Saturday, November 28, 2009

Busy hands

 There is nothing on this earth more
to be prized than true friendship

 -Saint Thomas Aquinas

I've made an early start today with my blog. 6.22 am and I'm at it. Infact, since I've started blogging, I've sprouted hairs and warts on my nose, my finger nails really have turned into claws and you have to peel my fingers off the keyboard to get me off the computer. We all have to take turns at the computer, but I don't want to now. I have been very busy this week in all aspects, work, housework, crafting, gardening and it goes on.

I have finished this great cushion cover, that I had a stack of fun making. It will go to a friend of mine who is a sweetie. Oh drats, I've just spotted my fingers again. I will have to stop doing that. 

Yesterday I went to the shops and purchased some bits and pieces to make Heather a little Christmas gift. I also went op shopping and found some great treasures.

I couldn't go passed this lovely pink felt and the beautiful ribbon. Oh and below are my finds from the op shop. Can you believe it! Look at those buttons, I could go into a frenzy.

The white bag with the blue embroidery was also found. I mean, I just love it when someone goes to all the trouble of sewing things that are beautiful, giving them away to the op shops and then I find them. Can't get any better really. I look at all the work that goes into some things, and then they are given away. It's blissful....for me.

In a few more weeks it will be school holidays and boy am I looking forward to spending the holidays swimming, crafting and relaxing with the boys. Cory loves coming with me in the mornings to check on the chooks, and saying hello to Max our dog. My hubby won't get holidays over the summer, but he only works 15 days a month anyway, so he'll be buzzing around home mostly.

Pixie and Cory have already left at 5.30 this morning to do the last round of gokarting for this year. Yes, I've already started my worrying, travel, are they alright...etc. Can't help doing that, it's a mother's instinct. Did my washing, folding and a bit of ironing yesterday, so today is ahead of me to sew. Will catch you guys all up soon and hopefully we will all have a lovely weekend.
Kind regards, Anita.


Vickie said...

golly gosh you have been busy indeed.lovely cushion there...great oppy shoppe finds there well done..cheers Vickie

Cath Ü said...

ohhh another opp shop queen... hubby and I love going and searching for things too...... I see you have famous fingers.. I usually get my toes in a lot of my pics... thank goodness I can just crop them out of the pic though... LOL

Another item finished..... you are good my girl real good... LOL
Cath Ü


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