Monday, January 9, 2012

What a hoot!

Fine weather and some glorious time allowed me to get lots of projects completed this weekend. Heather and I went out to a cafe to celebrate her birthday. We indulged in some yummy cheesecake and tea, and enjoyed teasing people (we knew) as they walked by. We had fun. Hope you had a lovely birthday Heather.
I managed to paint the front verandah, a project that was long overdue, some rearranging in the garden, trimming back of bushes and making these sweet little owls. I image googled 'handmade toy blogspots' and oodles of things were available. I came across this blog and was smittened by owls.

The body comes to about 4 inches and when you join the legs on, it is quite a good size. Incredibly easy to make and fun for kids. I wanted to show you the zebra I have been knitting as well.

What I liked the most about this pattern was the simple pieces. Toy patterns, both sewn and knitted, used to be very detailed ie darts, decreasing, increasing etc. But with patterns that are coming out in the magazines these days, more than not, the patterns are simple. I like that and it makes you want to give  new patterns a try. At this very moment I have Banana’s in Pyjamas on my knitting needles. I want to make two for two sweet little kiddies.

Today is washing day at my place, no doubt it will be ironing day as well. I suppose I can’t have it all my own way, I’ve had a good run on my holidays. Have to admit though, I am starting to miss work and all the madcap friends I have there. Not long to go, only 2 and a half weeks. Enjoy this lovely day we have been given and craft to your heart’s content.

Regards, Anita.


Karen said...

Love how cute all the owls look together. Great bunch.
But I am super impressed by the zebra. You never know if something is going to look as good as the picture in the book but this one is perfect. You have done a great job in making him. I love it. I may have to get the book just for that pattern alone!

aussiequilter said...

love the owls-just gorgeous ! My you have been busy! cheers Teri

Val said...

The owls and zebra are so cute! Funny how you are now counting the days til you go back to work :D

Maria said...

You have been keeping very busy in the holidays Anita.
Love the owls and zebra.

Vickie said...

ou went where and you ate what pfffffft..gotta be happy about getting some things done around the your zebra so cute..the owls are cute too I guess (for those that like owls) hehehe...ha yes you have to do washing & ironing ..2.5 weeks will fly by and you'll be back into it,cheers Vickie

Wendy said...

I'm loving that zebra! Bananas in pajamas!! I remember that from when I was a kid!


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