Sunday, January 15, 2012

Raymond the rooster

Remember the day’s blessings,
Forget the day’s troubles.
-   Early American proverb

I’d like to introduce to you Raymond the Rooster. A sweet pattern I found whilst investigating my next possible project. Raymond is stunning with all his lovely colours and his height is about 38cm, so he is pretty tall. I was really surprised at how big he ended up being.
I went to my neighbours house with my pieces of wood, intending on asking him if he had any ideas to make the legs of the scarecrow. Next thing you know he was searching for different lengths of wood, nails, hammer, and in a few minutes he whipped up this frame for me. I was stunned!! It would’ve taken me ages to construct that, and he did it in minutes. I left my pieces of wood there for him and wondered off home with my ready-to-go scarecrow frame. I have decided to name the scarecrow after my kindly neighbour Paul. Many thanks for your help Paul. I thought a scarecrow would be fun to use in my book displays. So Raymond the rooster will be with  him.
Just on the subject of our neighbours, it is Magpie season over our way. This is the view we have of Paul’s house with the flock (not sure of the correct collective noun) of magpies waiting to be fed. Every year Paul and Lorraine feed these magpies...and kookaburra’s. They have made a feeding tray for the birds, but if they don’t get the food outside in time, the maggie’s peck on the kitchen window. ‘Where is our food!’ It is funny to see.

I’m getting very excited about my passion fruit that is starting to look very healthy.
 It is only a young plant and hopefully next year there may be some fruit. I have even seen one flower on it!!! I remember when I was young, we used to love picking the passion fruit flowers off a neighbour’s vine and sucking the honey from it. Yum, it was so sweet,  however the neighbour used to get very angry at us. I know why now!!!

I’m off now to get any last minute jobs done. I have listened to the radio and we’re going to have a scorcher today. The Internet says 36 C, the radio is saying 46 C, however at 10am it was already 38 C. Have to wait and see what happens. I’m searching for things to stuff the scarecrow with and I’ve just found a bag full of small bits of material. I’m in luck.

Find happiness and joy in what ever you are doing today.

Kind regards, Anita.



Karen said...

You are sure in for a hot one. Good luck!
Raymond is quite a handsome fellow. very stunning. And I love the scarecrow. What a wonderful neighbour!
I know how cheeky the maggies and Kookaburras can be. But it's worth it!

Val said...

Love the rooster and the scarecrow. What a clever neighbour. We have had the baby magpie running round after a parent here for the last few days. They are cute. The willy wagtails don't like them. Such a shame it is bird eat bird.

webbsway said...

O Anita ,
How truly awesome your rooster turned out to be! All of those pretty colors really set him apart. Some people seem not to notice how many colors a real rooster can have!

That is an awesome scarecrow also! Talk about a "smart neighbor"! Wow!

I LOVE the picture of the magpies!They say one picture is worth a thousand words & in this case it is true!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting it!!!

stacy said...

THanks for your comment, Anita. I am feeling better than I was. There are still some things I have to take care of medical wise so I will probably be having 1 more surgery in the future and I hope that will be it! I've waited so long to be able to get some help with this pain and I am very hopeful. THanks again.

Sibele Maria said...

Hello Anita!

I'm from Curitiba in Brazil I love your blog ....
Please can you send for me the molds of Raymond rooster? I love this rooster.
I want to make for put in my kitchen.
Thanks for your attention.
e-mail: or
Thank you flower!


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