Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Real joys

Give a little love to a child
and you get a great deal back.

- John Rushkin, The Crown of Wild Olive

A very happy hello to you out there. See the cushion below? It has been the centre of many pranks and tricks, mainly by me. This cushion belonged to a lovely friend of mine. When Ruth invited me over for afternoon tea, I would eye this cushion off. When it came time to leave, we would walk passed the chair it was decorating, and I'd grab it and stuff it up my top and then pretend it wasn't there. Ruth would grin and then I would give my precious cushion back. This went on for ages.

Eventually Ruth moved away but we would catch up. One day I had a visit from Ruth and guess what she gave me? My beloved cushion. I was stoked. It has had yoyo's falling off over the years, buttons that have needed replacing and a few stitches here and there.

You might be able to see a few of the yoyo's are missing once again and she is going to have them sewn on in a minute. Oh and some of the buttons will need to be secured as well. I think of Ruth when I'm laying on my cushion.

I had to make some chocolate cake this weekend, and in our happy home there is a bit of a joke about any cakes made. The centre of any cake always gets cut out and eaten, the outside stays. Our oldest son Brandon is a little demon for doing that, and it seems to be his own tradition. I hope he has ten kids and they're all like him. He's cute really.

My darling husband (Pixie) is a bit of a vege gardener. He has planted an assortment this year and it is growing really well. We've had to keep an eye on the old snails though, they are a pain in the neck, but otherwise the garden looks healthy. In amongst the veg bed is 'Tickles' a guinea pig that belonged to Cory. Tickles went to guinea pig heaven during the year, so as with all our animals a cross and burial was needed.
I'm off to add the veges to our roast for tonight, even though it was a stinker of a day weather wise (approx 39 celcuis) I still want my roast tea. Hope live is treating you all well and I'll see you soon. Kind regards, Anita


Vickie said...

oh my way funny about the cushion -I used to do the same thing with one of my dearly now departed nannas cushions...sadly I don't know what became of any of them but she had about eight that were treasures..what awonderful gesture of your friend to hand it over to you for keeps.hahaha the middle of the cake only eaten hmmm me thinks you need to invest in a ring cake pan-oh look at that silverbeet yummo, home grown vegies are the bestest,cheers Vickie

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

The cushion looks to be great comfort!! You will enjoy it, missing yoyo's and all! Your family sounds like fun! C

Cath Ü said...

Just found your blog... we are also into home grown veggies... well I can't really claim to be doing much of the hard work in growing them.. But I do a lot of the eating......LOL
Cath Ü


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