Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All things Christmas

Small cheer and great welcome
makes a merry feast.
- William Shakespeare

Is this not a great day? I've had the best day. I was so excited about getting some new chooks, I know, I'm a bit funny. This morning I woke up at 5.30 am to go and visit my new girls. I haven't taken photo's yet but I will. There they were not really knowing what to do, as they are ex-battery hens. I hope they give that battery hen idea a miss soon, I wouldn't like to be stuck in a cage all day. Their little necks are featherless but like the first three chooks, it won't take long and they will be all good. I've caught my darling hubby spending time at the chook house admiring them. Ha Ha.

I've still got that Christmas bug you know, and I've just gone mad making different christmassy stuff.

The embroidery above has turned into a bag to pop a present into. There were some lovely little embroidery designs in one of Heather's magazines, Handmade, I think, so I did a few embroidery designs and will attach them to something - bags, wall hangings, whatever crosses my mind at the time. I also have made other decorations from scraps and simply looking in magazines and drawing patterns onto paper and making them up as I go. I love this little reindeer that is hanging on our tree. I also saw a tiny picture somewhere that used buttons to make a christmas tree decoration, so that is on our tree as well. Oh look there are those hearts!

Just between the two top hearts is a christmas decoration that has strips of red, yellow, blue and pink, that was my Mum's.  Mum has been gone for 20 years now, but just because our loved ones have to leave us, they can still be with us. How big and red is that nose on the reindeer hey.

I have made this lovely little mini wall hanging of Santa, and I found the pattern in one of my favourite books. There are lots of simple and quick patterns, and the book has been around for a while.

One of my treasures around the house is this lovely old iron. I can't believe my Mum used to have to iron with this old ancient artifact the poor love, oh and look after a heap of kids! I'm fascinated with the old  household equipment women used to use, it kind of makes you stop complaining about all your ironing and housework. Actually I've just had a thought, My husband is probably about as old as this iron. Ohhhhh!

I've made this great little cup carrier for one of Cory's school teacher's who is very nice, and I have put a nice cup and chocolates in it for her. I got the design for the cup carrier from Bev's blog. You can make the design by just following the simple instructions, I enjoyed making it. It is an older posting though, so you might have to dig a bit. With Brandon being at high school, you don't get to really go all out with the present giving.

As promised, I have some more toys to show you. The children love coming into the library and touching them. I enjoyed making this family of cats. I love their eyes. It is funny to see how the children arrange them around the library, that is a big laugh and joy to watch.
I should try and remember where I get the patterns from when I make these things so I can share with you. The funny little doll is always dragged around the library and the girls love the colour of her skirt. I love her hair too. Now I do know that I got the pattern from a Handmade magazine, which one I don't know but the animal shape could be made into a cow, sheep, or a reindeer. I made two of these Sheep and they sit above the book shelves. I have such a great job!

Drats, talking about jobs, it is getting on to tea time and my three treasures no doubt will be hungry. I know I will have to get cracking shortly and get on with it. Oh better just check my chooks first, I get so egg-cited about them. Have a terrific night and catch up soon. Kind regards, Anita.

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retdairyqueen said...

I have some battery hens too
They are the best layers and it always feels good to let them run around
Nice things you have been making


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