Thursday, December 10, 2009

My day off

Happiness seems made 
to be shared.
- Jean Racine

Today was my day off from work and it was a wonderful day. Pixie also had a day off, so we plodded around and had a great time together. We went to the shops and did food shopping, accidentally drifted in to the craft shop, wondered around the streets for a while and went home until lunchtime. We then had lunch at the Chinese restaurant and then wondered the shops some more, and then we were ready for home.

I have finished a doll that was a spurr of the moment idea. At Cory's concert night at school, a lovely girl in his class came up and started yakking to me. She always does, always is polite and I have a real soft spot for her. She is really genuine and great value. While this lovely girl was talking to me, I noticed her costume: denim skirt, white top, black vest, 1 yellow & 1 pink earring, a tie that had a piano keyboard on it, sparkly red hat and long striped socks. When I take photo's of the finished product I will be sure to show you. She is cute.

I have hung out Brandon & Cory's christmas stockings and I always smile when I see them. I made them for the boys when they were small, and when I wasn't very wise. You see, they are huge.

Aren't they huge! I remember how many times the boys put these stockings on and ran around the house. I bet they will love me telling everyone that.

I have warned as many people as I can about how small to make christmas stockings.I have lots decorations throughout my house and the little elf was made last christmas, along with Santa.

At work yesterday I started taking down some of the toys from the shelves, and I looked at the pile of toys that were building up,and whew, I didn't realize how many toys there were. The cat, doll and rabbit were some of the later toys I made. They were fun to make.

 The mouse family depicts what mice are like. Get one in your house and you could end up with squillions of them. But these ones are OK.

This book is turning out to be a beauty. The story so far is about a young lady who gets a dose of polio. I'm into the first quarter of the book and I'm hooked.

Time to buzz off and get things ready early because tonight Brandon & I are both having a hair cut. Need to check my chooks and let Cory have a turn on the computer, he keeps coming in and checking to see if I've finished yet. My petal. See you next time. Kind regards, Anita.

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