Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can't wait

He is happiest, be he king or peasant,
who finds peace in his home.
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I bet everyone is getting excited, Christmas is almost upon us. I am, the greatest pleasure is watching Brandon and Cory open their gifts, seeing Pixie (my husband) just as excited about gifts, and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas itself. I have been very organized this year in the way of making gifts, sometimes I don't pull it off, but success at last. I have a yummy Christmas bag waiting for my niece Lisa and her family.

One of Lisa's boys is crazy over plastic animals. Jarrod is 2 & a half. One day I noticed all these animals lined up near the TV. Only 2 were standing upstraight, and the rest all laying down. Curiously I watched this little guy with his animals and then it struck me, the 2 animals standing upstraight were a lion and lioness, and all the other animals laying down had been eaten by the lions. it was so funny. And he talks to them too.

Years ago Brandon made a Christmas box at school. Just an old box decorated with magazine clippings and some bits collected from the school yard, sprayed in silver paint. I still have this box.

It has come in very handy for my Christmas tags, ribbon and bits. I'm sure Brandon was only in Year 1 when he made this, he is now going into Year 11.
Look what Cath has sent me. I also recieved another little gift as well, but Cath one of my friends had to have it. I didn't even get time for a photo.

You just have to love that red nose. Thank you Cath, I love her. I love the beads running down the front of her. Just beautiful. Talking about just beautiful, some time ago I made a mini quilt to symbolize my Mum and her favourite things. The lady is dressed similar to how my Mum dressed, always an apron on and when outside always a hat. And she is surrounded by her flowers, veges, buttons and rabbit.

I know where I got my button fetish from, thank you Mum. I remember my Mum having this pet rabbit, that would only come to her. Only Mum could feed it. If you came home from school or work and Mum wasn't inside, you would just have to look out the kitchen window and you would spot her in the garden. This little quilt is a reminder of Mum and her favourite things. 

Now for a look at my lovely new girls, who have settled in very well. While I was taking a photo, some of the chooks were pecking my ankle bracelet. They are a bunch of curious girls, and very friendly. When I carry in a bucket of water, some of them fly up and land on the bucket and start drinking. Don't worry there is lots of water in their bowl but they just can't wait to drink out of the green bucket.

The breed is Isa Brown. As you can see their necks are 'ring barked' as I call it, due to being in cages (ex-battery hens). Slowly they are getting feathers growing back the poor things. The first time I gave them grubs, they all looked at the grubs and then looked at each other. They all had question marks on top of their heads. They didn't know what to do with them. Things change, I don't stand near them when they get given grubs now. I also have bantams and don't you just love the size difference in eggs!

They are laying at a rate of knots now, and some of our friends are happy to see eggs. I have been able to bake as much as I like as well. The eggs are much nicer from your own yard.

I charging off now to attack some housework, do some chores and then leave the afternoon free to just hang around with Cory, oh and if Brandon comes out of the bedroom, might be able to talk with him. Brandon will be out of there oh around lunch time. Sometimes I storm troop his room anyway to see how he is. Be catching you soon. Kind regards, Anita.

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Micki said...

The quilt is cute, and it is a very unique one. I enjoyed seeing your blog and thanks for stopping by mine.


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