Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In comes the New Year

As the New Year comes rolling in, I have made a start on one of my New Year’s resolutions.....to maintain my flow of craft Work. That resolution clearly works for me!! I have started off With this colourful dolphin, pattern found in Homespun No. 79 Vol 10.12). The finished size is 42cm, simple as to make and Whips up in no time.

I rather like the sweet face and the cute little head piece. The dolphin’s name is Dee Dee.

From the knitting book I received from Heather, titled Cute creatures to knit and crochet, I have knitted Antoinette the little hen. I have changed her slightly, only because I couldn’t cope with no wings on her. I cast on 8 stitches and knitted a few rows, now she has wings.

A while back, someone gave me an older pattern called Shelf sitting dolly. This pattern has been around for some time but I never got my hands on the pattern. I have now though, so here she is. It says to stuff her feet with soya beans and rice, but I went for good old toy stuffing and marbles. I wanted to be able to wash her, so that was what I could find at the time.

Some lovely handmade biscuits.....just wish I could honestly say they were homemade by me, but I can’t lie. They taste yummy.
The start to our New Year saw the weather go a bit sad and over the days we have had clouds, the threat of rain and storm, and wind, the horrid wind.

This year I also plan to get back to making ‘grown up’ stuff. I have wondered off the path a bit, getting totally wrapped up in toy making. See how my plan goes hey?

Regards, Anita.


webbsway said...

LOL - OK, here's the dolphin! LOL
She is cute, isn't she.

I loved the way you added the wings on the chick! You gave her the "finishing touch" that she deserved.

We're having Wind over here in the usa too- it almost blew me your way today. :)

webbsway said...

Sorry, I Forgot to post that I LOVED the gals in your teacup!

Country Whispers said...

Love the cute little dolphin in all it's color.

Karen said...

More great goodies. Love the colours in the dolphin. And the chicken is so adorable. I remember the shelf sitters, too.
What do you mean - grown up stuff? I thought that's what you have been doing!! :)

Stephanie said...

My little guy likes your dolphin, though he insists it's a fish. :) Thanks for stopping by blog a few weeks ago.


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