Thursday, December 17, 2009

School's out!

It is only through the eyes
of someone we love that
we see who we really are.

It's official. School's finished for the year. Brandon is OK with it and for Cory it was the end of an era. Primary school is over. What a big step to the next level, High school. In the meantime, we have the lovely school holidays in which to reflect, enjoy and relax. My hubby & I had the day together to wrap as many presents as possible to help Santa, as it would be the last opportunity to hide away wrapped gifts from Cory. Cory the snoopy boy. Ha Ha.

I will also be relaxing with my boys as I have the holiday break off as well. I might do a bit of cross stitch, gardening and sewing. There will also be board games, swimming and movies in amongst all that. Below I have a photo of the little cross stitch I did the day I got married. While the hairdresser was doing my hair and makeup, I just sat there and stitched. It helped keep my nerves well settled. Marriage was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have a special guy.

I have just finished this lovely christmas bag and it turned out lovely. Both sides have stitching on it and was real fun to make. I hope Santa brings some lovely things for us.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention I had to use some buttons as well. I have a great collection of buttons and if I keep using them up I will have to buy some more. I have some pics of the toys that I made for my library. Old Hoot the owl is there and a little blue horse joins him. 

I found a great pattern from an older edition of Handmade with the lovely Mrs Duck in there. I had to give her a try and she has been half filled with heavy beads to weigh her down. I used bits of scraps I had left over and I just love her bonnet. For some reason the bonnet gets put on all sorts of ways. The children do that. Funny little things.

While trotting around the shops I made a special stop in at the Op shop and just love at what I came home with. The total cost of these books was $5.00. Can you believe that? All in good condition, fresh looking pages and they're all mine. The candlewicking books are older publications but every now and then I crank out the material and do some candlewicking. One of the other books is about house designs and very interesting, while the other book is about local history of Western Australia.

The cupboard below has been in my family home for more years than I can remember. It moved around the house and in the later years was in the bathroom full of towels. I can remember the cupboard being several colours, but the last colour I remember was white. After my Dad died I ended up with it. A friend of ours saw the cupboard and offered to strip it back and restore it. We gave him the challenge.

Our friend Jason took the drawers apart and stripped it right back to nothing, and he said what great wood was under all that paint. Oh by the way, I was shocked at all the different colours living underneath. I don't even recall seeing some of those colours. But this wonderful piece of furniture lives in our bedroom now.I can't believe how stylish it is.

I'm off to tackle that pile of folding that just won't buzz off. I may even be able to squeeze in some ironing, so there is less tomorrow for me to do. Not many more sleeps to go until christmas, can't wait. Catch you all soon. Kind regards, Anita.


avagdro said...

Thanks Anita.Simply superb cute creations.Wish you n all a joyful Christmas n New Year eve ahead.

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retdairyqueen said...

The cupboard has come up well You have to love the old furniture
Have a lovely break with your boys


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