Friday, November 20, 2009

Meet the girls

 Faith is nurtured by love, as the flame
in a lamp is nurtured by the oil.
- Martin Luther, Discourse on Free Will.

Meet my lovely new girls. I picked them up on Wednesday morning and they're so cute.

Cory and I went for a drive at 6.30am to collect the paper and then my little sweet hearts. I had just finished saying to Cory that I don't think they will be the pretty coloured hens just the white ones and was delighted to see that they were indeed a lovely colour. Not that white isn't nice as well. These girls were ex-battery hens, so they have had to be shown the ground and what to do with grass. We waited until night before putting them in with our bantams and they could wake up together and be a bit nicer to each other. It has worked for us in the past.


Unfortunately, Benjamin and the girls have had bad manners and not been too nice, so the three new girls have been more than happy to stay in the chook house. I will leave it for a bit longer and may have to shift them, I don't really want to do that but we'll wait and see what happens.

This is a lovely antique sewing machine my husband spotted for me. He did well at having a man's look! We hitched the trailer one day and went for a drive to the city (Perth). One of the surburbs we stopped at was Guildford, very well known for its antique strip. We went from one shop to another looking for 'stuff' and tucked away in a corner was this box. We were curious to see what was inside the box and...................

When you open the box, look what's inside.

I had to have it. It still works and we don't have a bobbin we have a shuttle!! The date on the machine is 1883. And when I discovered that the black base lifts up and you can store things in the wooden part of the base, we found an invoice, needles and another piece.

What a great find. I was so proud of Pixie for spotting this treasure. I often look at the machine and wonder who owned this before and when did they first own it.

Today I didn't actually do much. At about 7am this morning I sneezed and pulled the muscles in my back. I have never ever done this before so of course I was dying. It wasn't until 10.45 that I got up to go and help at the school canteen. One of the ladies went home sick so just as well I went. When I came home Pixie rubbed some heat cream in my back and it helped alot.

Later in the day we went for a trip to the local library and collected some books that I'd ordered in and they look very interesting. I'm off now to check on my girls and stand guard with them. I hope everyone has a nice weekend, two of my darling are off to the V8 Supercars at Barbagello race way. So I will sadly have to sew again but this time do my washing!!!! and my ironing!!!. Beaming you all lots of love. Kind regards, Anita.


Jenny said...

Goodness,that's a really old machine. It's a beauty and the wooden cover is just lovely. Great find.

Vickie said...

oh wow what a gorgeous machine what a great find indeed...your girls are lovely-of course I prefer the non real ones as the real ones give me the willies..LOL..sook I am..ahh I shall be home washing and ironing and sewing too this weekend..cheers Vickie

Bev C said...

Hello Anita, I may have to get you to order that Thimblberries book for me!!!! Have a great weekend.

Cath Ü said...

Gotta love that old sewing machine..... I have a few here too... somewhere.. I know how could you loose something so big... well I can trust me I can.... LOL
Cath Ü

Rebecka said...

I love your sewing machine. I can't believe it still works you are so lucky. I like the cover for it also. It's a treasure!!


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