Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flying Fifties

There is nothing on this earth more
to be prized than true friendship.
- Saint Thomas Aquinas

Boy this week has just wizzed by and my head is still turning. I have really been flat out with work, sewing, knitting, dentists, daily life and all the other things that come with life. My girlfriend Heather has been away on a lovely holiday with her husband and I collected her mail and watered the garden. We had an unexpected trip to our capital city Perth (one of its suburbs really) to visit the Orthodonist for Cory, and then this Thursday Pixie will take Brandon down there as well. There was no chance of getting them both in at the same time, unless we waited another 4 months!!

Brandon has done one week of work experience and has one more to go. His Mother survived that week fine and Brandon breezed through it, with the boss saying he is welcome back anytime. My chest puffed out with pride. Only one more week and then school holidays. Yay. Time with my little petals.

I have finished my challenge that I do with Bev. We had rabbits as a theme, and here is mine.

Bev and I had the same pattern and we had to do something different with it. As usual, our work looks totally different to one another. That's what I love about these challenges, our ideas are so different. I decided to do some stitching.....and leave my cotton pickin' fingers off my knitting for a while. lol.

I also used some of my material given to me by my most darling sister-in-law, Lee.

My bunny project is an Easter bag, it will probably go and live at Heather's house. And talking about Heather, I want to share this little bird with you. I didn't make it, Heather did. Do you like him?
It is in the colours of one of our football teams, Fremantle Dockers. This bird does a trick as a matter of fact. Inside this bird is another one....but I haven't taken a photo of it sorry! Inside is a small bird in the colours of another team and when you press the sides of the big bird....out poops the small one. A bit symbolic at football season. I will hopefully remember to take more photo's to show you what I mean.

I am going to make one, don't have any instructions to do this, but will just look and stitch. Now it's confession time.....I have been knitting. Oh how unusual. Still knitting for the young girl at school, whose Mum is having a baby. This old book was a reject from a library sale and has been whipped to death and has many of my favourite patterns in it.
The knitting needles have the stitches of a baby beanie on it. I have used a varigated wool and it is 3 ply. This should be finished tonight. Cory wanted to share some photo's of last night's sunset. My boy, the photographer. He is really very good at it.
Oh yes, we've been on the roof again.
How about the colouring in that sky? Isn't nature wonderful.
Thanks for those lovely photo's Cory, they truly are lovely.
I'm now going to rest my weiry bones. Today Cory and I went down to volunteer our time to the Flying Fifties, held every year. It is a car time trial event and there are so many different sorts of cars, from old, old to old. The trials are done in the streets and there are also stalls at the park and fun things for kids in the main street.

There were lots of  people racing and the crowd was fairly big too. That's always nice when your town draws people to it. So many people volunteer their time to help out at these things, it is good to see. This year was Cory's first time helping, and we were booked in to help for so many hours....and out in the sun. There was a hold up in finding someone to replace us as marshalls. Cory was a bit flustered for a while, but then we bought a show bag and I treated him to a cool refreshing ice cream and he was as good as new.

We will try to download some photo's from today's event and share them with you. Enjoy what is left of this lovely weekend and a cheerio to you all. Kind regards, Anita.


retdairyqueen said...

What a lovely sunset
Great photographer

Sue-Anne said...

Cute little Easter bag, fantastic sunset photos and I bet that Fremantle Dockers bird has a little West Coast Eagle in its tummy!

Bev C said...

Go the Dockers!!!!

Cath Ü said...

Cute Easter bag.... Love the rooftop pictures.....

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