Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy little bee

It is not what we take up, but what
we give up that makes us rich.
- Henry Ward Beecher.

I had made a start on my next project, but I haven't been able to get on with it, why? Because I keep making everything else instead. Christmas is always a fun time for me and I seem to want to make everything christmas. So my little embroidery that is not christmas, is just sitting there patiently waiting for me.

Sorry! the photo hasn't turned out too well, but, at least my fingers aren't in the way!! I have made more of the little christmas hearts that I found at A Spoonful of Sugar and oh no! I have just noticed they have done a new posting. Have to check that out! These new hearts will go on our christmas tree, maybe I'll have to make some more.

I decided I would love to show you the toys I had made for my library. when I found out I had the job in November last year, I was stoked! I new that I had to make a start on the toys, because there weren't any in the library. So what fun I had. The first thing I had to do was knit some toys.

I found the teddy patterns in one of the Guardian Angel booklets that are given out at chemists every year. I used up lots of scraps of wool that I couldn't throw away and they came in handy. I made about six of the teddies. The big colourful guy in the back was fun to make and I found that pattern in a tiny Vogue knitting book that I ordered from the library. All that toy stuffing that was laying around the house sure got used. I made three matching mini wall quilts, that had lovely sayings on them. Some one had given me some buttons ages ago and I just didn't find the right piece of work to use them on, until now.

  The buttons are dragonflies and they have been used on these quilts. The material used for the edging of the work is ladybirds and the children always have to touch them. It's funny to watch. The children always ask if they can touch the toys and I tell them this is their library and the toys are for them to hold.

And here is Mr Octopus. He lives near my desk or where ever he gets carted to. He is the grand Poobah of them all. This is Mr Popular. How many little faces have been snuggled into him, I have lost count. There is no pattern to Mr Octopus. I thought him up out of my head, which is frightening. The underneath of his legs has been made out of calico and a long row of different buttons were used to give the tentacle effect.

I better flap off now, because the housework beckons me. I'm happy to ignore but you know how it is, the housework is loyal it waits for you. Hoping today is not as hot as yesterday 43 C under the shade, and it was already well hot mid morning. Enjoy what is left of the weekend and catch you next time round. Kind regards, Anita. 


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