Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

It's good to be children sometimes,
and never better than at Christmas.
- Charles Dickens

How exciting! I have to be on guard now, one of my boys is a little snoop and will be looking around the house. I can leave gifts near Brandon, but I can't say the same for Cory, who absolutely can't help himself. Ha Ha. I can't win really because their father also happens to stumble across hidden things, it's an uphill battle. I thought I'd wiped out all my photo's from the camera the other day, but I managed to have somehow saved a few of them. So Cath you will be happy to know that I have a photo of the lovely pieces you sent me.

Aren't they lovely? While I'm all happy about these photo's being saved, I also have a shot of the gifts I had made for my great work mates. I gave Lyn her Cup Stack wall hanging and she loved it and giggled. Lovely chocolates were grouped into celo and a pretty heart decoration went with it. 

I'm really amazed that I didn't eat all the chocolates myself! The patterns to make the hearts were found at A spoonful of sugar and are very handy because they can be made in festive colours or your own favourite colour. I have made a pretty little doll brooch for a friend and I just think she's cute. The doll and the friend. I wore mine to work and my friend fell in love with my doll, so I've made her one too.

While being on holidays I've also gathered up my scraps of material and started to join them together. It is very interesting what you can make with scraps, the bits you can't possibly throw away. I will make some table runners for the coffee table. That is the plan or by the time I have completed all the joining, I may have another idea in the ready.

At night time I've been knitting away making some little jumpers for African babies. I have finished the bright yellow one, now I'm on to the pastel green jumper.

I also had to quickly collect some books I had ordered in from the local library and pleasantly surprised at the great patterns in the knitting book. they are patterns for expectant mothers, and boy the patterns are really gorgeous. I can see one or two of those cardigans being made for me, with slight adjustments to them.

Today is shopping day for food. Of course 'there's nothing to eat in the house" so sayeth two boys. Cory will come shopping with me to scam stuff for himself and Brandon. He's nice like that. Have to be back home in time for young Heather to drop by as well. Had a great visit yesterday with my niece Lisa and her sweet boys. Now Cory is itching to feed the chooks, so it's all action station and time to get going.

I hope you all have the best Christmas. I will be hanging around at home with my precious darlings, all three of them. Kind regards, Anita. 


Vickie said...

oh I remember having to hide things lol I always found thew cleaning closet was a fantastic hiding place..oh my i recognize Cath's work when I see it she does beautiful work doesn't she...oh I am sure your friends were delighte3d with their gifts hmm yummy I spy fererro thingys...oh yes scraps make great table runners...your knitting is awesome well done,cheers Vickie

Cath Ü said...

I am glad you liked the little things I sent to you...... The hearts turned out terrific... love them. Thanks Vickie for your lkovely comments too... LOL
Cath Ü

Cath Ü said...

Ok I can't spell... no not me it's my keyboard... LOL
Cath Ü

Micki said...

You do lovely work and I also knit. By the way, i love your bird! He is awesome! What kind of bird is that?
I am really enjoying reading your posts.


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