Friday, December 4, 2009

Meeting new friends

Offering hope to others through a loving word, a thoughful act,
or a simple smile is the surest way to lift your own spirit.
- Lain Chroust Ehmann

Last night was the first of many wind ups for the year and it was for my husband's workplace. I met some lovely new friends and learned lots of new things. There are many South African people who have joined my husband's work place and I loved listening to their accent. There were a few people from the UK as well, and it is really interesting to hear how they speak. I just love it. I met a lovely lady named Janet who is a very keen patchworker, so we had ourselves a great chat about patchworking. In fact I met so many wonderful people last night. I could see my husband having a great time too, he had smoke coming off his tongue talking so fast. Ha Ha.

I have been busy making christmas things and below is the end result from what I displayed in my last blog. I got this pattern from Among the gum trees and is so simple to  make. This one will be given as a gift filled with other lovely homemade items.

Of course well and truly in the christmas mode, I have also made these lovely material and felt hearts. I found the pattern for these cuties at A Spoonful of Sugar, go there and see for yourself. There are other wonderful freebies to check out as well.

I'm in love with these beautiful hearts. Some will go as part of gifts and some will stay on our tree. I have rounded up some scrap bits of calico, sprayed them with parisian essence and embroidered christmas symbols on it. I will be making christmas bags with them, so I will be cranking up the old sewing machine big time.

I did promise a picture of Mrs. Perkins and here she is below. Hey Vickie, had no trouble with the legs, but those horns really had me going. She was fun to make. Mrs. Perkins lives in my library now and the children love her.

Went to visit the local library and picked out some great books. I lovely patchwork and applique book that I'm going to have fun getting ideas from, and also a book about vinegar. It is amazing how many uses there are using vinegar.

Oh I have just spotted the time. Have to collect two petals from school and soon my honey bunny will be home from work. That means a nice afternoon tea and catching up on the days news. Have yourselves a lovely day and catch you soon.  Kind regards, Anita.


Jenny of Elefantz said...

You've been so busy!! Love the sewing!!

Vickie said...

woo hoo you rock have been soo busy crafting - and meeting new friends too boot - and your Mrs Perkins look awesome well done,cheers Vickie


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