Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scarecrow Paul

Happiness seems made

To be shared.

-Jean Racine

I have good intentions to be productive today. I am happy to say Paul the Scarecrow is made and it wasn’t as easy to make a scarecrow as I had expected. I suppose because he will live in the library, I had to make sure everything was just right, safety wise.
Scarecrow Paul
As a guide, I checked the Internet for different scarecrow faces, because I was after a friendly faced scarecrow. While I was making ‘Paul’ I have to admit, every time I walked into the lounge room I kept thinking someone was there. The clothes are Pixie’s old clothes, so at first I thought it was him. I knew it wasn’t my hubby because there was no head on the body...yet!! Even Brandon and Cory kept getting a fright. My hubby kept getting a fright too, but I love it when he gets a fright, keeps him in his place around here. Lol.

This is some of the stuff that went into making Paul. Lots of cut up bits of nothings that weren’t really good for anything.

Have a look at this sweet little guy. Notice the banana’s sitting next to him? This cutie is a Banana’s in Pyjama’s fan so he wanted needed a banana toy. I’m sure he will get many hours of fun out of him. I really want to press his nose.


Isn’t he the sweetest little guy you ever did see!

Now that my big project has been completed, I have managed to knit a couple of sets of bootees. I purchased some 8 ply baby wool recently and set about finding the special pattern I had for knitting with 8 ply for babies. I have two friends who have babies coming in around May this year, so I’ll have to get cracking with the needles.

Baby bootees are so cute
While I have been on holidays I have watched a bit of home designs and decorating on Foxtel. Have seen some wonderful makeovers and some new ideas have crossed my thoughts. I haven’t told hubby yet, his teeth will start to chatter and his knees will knock, not out of excitement either. giggle giggle.

Well guys, time to start my productive day. Remember to enjoy each and everyday you have. If today doesn’t turn out too flash, then there’s always tomorrow.

Cheers, Anita.


webbsway said...

O MY STARS , Anita -
Paul Looks REAL! He is wonderfully awesome! Are you sure that he did not just step in from The Wizard of Oz????? The school is going to love him and after that surely he will come live on your porch??????? Has "Paul" seen "Paul" yet???????????

O how exciting to finally get to see Mr. Banana in PJ's ! That little tyke is a little sweetie pie. Another great job! Are you trying to "outdo - yourself?" LOL
You are a creative Guru , my dear and my hat is off to you (if I had a hat!) lol :-)

I could not help but notice that you & I must have a sixth sense because I found your post 3 minutes after you posted - talk about timing!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Val said...

What a fabulous scarecrow. It is a bit cheeky that you called him Paul or maybe it is an honour :) The banana fan is very cute indeed and the bootees are very sweet. Good luck with the decorating ideas. Maybe you could get that fella on the magazine to help.

Karen said...

It looks like Paul has settled in quite well. He may not want to leave to go to the library.
He looks great.
Love the smile that goes with the banana.

retdairyqueen said...

Fantatic scarecrow

Cath Ü said...

You have been very busy girl..... Keep up the good work... Love the scarecrow...
Cath Ü

Bev C said...

Great Scarecrow, it will be fun to put him in your car to take to work. Remember his seatbelt.
happy days.


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