Sunday, November 15, 2009

And a fine Good Mornin to ye!

 Counting time is not
so important as
making time count.

I was up with the sparrows this morning..but not early enough to see my honey bunny off to work. Pixie was up at 5am and off! But I wasn't too far behind in waking up. Because I had my lazy weekend last weekend, I really had to chug away at the ironing and now it's done, so I'm laughing. Scratching around my photo collection this morning and found a picture of my Mum. She was such a cheeky minx, always into playful mischief.                                        

Mirror mirror on the wall, I've turned into my Mother after all. A lot of the migrant people that came to Australia with my parents tell me that. I have many of my Mum's traits one of them being I'm a nose presser. when I see one of those button noses, I just have to press it. My husband and two boys are so used to me pressing their noses at any given time, that when I press their nose while they're talking, they just keep right on talking. If they're not home and the urge takes me, I just press my own nose. No just joking.

I have been gathering scraps of material and over the years slowly been making blocks to make this log cabin quilt. Some of the material has been given to me by friends, other bits from my own stash. At one stage of the game my sewing machine broke down and I couldn't cope. I kept looking at an antique sewing machine I have and thought 'does this machine actually work?'. Out of the wooden box it came and what do you know she works. So off I went. I will show you the machine in the next week, it is beautiful, but I can't get a pic right now, it's in Brandon's room (teenager...say no more).

I'm saving some special scraps to make more of my little dolls. this one was made by a friend, who started this habit of mine off. But what a lovely habit it is.

I'm trying to think where I got these lovely pair of shoes from, or who gave them to me. They are so cute. I'm just finishing off a present for Cory's teacher and I'm so happy with the outcome. You will have to wait to see it. I have also stumbled across some material Heather gave me for my birthday at the beginning of the year. It will be nice for christmas.

I'm charging off now to stir up Cory in any way possible. He is such fun and is very quick witted. I love his company - oh all my three darlings are great company. Keep enjoying life you guys and see you in a couple of days. Kind regards, Anita.


Cath Ü said...

I am up with or should I say before the sparrows every morning.... usually up around 4.30 am... love this quiet alone time.... Know what you mean about teenagers... we have two of our daughters visiting for the week... #4 #5..... the youngest is only 18...... so not much crafting will get done this week... but a good time will be had by all.....
Cath Ü

Cynthia said...

I have to know..your parents were immigrants? Where from? My mother-in-law just began her own blog (at 79!) specifically to share about her parents' immigration to the US. Give her a visit at

Love looking at your things, and your mother's picture, well you must treasure it. The kitty on her lap is just so endearing! C


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