Saturday, January 28, 2012

Too hot around here!

Friends are kind to each other’s hopes,

They cherish each other’s dreams.

-      Henry David Thoreau

Today it’s just too hot to do anything. The temperature under our patio is 45 C. All I have done today is visit the library, do a quick bit of shopping with hubby, hose down the chooks and dog. We also have another cyclone brewing up the north of Western Australia. Fingers crossed it won’t do too much damage anywhere.

This week I found a tutorial to make a thread catcher, I found it over at Val’s blog.Just look on the right hand side of her blog and you will see the tutorial of it. Thanks Val. I thought it would be great for me to have one of these handy things because I have always got threads all over the floor. Easy to make and I’m already using mine!

This is will come in handy

Since the stork will be visiting around our way soon (friends not me!!), I have been making and tucking away little bits of clothing. I made the same bootee’s in the baby 8ply and had enough left over to make a beanie as well.

The stork will be coming soon

Out of one of my favourite knitting books I decided to make a baby vest. I am rather a traditional girl myself and would’ve made this in cream, but the young people love the bright colours these days, so I ran with that. I haven’t put the buttons on yet so the bottom doesn’t sit right just yet.
How sweet is this?

A favourite knitting book of mine
I’m going back to do some sewing now as it’s too hot to do anything else. How sad? Lol. If I don’t melt away I’ll return another day to show you what I have made this weekend.

Cheers, Anita.


Maria said...

I was looking at the Thread Catcher only today. Yours looks great.
Gorgeous bootie and beanie set but it makes me hotter just looking at them today.
We'er in the 40's here too.

retdairyqueen said...

I pray you will be safe from the cyclone I hate the heat!
Lovely thread catcher and the baby knitting is adorable
Take care

Karen said...

You don't seem to be getting a break from the heat at all, do you?
Love the goodies you are making. Good luck sewing, especially if the air con works well.

Country Whispers said...

Great idea for a thread catcher..I always have threads here and there.
Your baby clothes are darling.
Try to stay cool and what better excuse to just sit and sew!


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