Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My plans came unstuck

A mountain is nature's
everlasting castle.

All my well planned intentions came unstuck on the weekend. I was intending to sew and catch up with a few things, but instead I was in bed and out of it with sinus and a nasty stomach ache. So my sewing machine sat right on the table where I placed it nicely. Never mind, I am feeling alot better now and there is always another day to keep sewing.

I have finished my teddy bear and I'm stoked with her. I can't wait to take her to work and leave her in the library.

I had a great time knitting away making this girl. She is called Bitsy Bear, a free pattern you can download. Just click here and have fun. Still very pleased with myself at slowly depleating my wool stash. I'm probably more pleased that I'm sticking to my plan instead of buying a heap of wool all the time. Mind you the year isn't out yet.

On the knitting front, I have also made a start on some baby gear for a young girl at school whose Mum is expecting a baby soon. The girl is super nice and always friendly, so I have made a start on some mittens and bootees.....
As Anita is still not the best photographer in the world, the wool is actually called Big Baby by Patons. It is a 4 ply and absolutely marvellous to knit with, and very soft. I might just also say, in my defence, that it is left over wool from my cupboard. At the time of taking the photo's I had not stitched up the sides of the mittens and had the second bootee still on the needles. That is going to be tonight's project. I have made a white pair of bootees and tucked them aside.
I will still make some things and pack it all in a parcel so the girl can give it as a gift to her Mum. She is a giggle pot.

On the weekend Cory and Pixie went go karting and Cory came home wagging his tail and a trophy for coming 1st. He has chipped away and chipped away, and in come the rewards for being patient. We also had a good drop of rain and yesterday down it poured. Our capital city Perth had a colourful sky show. Lightning, hail, rain and thunder.

It is time to start the tea and see how Brandon went with his work experience today. It is all a bit exciting and scarey as my oldest is growing into a man so fast. Until next time....kind regards, Anita.


em's scrapbag said...

Very cute bear and the booties and mitten to die for. How sweet.

Sue-Anne said...

Your teddy looks great and I am glad to hear you are feeling better.

Bev C said...

Lovely to see Teddy dressed and ready to be played with. Happy days.

Shiree said...

oh my you have got stuck into the knitting huh, well done you! Teddy looks lovely

Micki said...

Your bear is so cute! I love all the work that you do!

Cath Ü said...

Love what you have knitted......

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Cath Ü


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