Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Christmas bug

                Just as water reflects the face,
                 so one human heart reflects another
                                                                                               -Proverbs 27:19

As soon as I start churning out the yoyo's, even I know that the christmas bug has bitten me. It happens every year. I come across bits of christmas fabric while looking for other things and it starts. I have also found some lovely stars and gold beads to put with them. I'm not too sure what will become of the yoyo's, but it's just a matter of time.

I have received an interesting email this week regarding my Mum's photo and the fact she was an immigrant to Australia. For an interesting read you should pop over to immigrant daughter and be blown away. The lives some people live and become strong because of how they worked hard and struggled gives inspiration to everyone, especially those who think they can't do it.

I have been busy on several things including the last of the beanies to donate to the hospital. I hope to drop them off tomorrow during the day and then really concentrate on other gifts. I want to make an early start for Easter next year  and other events that happen.

See the pretty material, I'm not telling you what this is going to be. You will have to wait and see. Not very nice am I. I'm having fun with this project (pity you can't see the picture) but it's one of those enjoyable pieces of work. Much better than housework I can tell you. I've also been hacking around the yard in the last few days, just checking out all the garden after the down pour of rain we've had. My garden is full of mini sunflowers. See how dainty  the flower is! They are so pretty but you have to be careful to cull because they grow like crazy everywhere. But I love them.

When I was a young child I remember the lady far across the road had her front yard full of sunflowers. It kind of takes me back there to old Mrs Lawler. Her husband died very young and left her with at least 6 children and she raised them on her own. She was such a strong woman.

I found another cute treasure from a garage sale. It is an unusual multi-coloured ball hanging from string. It really caught my eye. It's interesting the things you find at garage sales.

I've got this hanging just outside the bathroom window. I love the strong colours. Well it looks like everyone is starting to retire to bed and that means I have the remote control for Foxtel. I feel like the Queen wielding some sort of power when I have the control, I mean when i can peel it out of my husbands hands that is. I might watch some Crime investigation. Or I might just knit. Catch you little petals in a few days time. Kind regards, Anita

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