Sunday, March 7, 2010

One more sleep!

May our house always be
too small to hold all our friends.
-Myrtle Reed.

Another lovely Sunday, all the chores are done, everyone is resting, and a soft cool breeze is blowing. We are excited because we have one more sleep......until we go to the AC/DC concert in Perth. We have had the tickets for about 8 months and finally the time has come. Cory and I are off to the concert together, while Pixie and Brandon are off to the movies. Cory and I are music lovers big time, so we can't wait. The other great thing is we are meeting Aunty Lee and Uncle Jack and travelling into the city all together. That will be great fun on its own. Aunty Lee and Uncle Jack are huge favourites of my boys.

I have been busily making heart blocks for the quilt Bev and I are working on.

We are making a row each of hearts this time, the first row was a row of chooks. Each month it will be something different. It's a great way of keeping busy and creative.
I have just noticed the hoop marks around the heart! Since taking this shot I have sewn the four blocks together. The other block is a stitched heart with running stitch in some of the sections.
It is a simple design and I'm very fond of the star material. I have had that material for ages and have only used small quantities of it at a time.
I'm a lover of primitive stitching and the simple little designs, there is something about them. I was hoping to show you a photo of my two little bears that I also knitted up, but when I tried to load the shots, the computer said no. I will take some more photo's of them and hopefully it will work next time.

We have just purchased a new laptop and I'm not getting along very well with it. Things are not in the same place as the other computer and as I have been very honest, I am not too good with computers. I will press on and keep trying to work them out.

Time to start thinking about getting some ideas for tea tonight, so I'd better put all sewing and knitting needles down and get on with it. Tuesday is a special day for me.......until next time take care. Kind regards, Anita.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope you had a brilliant time at the concert!!

The heart quilt is going to be effective!

Sue-Anne said...

Hi Anita. I know its a bit late but hope you enjoyed AC/DC. Looking forward to hearing all about it.


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