Sunday, December 20, 2009

A few more sleeps to go

 They who forgive most
shall be most forgiven.
- William Blake

OK. Not long to go now. I'm really excited about the coming festivities and very tired from all the end of year parties we have attended. On Friday night Pixie and I went to my work place wind up, our very first one. We had the best time. All the people I work with are usually in classrooms teaching, in administration or generally running like mad, so it was really nice to sit down for a while and talk with this lovely group of people. It was great to see everyone relaxing and having fun. We had to leave early that night as my husband had to be up at 5 am for work. 

I am very annoyed at myself as I had all these lovely photos stored on my camera and I have wiped everything accidentally. I'm a dill. Have to get cracking with the camera and collect more photos. I'm so glad that I managed to download Cory's Graduation photo's before I did something silly and wipe those ones off. My little petal Cory has the black shirt on and is with his crew of friends. The gorgeous guy next to him with the cap on is also a Corey and these two boys have been best buddies since about grade 2. This little bloke is, as far as my husband and I are concerned, one of our sons also. I consider myself to have three sons and they are all much loved.

Oh and I have pressed their noses endlessly. 
The tables were all set up so nicely and the food served was a big roast dinner, potatoes, veges, gravy and salad. Yummy dessert followed in the form of pavlova, fruit and/or ice cream. Dancing followed soon after, and lots of fun there. To top things off, at the end as the students were leaving, they were presented with a lovely decorated cup cake.


I have managed to find a few pics of the toys I made for the library and my scariest one is the space monster. The boys particularly love this one.

Mr Space monster is made out of bits of felt and the pattern was in a book I had out from the local library. The pattern is actually a hand puppet, but I made a base for him instead.

Another favourite are the dice. These get played with endlessly and carted around the library too. If I were to make these again, I would put a soft plastic or card to make the sides stay straight. When I filled the squares too much they turned into a ball shape, but I managed to get them filled enough to get them into this shape.

I adore having quilts or cushions around the place with sweet sayings on them. It is a great way to convey the feeling of love and happiness. So I made this simple heart out of calico and stitched a nice saying on it.

Now with my holidays in full swing, I will be at the sewing machine once again, hacking away merrily making lots of things. I now had better get back to all that housework that never goes away. Brandon had a friend over for a sleepover on Friday night, and today Cory is having a couple of friends over to swim, eat and do boy stuff with. Have the best day. Kind regards, Anita.


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Vickie said...

aww lovely of you to share Cory's grad pics what a handsome young lad actually they are all handsome young lads....aww your toys are sweet and I bet they delight many young folkk...Oh how I envy you all that sewing time..enjoy..hope you and your family have an excellent happy christmas,cheers Vickie
Who can hear thunder rolling in arghhh


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