Thursday, January 12, 2012

Meet B1 & B2

Good friends, good books, and
a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.
-Mark Twain.

I’d like you to meet B1 and B2, the Banana’s in Pyjamas. These two guys are going to a couple of cute little kiddies that I have recently met. I’m sure B1 & B2 will provide many hours of fun for both children. The pattern is from a favourite book of mine by Robyn Earl-Peacock called The book of knitted toys.
I have another project on the go, a big fat rooster. I spotted this pattern in a magazine of Heather’s and he is a stunning boy. He is going to be quite big when he is finished and I will show him off to you.
While I have been on holidays I have come across a home design and decorating program called Sarah’s summer house. Sarah does some fantastic things in the way of redesigning a home and also fresh tips in using colours. I love the way some people put colours together, that I wouldn’t have the courage to, and the outcome looks a million bucks. I will keep watching the program to give myself some tips and ideas for my house. I have gone to the local library already and come across these interesting magazines.
Today I am going to visit my niece and her children for afternoon tea. I’m hoping our weather isn’t too hot as I don’t like driving in tricky conditions. At the top of Western Australia we have Cyclone Heidi buzzing around and making her presence felt. I’m hoping our friends living in that area stay safe and there’s not too much damage. Have a cheerful day.

Regards, Anita.


Karen said...

I have a real soft spot for B1 and B2. They are eternal favourites. Bet they bring a big smile to a couple of faces.
I remember that rooster pattern. it will look good.
Hope you had a lovely afternoon tea.

Val said...

They are so cute. I love their knitted pajamas. Hope you have a lovely tea.

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

B1 and B2 are eternal aren't they.
Happy days.


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