Monday, November 9, 2009

Wonderful weekend

Of all life's lessons I have learned
on this you can be sure:
If home is where the heart is,
then love is the front door.

And a big hello to you all! I had the best weekend, with all sorts of things going on. Two of my darlings went to Kalgoorlie, which is a five hour drive into desert land. Of course I did all the worrying that you could think of and relaxed with that long awaited phone call "We've arrived in Kalgoorlie". Then I missed them both, and then worried when they drove back towards home.


In the meantime, I had a sewing, knitting and catch up weekend. First I decided to sew myself a lovely summer dress with the material I had bought from Spotlight and just needed a bit of quiet time to make it. I fell in love with the material on sight.

So away I went sewing like mad and down  below is the end result. Someone had given me this dress pattern that's years old, but the pattern is pretty and is a simple cut design.

I also made a couple of Hanky holders, christmas decorations to go on our christmas tree and made a heap of knitted baby beanies.  The beanies will be donated to the local hospital for the new borns but I will make a few more before they are delivered. There are so many places needing donations, hospitals, charities, churches, it doesn't stop. So I don't believe there is such a thing as being bored.

I love the face on the reindeer, it's so cheeky and I have just used scraps of material that I just couldn't throw away. They do come in handy those little bits.

On Saturday night after a much loved phone call with my boys, I phoned up my girlfriend in Geraldton, that's about a four and a half hour trip upwards from where I live. It is great to keep in contact with friends. Dianne & I have been friends since my late teens early twenties, and even thought she has shifted away over twenty years ago, we still can pick up the phone and talk like we saw each other yesterday. So our phone call lasted about 4 hours. My son Brandon, who was quietly watching TV just rolls his eyes when I say 'I'm just going to phone Dianne up". Brandon knows it will be ages until I'm off that phone. Then on Sunday I had a lovely visitor over and didn't realize how much time had gone by. Ooops.

Even though there was a bit of visiting and talking, I still managed to knit like a wild girl at night time on Friday and during Sunday. I need to get cracking now as it won't be long and my three darlings will be hungry and so will I. Kind regards, Anita


clare's craftroom said...

Anita those bonnets are gorgeous such pretty colours . I posted a little parcel to you yesterday , look out for the postie !

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Great job with the dress. Happy days.


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