Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas roundup

There is no treasure
in this world,
As precious as
your love.

We had a lovely Christmas and I hope you did too. The most precious gifts I have are the three scallywags in the picture. The four of us had a great time opening gifts with each other and it's always a pleasure seeing all the paper scatter everywhere, all the gifts piled up and just the general happiness of it all.

Stuff everywhere! Pixie watching his little darling Cory.


Another great thing about Christmas, your teenage son comes out of his room.

The lovely thing about Brandon is, when alot of teenagers don't smile, he stills beams that gorgeous smile of his. Talking of precious things, my friend Heather made me a beautiful gift. Take a look. Such lovely stitching.

Even with Christmas keeping me very busy, I still have been thinking about that pretty material I won on Clare's blog, and saw a chook cushion in a magazine. So I shuffled some material together.....

 Started joining more bits...

Having the best time, I just kept adding as I went, no pattern.....ho-hum..then did a bit of stitching and the end result...
I was really pleased with the outcome and enjoyed making it. I had some left over wire material that I knew would come in handy at some stage.

The brown material I used on the chook and the outer of the cushion was given to me from my scrumptious sister-in-law Lee. My little petal she is. You know just having a go at designing your own stuff is fun. 

With the summer coming in hard and fast, I am glad that the little cutting of Aloe Vera, a friend gave me, has gone berserk and I can use that in case anyone gets a bit of sunburn. 

Yesterday we had a scorcher of a day reaching 48 C and with a raging bushfire in the neighbouring town of Toodyay, things were a bit rough. To top things off, we also had terrible winds that didn't help any, especially not a bushfire. Toodyay is only about a 25 minute drive away and towards the end of the day, we found black ash in our swimming pool. Sending prayers to the people in and around Toodyay.

I spent the day hosing down the chooks, birds, and Max, our dog. Max has his own little swimming pool but looked to hot to even walk over to it.  Our bird Fred loves getting squirted down.

We are the third owners of Fred and have had him for over 20 years ourselves. Apparently these birds live for years and years. He will probably end up with Cory or Brandon's grandchildren. Ha ha. He is a wonderful pet.

I'm off to the shops now to buy some brown felt, thanks Cath. Will maybe have a relaxing day today, as my last load of washing has just finished. I hope everyone has a great New Year. I will probably be checking out the back of my eye lids, asleep. zzzzzzz. Kind regards, Anita. 


Bev C said...

Lovely cushion Anita,where is the egg??? Love Heather's present. Those birds live until they are about 100!!!! Glad today is way cooler,prayers to our neighbours in Toodyay who lost homes,business etc in the bushfire.

Vickie said...

oh Anita you shouldn't of made me that cushion-what a pal you are ..hehehe..lovely chrissy giftie looks fab...hope them bush fires have subsided in your state -tragic loos to several families,cheers vickie


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