Monday, November 30, 2009

Easy weekend

Love is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and
to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.
- Sydney Smith

I was the best little house wife anyone could ask for over the weekend. Cleaned, washed, ironed, dusted etc. And the best bit about that was that it stayed that way all weekend, you know, no one there to mess it up (Cory). Two of my darlings had the last round of go karting for the year. After all  my chores I did all the things I wanted to do.

Isn't Heather a clever lady. I was given this as a gift last year and I just love it. Heather comes up with some great ideas and this lovely piece hangs in my lounge room.

Late Saturday morning I just had to go back to the Op shop and cross my fingers that the bag of toy stuffing I didn't grab the day before was still there. Yay, joy it was still there, so I quickly grabbed it. While I was at it I spotted a cushion that would look nice in the library, so that came with me. The total cost of all that was $4. Bargain! When I got home I found there was 2 bags of toy stuffing in one bag and the plastic bag has a pattern of Humpty Dumpty on it.


Look! one of the new girls laid a lovely egg.

For the first time ever, my fingers are actually supposed to be in the photo! Talking about fingers, I can't even show you my finished Mrs Perkins because my fingers took her head off in the photo. Will show and tell another time soon. I have been busy again sewing, another little creation is this small bag I made. This is Natalie's creation and it is so pretty. The bag will be for me. I used pastel colours because of the material I was using.


This is Max our dog. He is such a sook sook.


I went to the local library on Saturday as well and had a scratch around and returned one of my books I finished reading. I have found another book called 'It helps to be stubborn', Australian history. Have to make a start on it.

I'll have to get a chug along as the sun is starting to set and all my darlings will be starving, and so am I. Up for another big day tomorrow at work. Getting things ready to do my first stock take, and what a task it is. I like being busy at work, the day just zooms, though it is such a nice work place that time could even go slow. I'm going to try and take some more photo's without my fingers in the way this time and I'll catch you all up in a couple of days. kind regards, Anita.

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Shiree said...

some really lovely stitching going over here at this blog, and that book looks like it could be a really great read too!


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