Friday, January 20, 2012

Miss Mousey

Hope gives wings to
the wishes of the soul.

This is the second time I have done this new posting. The first time round I managed to get rid of it! I will try again. I think I have come to the end of the toy making fetish and moved on to other things for the time being. Miss Mousey has been on my mind for a while now, so yesterday, I decided to do it.

How lovely you are Miss Mousey!

She will make a lovely addition to some library shelves and no doubt will be carted around the library too. I hope the kids have fun. I have now turned my attention to some cushion and cushion cover making, thanks to watching some decorating shows on Foxtel. The first two cushions have also been made for a library and the material was kindly given to me by a kindly friend. Being fair, I made a boy cushion and a girl cushion.

His and hers

I am a ‘red’ girl and had a few pieces of material hanging around, well they’ve turned into cushion covers. The left over bits of material that I had used to stuff Paul the scarecrow with, have gone into stuffing for the cushions. You need tough stuff when it comes to kids.
When will I ever get the hang of this photography bit?

This morning the weather was nasty looking so I took a couple of photo’s to show you. January is a hot month here in Australia, but it is also cyclone weather.

As some of you may remember last year Australia had some of its worst cyclone, floods and storms. Well it is only 1 week or so, this time last year when that all happened. Fingers crossed xxxx!!!

In my quest last night to find a nice newborn baby pattern for a jacket, I came across something very interesting. Years ago I used to wish that baby patterns were knitted in 8ply, instead of the traditional 3 & 4 ply. Well, almost every pattern I came across (the newest designs) were.....all in 8 ply! If you visit Ravelry you will find lots of terrific patterns, mostly free downloads. If you knit or crochet, it's worth joining up with them, it's free!

Had a fossick through my sewing shed today, I found a couple of bags of beads that I’d forgotten about. What can I make with them?
Seriously folks, it’s time I went and did something. Pixie will be home from work soon, and what have I done today? Not much! Ha Ha.

Regards, Anita.


Val said...

I love miss mousey. Your library must be a wondrous sight :)

Karen said...

The kids will love the cushions, And it is a great way to use up some fabric. They look great.
How did you go in the storm? We heard that some areas had quite a bit of rain.

Country Whispers said...

Miss Mousey is sew cute & I love the boy & girl pillows. I love Ravelry! There are so many great patterns on there. Hope that nasty weather blew right on by you.


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