9 Ag Society members with your flu bugs!!!!! lol Next time you say you're not feeling well, we're all running for the hills mate. lol 

These last few days I have had snot bubbles and candlesticks hanging off my nose, headache, cough and feeling sick. I have taken medicine to recover and today I just have a lingering headache. Got to love your friends hey? 

I hope you get well soon Neville.....So does Paul, Simon, Jill, Chris, Fiona, Matt, Liz and the fleece judge. (That makes about 9 of us) lol

Below are a couple of items of mine that were show entries. A baby jacket and beanie set that came first in its class. Knitted in a cotton yarn in 8 ply, a very effective pattern and very easy to make. This cute little set will be going to market.

 I'm feeling real happy with this little dolly too, I loved making her and she came in first place at the show. 
 I just adore those little red shoes and scarf. 
 At the end of the show it was time to clean up and that also includes cleaning up the sheep shed. Not one to be a slouch....I thought I would go and annoy  help Angus....

"I can do this all by myself Angus"... need your shoulder for a second....
 Now I'm going to act my laughing at me Angus??? 
 Here...have some sheep poo!! 
Well now that I'm back to normal....I have been doing some crocheting. Here I have made a start on granny squares in left over bits of yarn and edging them with some groovy crimson yarn to make the colours pop. 

I have been asked to make some aboriginal hat ties and this order was for 40 ties.

They do take a bit of work to measure and cut, but they are very bright and fun. I have seen them worn on prams, hats, arms and bags. 

Some pretty plants in my garden. I was stoked to see this plant with a flower. I am not sure what the name of the plant is but I have never seen it with flower before. 
A lovely succulent.

Well my friends, I hope you have had a fun visit to my blog today and that I haven't scared you all to pieces!!!! I always was a tomboy, so it seems I will always like to hang off rafters, and not act my age. lol I have never been this age before so I don't know how I'm supposed to act anyway. lol
I wish you a beautiful week ahead.
Ciao, Anita.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Show time

This is a wonderful day,
I have never seen it before.

Image result for clip art fair time
Hello dear friends, it has been a long week but an awesome one. Showtime is over and all the hard work preparing for it is done. I had promised you that all the secret works I had been doing over these last few months would be revealed and in this post you will see them.

I have realized that the markets and show have collided a bit. lol Throughout the year I had purchased a huge plastic container to put my show entries in as I finished them. That idea was superb however, I kept taking things out to sell at the markets. Come showtime....guess what?.....not much left for show entries. So this time the show came with some stress. Last Friday was time for entries to be judged and this little goose was still sewing on buttons on Thursday.

Under all the pressure and with only 6 inches of yarn left to sew on three buttons....see what I managed to do in the photograph below? Notice the left hand side of the photograph is inside out and the right hand side is the right way out? I managed to stitch the buttons to the inside part of the garment. Grrrrr..... I did come close to biting my own arm off. lol To have patience is a good thing though and you will see where I came with placings at judgment time. 

Some photographs to show the lead up to the show and some of the gang at the Ag Society. My world seems to be full of lovely Heather's because this is another lovely Heather I know. 
Heather is working hard while.....this little beast is not. Simon just spends his days rocking in that chair....any chair!! He knows it drives me around the bend. He's a great guy, always trying to teach me new things. 
Paul and Jim 

                                           Mark and Heather  

                                                       Nola and Jill 

Let me show you some of the items I made...

Dolly, whale and owl, sitting along side Heather's pink knitted elephant.

Three distinct craft items and a blue ribbon for Best display in the section. 
Three crocheted cushions are mine, Heather's is the green knitted one.
My dressed teddy was no competition for the two dolls either side of her.

.See here it is, I'm pretty groovy with second place. 

                         A first and second in the bootie section! 

Many people at the show laughed and told me it was super funny to see how Heather and I compete against each other in many of the classes at the show. We both win and lose to each other, it makes for good banter between each other and when we are in a crowd situation.

Heather won first and second in the scarf section while I came up in third place. I've tried several things to beat Heather in the scarf section, even resorting to knitting with 2 ply. Can I win? lol

Let me introduce you to Neville and Neville. Such is my friendship with human Neville that it inspired me to make the stuffed toy Neville. Both are warm and snuggly. This guy is what our Ag Society is made from....born and raised into the group; dedicated, knowledgeable and hardworking. 

 But it was sad to see this fun loving larakin turn from this.... 

to this, in a short amount of time. I hope you get well soon Dragon. 

I'm thinking I better get to work on some ironing before I run out of time. I'm still meeting up with that zany bunch of ratbags for clean up day this morning. 

Something else of great importance....I had better find myself a knitting pattern today as well. I have no project happening!!! lol
A glorious day to you all.
Ciao, Anita.


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