Saturday, March 20, 2010

What am I making?

Let your speech
always be gracious.
- Colossians 4:6.

Yippee! It's the weekend. I'm very excited as I am making a start on some projects that need finishing. Pixie and Cory once again have taken off to go karts, and Brandon and I are kicking our heels up and taking it easy. I have been busily unusual of me.... and I am about to finish a project. Can you tell what it will be?
Yes! a teddy. I found this free pattern on the net, so I decided to have a go and see how she turns out. It is a very easy little pattern, not too fussy. All I have to do now is stitch a few pieces on, stuff her and take her to work with me on Monday.

The teddy has a little pair of pants and a pinafore to go with it. I am really trying hard to use my stash of wool and materials that have been cluttering my cupboards, so I am proud of myself that I am sticking to the plan. As you can see the last few projects have been made out of the same colour, so I am using it up. Now having said that, I must now confess that I visited the Op shop this morning and found some sock wool. But now listen!!! can never not buy the sock wool if you find it sitting there in an Op shop (Anita's law). The sock wool is expensive to buy and the 2 balls I found cost $1.50 for both!!!

Once again I have to confess, I know I said 2 balls and you can see another small one. I thought it would sound better if I said there will be 2 more balls of wool going back in my cupboard, than 3. HA HA. I do knit socks so I know they will be used up. I found a couple of Pokemon books there in the Op shop and a little boy at school is Pokemon mad so I will give those to him to keep. He will be over the moon.

I also made a trip to the library during the week and these two books are really great, lovely patterns in them. So after I do some sewing! I will make a couple of things out of both books. A little girl at school is very excited that Mum is having a baby, so I will knit something up for the girl to give to Mum as a gift.
Yesterday I visited my darling niece Lisa and her two gorgeous boys, Ryan and Jarrod. As always it was such a wonderful visit and made extra special by the fact it was Ryan's 4th birthday. Hope you had a terrific day yesterday Ryan. I gave Ryan his present but also gave Jarrod a special bag of goodies too. Jarrod just loves the safari animals and I did some culling from Cory's room. So Jarrod was pleased with his little stash of animals. Straight away the hippo ate all the other animals and they were all laying down on their sides. He's so funny.

Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves in what ever you do. It's out with the knitting needles and sewing machine for me. Kind regards, Anita.


retdairyqueen said...

Great find with the sock wool
My MIL used to knit us socks ans we loved them
Sadly we do not get them any more

Sue-Anne said...

I'm amazed at how much knitting you do! All for a good cause though. I bet the kids at school love it.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

No, you mustn't pass up a bargain like that! Beautiful knitting....can't wait to see teddy finished!

Bev C said...

Teddy is just going to be beautiful when she is finished. Happy days.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Creative weekends are the best!! Your teddy is going to be sweet with its knitted clothes. I will have to request those books now that I know they are in the library system.


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