Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Challenge

I have been doing craft challenges with Bev from and last month's challenge was to make a cushion that had R, B & S on it. Go check out Bev's cushion on her blogsite, it is lovely. She did a great job.We are only allowed to use whatever we have in our craft room to make these challenges, which makes it all the more fun. With my cushion, I used Ric rac as a  border, beads to make the leaves on the tree, and an 'S' bead, on material I had stashed in my cupboard.

I love the striped material that I had kept for a special project. I had some matching cupcake material in the same colours, but I used most of that material to make a little girl a library bag.

Bev and I are both lovers of ric rac and I just can't get enough of it. I have seen lovely gifts made and the ric rac just tops it off.

Our next challenge has the theme of love. I started to madly sit near my bookcase and check through all my Australian Homespuns, Australian Country Crafts, Country threads, what ever magazine I had I looked through. I'm getting all excited over everything craft! There are so many great ideas these days. Oh and while I looked through those magazines, I found another book of mine, all about chicken scratch, also known as Poor Man's Lace. It is an old craft from days when money was scarce and women kept every tiny bit of thread she had. It was a way of adding a bit of style to a plain piece of material. The name chicken scratch apparently derived ages ago when a husband came in while his wife was busy stitching away and he commented that the stitches 'look like a whole lot of chicken scratches to me'. Isn't that funny.


On the weekend I needed some hay for my chooks, and asked my husband to take me to 'a special place' to collect hay off the ground. On the way out there we saw a snake that had been run over. I was quietly thinking to myself that it might be best to buy some hay instead of coming out the road to gather it, we might find snakes. Just as I finished that thought, my little petal said to me, maybe it would be better to not gather it ourselves, lets go buy some hay. I cracked up laughing. Isn't it funny how when you live with someone for so many years, you have the same thoughts at the same time.

We arrived at the turn off to where the hay was, did a u turn and went home. We laughed. That snake sure turned us off!!!

I'm out of here as it is almost time to get tea on the go. I hope you all have a lovely week. Kind regards, Anita.


Bev C said...

Great job Anita,Those snakes have certainly come out of hibernation. I hope you have some hay for your chookies now.

Cath Ü said...

I love this idea you two have of the challenges.
well done..
cath Ü


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