Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Dolly!

Unshared joy is
an unlighted candle.
-Spanish proverb

I have no idea where this week went to. I guess every now and then you get weeks like that, but the one good thing is that I am closer to our long weekend and that could spell sewing for me! I had a terrific week at work and with so many reading room books to be covered I decided to bring some home to cover - in my spare time! 

I found some lovely yellow material at an op shop and thought it could turn into the bottom part of a big doll pattern that I had. Do you like her?.....
I couldn't resist her. The mouth, hair and eyes are made from pieces of felt, the face from another off cut from the op shop. Dolly stands quite high and is the height of roughly a three year old. Along with my knitting this week, my time was also divided up into getting the clothes washed, going to a P & C meeting and a stack of other chores.

I did get to visit the library and pick up some more books that looked interesting, and have gone through each one with a fine tooth comb. 
My love of the colonial days and how women lived is once again evident in my selection. This book shows many aspects of women and their daily chores, so much so, that I have decided to like my life very much. It also tells of the lose of babies, clothes washing, daily life, making goes on. I also found two great knitting books...fancy that, and they have several patterns that I will have a go at over this winter.
I may need to still make one more trip to the library, as we have a long weekend coming up, and may need a bit more to keep me out of trouble.

I have been trying in vain to get a photo of a family of magpies that are nesting in our neighbour's tree. The tree is so big that I'm sure every bird in the countryside is nesting in there. Our neighbours are lovely folk that have even made a feed stand for any bird that swoops down in their yard. I will keep trying to get a snap for you all.

I said to my boys to look outside at the lovely sky, it looked amazing. Cory asked me if he should take a photo for you all to share with us, so I said that would be a great idea. 
 Now, it was Cory that took the photo, because I wasn't getting on the roof to take the shot. It was about 6pm, it had been a shockingly hot day, and at the end of the day we welcomed this lovely sky.
 Stunning colours....yes? We even wondered if there might be some rain, but no, still no rain.

Tomorrow I will be sharing part of my day with my niece Lisa and her two little darling boys, Mr. Thomas the tank engine man and Mr. Jungle boy and his bag of african animals. It will be a fun visit as always. Until next time, kind regards, Anita.


Sue-Anne said...

Boy you have had a busy week! Your Pioneer Women book looks interesting and compared with what they had to put up with, we have it pretty easy today. Tell your son he takes beautiful photos!

Cath Ü said...

I am with you give me these modern days... I like loos and running water inside the taps, oh and electricity... LOL

Tell Cory I said well done on the pics.. they are terrific... I would never climb on the roof so I am with you there.... LOL
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Cath Ü


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