Monday, March 1, 2010

Two mice for words

A good laugh is
sunshine in a house.
- William Makepeace Thackeray.

Hello to one and all. I have made good use of our lovely long weekend. Washing hung, folded, ironed, floors washed, reading room books covered for work, cooking....and best of all stacks of knitting. I had to share my little sweeties with you. Do you like them?
I had some quiet time at night and decided to get the old knitting needles out and start clicking away at these little mice. After I finished the first one, I just had to make the second one in pink and orange. The patterns are in the book they're both sitting on. The mice are about 5 inches long and are easy to make. I stuffed them with toy filling and stitched the eyes and nose with wool.

Their little ears are just made from left over felt that I had laying around. But you know, I can't stop there....
Now I have to make this gorgeous sausage dog!! He looks like he will be a good size and I have lots of leftover wool. I think I might make the dots out of felt though, I will see what happens there. This book has some really lovely patterns in it and I got it from the local library.

Also finished is my short sleeved top, and though it looks a bit odd to me, when I put it on, it fits lovely and is nice and soft.
When I finished stitching the sleeves on, I thought..hmm. looks a little odd, but I followed the pattern correctly and when you put it on, it's fine, so can't argue with that.
The colouring of the wool has come out better in this photo than in the other postings showing the wool. The earlier photo's made the colours look like grey, black and white, but this is more the colouring with mushroom pinks, greens....

I really enjoyed making that little top and it has made me want to knit some more for myself this winter. Today being the first day of Autumn kinda puts you in the mood for knitting, even though it is still hot.

A couple of days ago, I heard a racket outside and went to investigate the noise. There sitting out the back was a Mud lark. I stood and watched it for a while, listening to all his squawking, he started to come closer to me.
These birds stand about 7 inches high and are often mistaken for Magpies. I was amazed at how confident he was to get closer to me as they are wild birds.
I thought I would be too late to get the camera and take some snaps of him, but when the back door closed and I opened it again, the Mud lark didn't even fly off. They are interesting to watch, I think this one was looking for water.

I'm off now to continue my knitting, oh better make lunch for the starving family members, they will fade away to nothing, poor creatures. Hope the coming week is a fine one for you and take care. Kind regards, Anita.


Bev C said...

Hello Anita, Not a big fan of mice of any sort. Love the dog though. You did a great job on your jumper. I bet you aren't wearing it today!!!! Your little bird was cute I hope he/she comes back. Have a great week.

Sue-Anne said...

Your little mice are cute and I can't wait to see the sausage dog finished!

Vickie said...

you go girl your knitting is awesome...jumper looks mighty damn smart too..that mudlark looks like a pesky peewee...cheers Vickie

Micki said...

Your knitting is so nice! I love your cute!

Cath Ü said...

You are on a knitting roll.. I agree with Vickie the mud lark looks like a pee wee.. Love the little mice...
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Cath Ü


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