Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy girl

Happiness...consists in giving,
and in serving others.
- Henry Drummond.

Things are getting rather busy around here right now. Final touches to christmas gifts, rounding up at work, the last few windups to attend and then comes the special day. Talking about special, as we were putting up the christmas decorations, I came across a lovely decoration Cory had made at school. Every year i bring out the decorations that Brandon and Cory have both made over the years.

Isn't my boy clever. I love the colours. And below is what I have made. I was flicking through some old magazines one day and liked a picture in this magazine and a picture in the next magazine. So I drew the patterns I liked and joined them together. This is the end product and comes out every christmas time.


I do like the whimsy look, it's very laid back. While I'm talking about making things, my darling husband Pixie had some left over wood and knocked up a couple of bird houses for the lounge room. He is really clever.

I have taken photos of a doll I made for a special girl. At a concert night this special girl came and talked to me and I noticed her costume. She designed it herself and a flash came to me. I will make a doll that looks just like her. This girl is such a fun, pleasant and easy to get along with type of person. I really enjoy her company and it is never too much trouble for her to come and say hello. 

 The clothing is truly what this clever girl arranged and it looked great. The tie she was wearing had a piano keyboard on it. So I had some music style material for her tie.

On this happy and pleasant note, I have to fly and do some work. I'll catch up soon. Kind regards, Anita.

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Bev C said...

Hello Anita, No smoke around today Yay!!! Love that doll you made. A real fashion statement. Have a good day.


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